What Does “No, Go and Routh” Mean In Our Reviews?

If you’ve watched one of my video reviews, or listened to us review a flick on The Audio Edition, you’ve probably heard us judge films based on a scale of “No, Go or Routh”. No obviously means “Don’t see this movie”. Go means “Yeah, go see this movie”… but what on earth does “ROUTH” mean?

A lot of people always ask me this question… so I thought I’d try to explain it.

Many months ago on The Audio Edition, Darren, Doug and I were talking about a hilarious (and true) story about how the studio execs thought Brandon Routh’s (the new Superman) “Bulge” (you know what I’m talking about), was TOO BIG and that it was a distraction. They got a special effects company to DIGITALLY REDUCE the size of Routh’s package on screen.

We howled at this (come on… it’s HILARIOUS!). I believe Doug then mention that “Routh is indeed the complete PACKAGE!” We laughed some more. And then… HISTORY HAPPENED!

Darren then suggested that since Routh is indeed “The Complete Package”, we should invoke his name whenever we see a movie that is “The Totall Package”. Hence from that day forward, whenever we thought a movie was great… we would say it was “ROUTH”.

So there you have it boys and girls. The mystery is revelaed. Our terminology for movie greatness is a reference to Brandon Routh’s package… the envy of every man. Come on… wouldn’t you love to tell some girl: “Yeah… I’m so big they had to digitally REDUCE me so I wouldn’t be a distraction”? All Hail Routh!

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21 thoughts on “What Does “No, Go and Routh” Mean In Our Reviews?

  1. John Campea writes:

    “…i just finished watching a story on CNN where they’re saying…”

    That, in itself, is enough to lend credibility to my post. CNN? Hardly a bastion of honest debate and objective journalism.

    Anyway, since this is a movie blog, not a political one, I’ll just point you to one of many articles, letters, columns and publications noting the things Al either left out of his movie, or got wrong.


    Read that, then dig around a little. CNN isn’t interested in this side of the debate. If they’re your source for information, you’re getting less than both sides of any issue, not just global warming.


  2. Hey cwize,

    It’s funny you should say that. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but i just finished watching a story on CNN where they’re saying the vast majority of the scientific community is saying his film has all the facts right.

    Where are you getting that it’s “half truths and lies”?

  3. Seems to me that some time ago, TIME Magazine or another news rag had a photo of Al Gore with his “package” digitally ENHANCED… so maybe the three ratings could be:
    1) Gore
    2) Go
    3) Routh

    In light of the ironically titled pack of half-truths and outright lies in “An Inconvenient Truth” – it just makes that much more sense.

  4. i have been spreading the slang here in Australia. My entire household now uses Routh to describe good food, movies and clothes.

    One question, however. In empire magazine they say they did NOT reduce his cock shadow or bulge in any shots and that he actually wore a codpiece. I don’t believe that. I saw the photos before and after they did it and man…that guy was hung.

    can you do me a big service and either confirm or deny this accusation ina future podcast, perhapse?

    many people think i’m wrong on this.

  5. I think that conversation was around December. It was basically what convinced me to keep listening to the AE. I laughed my ass off when you guys were talking about that.

  6. I’ve turned my GF onto the Audio Edition when we’re going any decent distance in the car and can listen to an episode or two. You should’ve heard me try to explain the ratings system to her! Yikers!

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