Audio Edition – June 14th 2006

Welcome to Hump Day! On today’s show Doug and I discuss:

1) Way too much about Woner Woman

2) Superman Concept Art from Tim Burton’s Project

3) Borat the Movie

4) Uwe Boll Fight Night

5) The State of Adam Sandler’s Career at the moment

6) Eminem brings us to the topic of Music stars in Movies again.

All this and a few things more.

Warning: This podcast contains language that may not be suitable for even sailors. Listener discretion is advised.

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27 thoughts on “Audio Edition – June 14th 2006

  1. Hey, the only reason 8 Mile sold so much (and Get Rish or Die Tryin, too) is because people’s favorite rappers are in them. If I heard of a movie with that name I’d be like “WTF?”. Not the m ost interesting of names…but knowing that Em is in it…whoa, let’s go buy it…
    And I love the movie!!! Except for that one bit…with Brittany…

  2. just thought i’d let you know that it clearly atates that they are going to contemporize the setting in the eminem remake of “have gun, will travel”. possibly setting it in modern detroit. dont get me wrong, i am NOT defending this idea. i think it is a ridiculous idea all the way through, but… i still think you should get the facts straight no matter how stupid the thing is. sorry, im a nit-picker.

  3. Wonder Woman= Ali Fucking Larter (Final Destination/Varsity Blues/American Outlaws)…

    Or… Katherine Heigl (Greys Anatomy/ The Ringer) Come on back me up on this shit.

  4. I didn’t like ‘8 Mile’ and for this reason, I don’t really care that Eminem was in it. Plus, it’s basically a rehash of his life, how much training does one really need for that?

    But beyond this, lets not foget that this movie he’s signed on for is a Western. I don’t know anything about the original beyond that but lets face it folks, the day of the western is basically dead. If they seriously think putting what’s his face in a cowboy hat is going to attract a crowd, they’ve got another thing coming!

    As for Wonder Woman. I’m 110% with John on this one. The costume HAS to get a revamp – for all of the reasons John already mentioned. As for filling the role, Joss isn’t afraid to try something new so it would not come as a surprise to me if he did find someone new and unknown to fill the role. However, I really think that Morena would be a great choice and having already worked with Joss, there’s a good possibility that she’d be pretty high on the list. The folks over at Whedonesque seem to think she’d be the best choice but we’ll just have to wait to see.

    And Monica Bellucci is totally smoking. Regardless of her age. She’s hot.

  5. You said Monica Bellucci looks good for 42. She looks good for ANY age. Shit, Lindsay Lohan is half her age, and Monica SMOKES her skinny ass.

  6. The beginning of the movie the costume should be amazon colors gold and white at the end turn into red, blue, and gold as the symbol of her journey in the film

  7. Ali Larter (Final Destination/ American Outlaws/ Varsity Blues) She’s smoking hot and even looks good as a brunette.

  8. I don’t know a hell of a lot about Wonder Woman, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes and read her in Kingdom Come, but that costume IS the character to me. Lassoo? I’d forgotten about that. Greek Goddess? Didn’t remember or care all that much. I don’t remember what she does or any single thing about her personality. All I remember is the costume. Show me that costume and I think “Hey, it’s Wonder Woman.” And I don’t care if it’s ridiculous. She’s called Wonder Woman for God’s sake. Brokeback Mountain it ain’t.

  9. He will use the origianl outfit, but without the stars spangeled underwere. And he didn’t dump X-Men for Wonder Woman, but because i was busy with Serenity.

  10. Hey Koko,

    I think you’re crazy for some of the names you put on that list… however, some of them are great examples that prove my point.

    Look up WIll Smith, and Queen Latifa in Google with “Acting Lessons” or “Drama Training”. Each of them took YEARS off of their music careers to study acting, get lessons and gain experience before getting handed leading roles (aside from Fresh Prince with was just Smith playing himself… much like Eminem in 8 miles (suck ass of a movie).

    Same goes for most of the people on your list.

    Anyway, disagreement is good. Debate is good.



  11. Henrik,
    I personally don’t like Queen Latifa as an actress either but her performance in the movie was obviously good enough to warrant an Oscar Nomination. Now of course that doesn’t mean that she is going forge and glamourous film career, it just means that she performed well in this one movie.

    PS. John, I think I read somewhere that the version of Have Gun will be set in detroit and will be modernised to suit the rapper. So I’m guessing its gonna be called “Get Richer and Die Tryin’ 2: As A White Man’

  12. Ice Cube was in “Next friday” which is one of the best comedies of all time.

    That’s a nice list of singers turned actors Koko… The thing about it is that it is an art. There’s no saying that just because you did not train you can not be brilliant.

    Will Smith is an excellent actor and comedian. But you got Queen Latifah on that? She’s reason enough to avoid any movie.

  13. and not all actors have studied for years and paid their dues…..there are a lot of stories of people being discovered who have never acted a day in their life and all of a sudden are in the movies……i just don’t see why you get so angry about it….if they want to cast singers fuck em….

  14. John …
    Here are my thoughts my friend.
    Ok, I agree with you that sometime singers aren’t the ideal choice for some films but more often than not it does pay off as it draws big crowds to flick, and occaisionally the actor might actual pull off a pretty decent job with the character. After all, they are all performers … does it bother you as much when actors sing?
    Anyway … here a couple of examples of when a singer has performed well in the movies.

    Lets start with …

    Eminem – 8 mile (snigger hehe, had to put it in)
    Will Smith – From Fresh Prince to Will ‘Megastar Oscar Nominee’ Smith
    Jamie Foxx – Released the album ‘Peep This’ in 1994 after music school
    Ice Cube – Not including XXX2 but boyz n the hood & three kings
    Frank Sinatra – From here to eternity
    Grace Kelly – Mogambo & The Country Girl (oscar winner)
    Cher – Acadamey Award Winner
    Ludicris – Did a great job in Crash just last year
    Queen Latifa – Chicago (oscar nom)

    They’re just the most notable ones … if I had time or could be bothered I could pull out plenty more. And don’t worry I’m not being one-sided about this either. I agree with you to some degree … I mean come on … Jessica Simpson in Undiscovered and her sister Ashlee in the dukes of Hazzard .. or wait … was it the other way around …. oh who gives flying fuck! There’s my two bob!

  15. Who would make a good Wonder Woman? Again, I vote for Naureen Zaim, but I don’t give one hoot about any of Whedon’s Buffy alum. I might suggest….LAKE BELL?

    Maybe Rosario Dawson…Naureen Zaim…but…LAKE BELL.
    Think it over.

    As for “redesign” the costume. I have to side with JOHN on this one. Yeah, the dude crash lands on Paradise Island and as an act of goodwill a costume is made to…oh hooey on that. I see keeping the golden eagle chestplate but that’s really it. Dark red boots? Okay. Invisible jet? Tell the truth lasso? So be it. Bracelets? Tiara? But hell yes the stars booty has to go! I do disagree with John here: As much as I liked Serenity, I never was a Buffy or Angel fan and I despised the lame dialog Whedon incoperated in “Alien Ressurection”. I for one am G L A D that we didn’t touch X-Men. Also, don’t…talk about how old an actress is. If an actress can get away with playing younger, so be it. But…come on.

    Another reason I side with John on this? Doug said WW was a Marvel character. Doug, that’s an automatic revoke. She’s a DC gal.

    Lynda in a cameo/passing of a torch (or perhaps Tea Leoni should also show up briefly-she dressed up in the Carter costume in an ep of her great but short lived series Naked Truth)


    Now, on to other things:

    My favorite Adam Sandler films: Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore and Punch-Drunk Love. Liked Anger Management…to a point. I thought Waterboy=equals SNL Canteen Boy. It’s the same damn performance. Click seems to be a one-joke comedy. I’m skipping it. I skip anything Sandler produces nowadays, really. But…you’re right, he makes a fast buck. BTW, Punch Drunk was made for under 10 mil. No one went to see it because Sandler typecast himself. “They” want Sandler to be Billy Madison and Mr Deeds 24/7.

    His audience is waning. Christopher Walken’s is growing. Go figure.

    Uwe Boll will be a better boxer than his a director. BTW, I rented ‘BloodRayne’ the other day (coupon day, come on, cut me slack…) and you know what? It is better than House Of The Dead and Alone In The Dark.

    The actors give it a go with the best they got. I still want to have Kristina Loken do to me what she did to Matt Davis…forced sex!

    Yes. It is true.

    Uwe Boll should follow in the steps of Zalman King all the way.
    Uwe still can’t direct action scenes, and the editing is horrible.
    His second unit makes him look real good for two minutes of sweeping vistas.
    He still blames everyone else for his misfourtunes.
    When I critique Boll, I want to see his films.
    So when he says those who don’t like his films haven’t seen them I can say he’s full of doggie doo.

    And I’d do Kristina Loken.


    “Marshal” Mathers. Hmmm….
    But Slim Shady is not an actor.

    Look, folks. When Shaq did a great job in “Blue Chips” he was natural, you bought his character. Why? He was a basketball player. Did you buy him as a genie? No. As Steel? No. Did you buy “his” rap album? Hahahahahahahaha

    Slim Shady Aftermath should be in the film, called out after using the spitoon, and shot in the street. That’s not a knock on him; he wants to act, give him a death scene.
    Look- Usher’s a great singer but he didn’t pass for no cowboy in ‘Texas Rangers’.

    No, find an actor.
    And John, rant once a month.
    Please do.
    As will I.

  16. Say it with me boys … JOSS Whedon … JOSS .. JOSS .. JOSS ….Not JOSH.

    Good podcast though, I’m not finished yet. Thoughts later.

  17. John, you can be proud that you got my name right :)

    I’d still say Catherine Zeta-Jones would be a fine choice for wonder woman. She can act (if you judge by oscars anyway) and has the definite look.

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