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I woke up to about 20 emails telling me about 11 Superman Returns Clips being up and online. (Jerry was the first one). Much of these 1 minute clips have already been seen in the various trailers, but there is some new stuff in there too that we’ve never seen.

To see all 11 clips you can head over here. For now, my favorite one is below. If this clip doesn’t give you chills when the music starts playing… then you’re fucking dead inside. :) Enjoy.

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33 thoughts on “11 Superman Returns Clips

  1. I’m a real fan of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies.He was Superman,bar none,as far as I’m concerned.In spite of that,I was
    hoping to see some originality in this Brandon Routh guy and was disappointed.This guy,to me, was a carbon copy of Christopher Reeve.
    At least Dean Cain was himself when he played Superman.
    Also,I think the storyline was pretty weak-trying to catch the old storyline,in between Reeve’s S-man II AND III?Come on!
    Overall,I give this new movie a C.

  2. This movie rocked but i watched it in 3D. so it was way fuckin better. the graphics were amazing this is way owrth the money

  3. I must admit, for the people who have described the 11 clips as being less than glorious, I would tend to agree. It does seem as if Singer didn’t make a homage, but vitual remake of Superman the movie. I really didn’t want a remake…what I really wanted was a Batman Begins…a rmovie that rethought the franchise over, making it new and fresh. Now I haven’t seen the movie yet, so all of my thoughts are based on what I’ve seen so far, which are the clips and trailers.

    Now I love Superman the movie inspite of all its shortcomings (The rather comic and campy interpretation of Luthor and his cohorts for example) But overall Kidder, Reeve and the rest of the cast were great! Reeve was the ultimate superman and even though he was a young 27, he looked like SUPERMAN. He was a very good actor who clearly shined as the Man of Steel. I’ve stated this before but the first 40 mins of Superman are some of the best in movie history. From Krypton to Smallville, just absolutely perfect!!

    But I did not want to see a rehash…I wanted something new.

    As for Routh, he seems to have captured the characteristics of Reeve, but none of his acting prowess. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but the more I see the more I feel as if he is to stiff, relying on Reeves to give him acting pointers. I don’t see him…his interpretation of the character. He also seems to lack emotion…to stiff in many ways, lacking subtlety. It’s doesn’t seem from lack of trying…maybe lack of experience?

    Bosworth was never my first or last choice as Lois. And the clips don’t help much. She’s not a bad actress, but doesn’t feel right for the role.

    Overall they both seem way to young to give their characters the weight needed to for a movie of this magnitude.

    Singer is a great director inspite of his shortcomings (Casting issues, i.e Berry as storm, and action, not the greatest action director). But he gets scenes, structures and characters, which make up for his not so great choices on other things.

    It is with my trust in Singer that I hope that Supes Returns is better than what I have seen so far. A movie must be judged as a whole, so I will wait and see, But that seed of doubt is growing and these clips aren’t helping.

    Boy I can’t wait to see this movie and erase all my doubts! I hope and pray anyway!!!

  4. John,
    Have you checked Rotten Tomatoes lately. They’re starting to post reviews for the film and so far it’s 12 out of 12 positive. And rather quite gushing too.

  5. Will you friggin Routh bashers just give it a rest. You can judge the costume, the music, the look, etc. but how the hell can you judge an actor’s performance when you haven’t seen the whole film. It doesn’t make any sense. You’ve only got to wait two more weeks then you can attack him all you want…..ONCE YOU’VE SEEN THE PERFORMANCE.

    I, for one, am rooting for you Brandon. You look terrific as Supes.

  6. Brandon Routh looks very much like Clark and Superman. He now owns the roll. Well according to early reviews. Jim Cavezial is good, but I like the unknown thing. If Jim was playing him, ppl would keep saying, look, ITS JESUS! Then I would have had to slap there ass in the face. Also, its John’s page, lol. Never mention his cursing on the main page again, or he will kill us all.

  7. The only thing that gave me chills about that clip is that BRANDON ROUTH DOES NOT LOOK LIKE SUPERMAN OR CLARK KENT AT ALL no matter what you think JOHN!

    And that’s very unprofessional to curse on the front page.

  8. James Caviezel would have made an excellent Superman, and made him more believeable.

    The Superman in this will be a pussy.

  9. Routh has everything has everything needed to fill the role? Shit for all these years i thought superman should look heroic and brave … not gormless and dopey. He has zero charisma. Routh has a babyface and looks so uncomfortable in every photo or scene I have seen.

    They may as well have got a 30 year old because i bet you anything that there is no sequel to this. it has cost them $250 million to make this film. It is not going to be the biggest film this year and is going to finish up with about 400 mill worldwide. which for a $250 million dollar film is a disaster.

    do people really see as much interest in this film as there was for the first spider-man out there? the interest isn’t there outside of geek websites…..box office is down all over and the marketing for this film has been awful.
    This was my most anticipated film of the year. I have been hanging out for this for years and now i don’t even know If I am going to waste my time seeing the fucking thing as it looks lifeless and bland. there is no energy to anything we have seen. it all seems flat. The trailers have sucked. Routh looks like a fucking dopey idiot … to me it has all the makings of a giant fucking turkey. I just don’t hear any buzz for this film…at all.

  10. Carter I have to disagree with you. Routh is the perfect for the Superman role. Singer has always been good, if not great as casting and the X-Men films prove that. Look how everyone bashed Jackman and in the end everyone ate their words. If you could think of anyone else who could pull off the Superman role then I’m open to that. But Routh from the trailers and clips has everything needed to fit the role, and brings the presence of what Reeve brought to the character. Nobody else could take over Reeve’s part as much as Routh has. You say he looks like Superboy? Reeve’s was 6’4, Routh is 6’3. Also Routh has bulked up and is roughly the same size as Reeve’s. Yes Routh is younger because this guy needs to make sequels and there could be 3 or more for all we know. You don’t want someone starting out as a 30 year old and being 40 by the 3rd movie.

    When you say it looks souless, you couldn’t be more wrong. Superman stopping a plane is souless? Or getting shot in the eye? This is all classic Superman stuff. Spacey looks amazing as Lex and brings alot of life to character from what I’ve seen so far.

    I know for a fact in these clips and trailers we are not seeing near to the best bits. We have not seen Superman use his X-ray vision or heat vision yet.

    The reviews may not be offical but there words from people who’ve seen the movie already, meaning positive information is coming back from the movie.

  11. Does nothing for me, but then I never really liked the original movies. I imagine 14 year old girls will lap this movie up though and it will make huge amounts of money etc. but it just looks like a melodrama with super hero elements to me.

  12. I don’t get it still. Maybe I missed something but,

    Doesn’t he fly through the roof of an elevator, and then through the roof of the building? I mean there can hardly be an open shaft all through the building with a door that just opens and closes from time to time.

    It might be explained in the movie, but just seems sooo weird to me.

  13. I’m sure the clips are amazing but I’m not watching them. Trailers and Tv spots I’ll watch. I draw the line at watching actual scenes (unless it’s something I dont care about, like X3).

  14. Looked lame to me. I hate that they are rehashing the John Williams music. This seems more like a remake of Superman than an actual original Superman movie.

  15. That fuckin’ kid with the box on his head making monster sounds! FUCKIN’ SHITE! Wrecked that whole damn clip.

    Kate Bosworth does NOT look like a Lois Lane.

  16. i think we are seeing different trailers and different clips john. we have to be.

    The main point I have is how terrible routh looks as superman! He does not look like superman. He looks like superboy. A bad acting superboy at that. He seems stiff and awkward. He does not look at ease in the costume.

    I don’t get all this talk about him looking like christopher reeve. Reeve looked like a man. Routh looks like his next film could easily be fucking 10 things I hate about you 2.

    Everything looks cold, flat and lifeless. Souless.

    Look i love singers films but he can’t direct action scenes. and thats a fact. As good as the x men films are the action scenes are hardly well thought and staged…expecially in the first one.

    I hate being like this as this was my most anticipated film of the year but it LOOKS FUCKING TERRIBLE. EVERY SINGLE CLIP.

    I have yet to see one thing from this film that makes me want to see it. The more I see the more my decision to not bother seeing it makes sense.

    Too bad we will never know what john really thinks as he is so hyped for this there is no way he will admit it is bad when it comes out. He is so sure that it will be great I have a feeling he will just say he loves regardless. oh and all those good reviews that were coming out? not one of them are official and none of those “writers” reviews are tomatometer registered…so none of those reviews will count on its tomato rating.

    lets face it…..for what it cost and for what it is just being “good” won’t cut it. This film has to be fucking mind blowing and so far it has only looked mind dulling.

  17. The clip was indeed cool.

    I really hope they don’t leak any more footage. It’ll ruin the movie for me. I know I can just look away, but I BLOODY CAN’T DO IT!!

  18. Aaaaaaaaargh, i saw them at IESB earlier and promised myself i wouldn’t spoil myself but then you laid that one clip on a platter John so i had no choice. Temptation got the better of me, but damn, that was one mighty clip. But i am not watching the others……no way, absolutely not………i think.

  19. Scene seems OK, Haven’t seen all 11 of them yet though, but damn, Routh does have that aura of Chris Reeve around him! He really does remind me of him and I think that is great!

    However, In some clips from the trailers he doesn’t seem as natural as an actor, but again those were clips and I was not seeing the full actual performance. So I will wait and see, but I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a slight seed of doubt about the whole movie inspite of the good reviews. There is a small seed, not much, but it is there.

    Will wait and see, but I hope Supes Returns is more than good, but great! I’ve been waiting to long for the WB to make just a good movie. But I still think/hope Singer will pull it off!

    The music is so cool to hear again too!!

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