Michelle Yeoh in Indiana Jones 4?

Could Michelle Yeoh appear in Indiana Jones 4? I remember almost five years ago first hearing the rumour that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were interested in Yeoh for a role in the next Indy film. But at the same time I also heard that Indiana Jones 4 would probably go into production “Late next Year” (that would have meant 3 years ago).

But now a fairly reliable Indiana Jones web source (The Indy Experience) is bringing up those whispers again… and they say it’s legit. Here’s what they had to say:

Once when producer Steven Spielberg came to the filming set (of Memoirs of a Geisha), he said to Michelle: “Don’t forget we are supposed to work together on an Indiana Jones sequel.” Michelle answered: “I will be waiting for you!”

you can’t believe everything you hear… but I think this one is a case of “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. The Yeoh rumours have been the most consistent buzz about a new Indiana Jones film other than Harrison Ford being in it.

If this does indeed turn out to be true (and I quite expect that it will) I think it’s a wonderful casting choice. Yeoh has a rare blend of beauty, power and grace with a dose of adventure that few actresses have. No matter what the role, I’m sure she’s fit in just perfectly. Your thoughts?

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