Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller In Used Guys

StillerCarrey.jpgI know a lot of people like to bad mouth Jim Carrey, but the fact of the matter is the man has made some damn funny movies and from time to time showed glimpses of actually being a real all round actor. And as for Ben Stiller… well the man just makes me laugh with his projects. I can’t help it… I like him.

So apparently is being floated around that the 2 are going to team up for a project of their own. They have worked together once before… Stiller directed The Cable Guy, but this would be their first on screen appearance. I like the idea… but…

I’m not really thrilled with the sounds of the project itself. The working title is “Used Guys”, and the good folks over at Cinema Confidential give us this little synopsis:

The film explores a futuristic world where men are extinct after ingesting a lethal “enhancement” drink. Carrey and Stiller will play pleasure clones that have been replaced by superior models whose enhancements include better listening and lovemaking skills. The two clones run away in an attempt to find a male nirvana called Mantopia.

Hmmm… well on the one hand it sounds like it COULD be hilarious… but it also has the potential for STUPID written all over it. Sounds like a mix between The Island and Duece Bigalow. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller In Used Guys

  1. Actually it reminds me a bit of a cross between Soldier (Kurt Russel) and Waterworld.

    In Waterworld, they are on the quest for this fable like “land” where they might live in a Utopia like world. In soldier, Russel is discarded on a “dump/refuse planet” because he is a trained and conditioned super soldier that is replaced by a newer superior model.

  2. The interesting thing here is that Carrey is generally _the_ attraction in his films, while Stiller, though often the lead, generally prefers to work with strong ensemble casts. Hopefully they well work well together.

    Hopefully, the inhabitants of Mantopia will include Will Ferell, Owen Wilson, and Vince Vaugn….

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