Gay Actors In Hollywood

RupertEverret.jpgIn Hollywood it seems there is never a moment when a good “Is he gay?” debate isn’t going on. As a culture we’re obsessed with our celebrities. As a culture we’re also obsessed with sexuality. Add to that the fact that as a culture we’re also obsessed with gossip. Put all three together (celebrity sexuality gossip) and you’ve got us basically in hysteria.

In today’s environment of equality (ideally anyway) and understanding, many people wonder why a famous Hollywood actor who is gay wouldn’t just come out and admit it. Some would argue (although not me personally) that they actually have a RESPONSIBILITY to “come out of the closet. Some would argue that being gay is the “in” thing and would probably just increase their popularity. But very few male celebrities ever acknowledge their homosexuality and thus the rumour mill keeps spinning.

The good folks at CTV have posted up a really good little article on this topic. Here’s a little excerpt:

No matter how many Hollywood starlets they have hanging on their arms, over the years some very macho movie stars have been haunted by tabloid headlines hinting that they’re not-so-hetero.

Cynics have wondered whether these female flames — some of whom even end up marrying their men and having children — are “beards,” a phenomenon which is defined as a woman who dates or marries a gay man to mask his homosexuality. A beard is an accessory that adds a rough layer of macho to a very made-up silver screen image.

“If you’re an actor it’s very important that you appear to be heterosexual, because that’s the majority of this country,” Jill Abrams, a producer for CNN’s Showbiz Today says in David Ehrenstein’s Open Secret: Gay Hollywood 1928-1998. “That’s where the dollars are coming from, and they need to believe in their fantasy world that they can have you. If they think you are totally unobtainable. It won’t work,” she says. Tom Cruise is the biggest star to face such speculation, and he’s been aggressive in launching lawsuits when the tabloids give him trouble.

The sad part is that if an actor is gay, it WILL hurt his career. Think about it. Would any of us know who Tom Cruise is if it wasn’t for 15 years of women drooling over him? Probably not.

Case in point… Rupert Everett. This guy has it all. Great looks, fantastic talent and an on screen charm that’ll knock your socks off. But he’s openly gay which changes perception… and celebrity is all about perception. It’s sad… but it’s true. There is no other reason why this guys shouldn’t be king of Hollywood right now… but he’s not.

I really suggest running over to CTV and giving that article a read. If nothing else, it’ll make you think.

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29 thoughts on “Gay Actors In Hollywood

  1. Is Brian White gay? Even though he act as one in the “Family Stone”, but I’ve been pretty curious about his sexuality for some time. Its hard to look at his fine-ass without thinking whether he is gay or not.

  2. You are very welcome…now do you mind if I ask you how you got a name like mother incest…cause actually you just might fit in with the above group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Who cares if they are gay or not…if they like their ass being packed rather than packing a hot little chiquita full of sausage then let em run around smoke pole. As for “how do girls stand a chance”‘ WOW…only gay guys are hot or attract you…you need more help that the cock gobblers themselves!!!

  4. Call me wacky but I remember my theater arts class and my arts class in high school….

    what kind of people ( as a majority ) love to sing and dance, act or work at visual arts?

    Im not saying we are all gay ( in the arts ) but 75% of the people in those classes in my

    high school were shall we say not exactly straight.

    Guess who was in one of my Gr 11 drama classes in north Toronto not so many years ago…..

    hint… he has been seen recently ” swinging ” a light saber in a recent big name film

    on the silver screen….. First name begins with H and he had a lot of girl….. ” friends” then

    if you know what I mean… key word… friends

    John in Toronto

  5. [CBlaze]I’ll end with words from Sir McKellan himself, “I’ve had enough of being a gay icon! I’ve had enough of all this hard work, because, since I came out, I keep getting all these parts, and my career’s taken off. I want a quiet life. I’m going back into the closet. But I can’t get back into the closet, because it’s absolutely jam-packed full of other actors.”

    I just love this. I just love watching this man act. I loved him in Gods and Monsters.

    Donna A.

  6. I dont’ know of any movie Rupert’s been in where his sole role ws the be the big prat to the female lead, unlike Hugh. Hugh has made a career out of being an asshole in a charming way to women. Rupert’s at least brings coolness to each smarmy character he plays. And he makes me laugh. Hugh makes me want to cringe and barf – at the same time.

  7. John,

    On Sir McKellan, established – sure, I’ll give you that – but mostly for his work in the theater. As for Movies/Hollywood – no, not until he “came out”. As for sex symbol – he’s not I agree – he is a bit of an icon though. I am talking more about gay actors in particular – and how they get “left out” – if we want to talk “gay” sex symbols, I wouldn’t say Hollywood has one.

    As for Rupert, what has he done that makes him this amazing actor? Inspector Gadget? Dunston Checks In? I know he’s done a bunch of period pieces and such but nothing that stands out. I base my Hugh Grant comparison on the fact that he used to occupy the same ‘type’ of roles Hugh Grant would play the “charming” guy (until recently where Hugh decided to change his career path a bit). And it’s just my opinion of him – I could turn around tomorrow and watch him in something and change my opinion completely.

    I’ll end with words from Sir McKellan himself, “I’ve had enough of being a gay icon! I’ve had enough of all this hard work, because, since I came out, I keep getting all these parts, and my career’s taken off. I want a quiet life. I’m going back into the closet. But I can’t get back into the closet, because it’s absolutely jam-packed full of other actors.”

    Take care, John!

  8. Well, Rich doesn’t get ALL the girls, John. This one, remember, is set to go off the market at some point, so if he doesn’t haul ass over to our region soon, he might just miss out on being not only a part-time fiance to me, but also a luuuuuuuuuuuuver. *snort*

    (Oh, this is so going to upset the girlfriend, isn’t it, Rich?)

  9. I love Rupurt! I have no problem him playing straight. A lot of it is because he doesn’t throw it in your face. If a straight actor can play gay. Why can’t a gay actor play straight? Never could understand that. So many people have such hang-ups.

    Donna A.

  10. Not only do I agree with the “Poor Man’s Grant” summation, there’s also the constant rumours (and one personal experience) suggesting that Everett is a complete arse.

    On the other hand, it’d be very nice if a much-loved male Hollywood star ‘came out’. Vin? Tom?… :)

  11. Hey CBlaze,

    I’ve got to disagree with you on both counts.

    Ian McKellen is FAR FAR FAR beyond sex symbol status. Not to mention that his career and reputation were already quite well established.

    As far as Rupert goes… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! A “poor man’s Grant”??? And what do you base that on?

    Cheers Mate!

  12. What about Ian McKellan? He came out of the closet and now he’s Gandalf, Magneto and whomever else these days. He attributes his newly found sucess to his honesty at coming out – I think I read that at IMDB.

    I think just like everything there are two sides – Rupert was a poor mans Hugh Grant – nothing that special.

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