Spiderman 3 to have Hobgoblin?

Spiderman.jpgWe’ve been all round the houses on the Spiderman villain, and we fell to Sandman. Now there’s gossip from Latino Review through Moviehole that there will be a second villain. Moviehole rightly point out that Latino Review were right with the Routh is Superman rumour, so let us see.

In addition to Sandman (played by Thomas Haden Church), Sam Raimi has apparently added Hobgoblin to “Spider-Man 3” proceedings. It’s not known whether that’s ‘ultimate hobgoblin’, the alter-ego of James Franco’s Harry Osborne- but it does make sense to use him, considering it was semi-set up at the end of the last film.

We can but wait and see, there’s been hints that Spiderman ends for Raimi as a trilogy, so it might be wise to pull the Goblin in now. Do you think the franchise will end with Raimi? Will he do another, or who could be the next Director in the franchise? Is this the right co-villian for the movie?

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47 thoughts on “Spiderman 3 to have Hobgoblin?

  1. Erm… Thank you for that “contribution”.

    Is that Hollywood I hear knocking at your door?

    Oh no, its the men in white coats!

  2. Man its been a long time sins I last wrote here, but I haven`t waste my time, I`ve been thinking of this third part, gouing it trough in my mind all the time, and I gotta say, IT`S DRIVING ME NUTS! Seriously, I mean it. But I`ve got some results and here`s my idea (not full, need more info of who everyone will be playing), Harry desides to believe Pete`s story, and tryes to forget the past, but there`s this bad side in him. A side that wants to kill Spiderman/Peter. And Harry talks to himself with the mirror all night long like his father did (or something), but he keeps himself in control, and doesn`t let his bad side take control.

    I dont know what other links Sandman an Norman have, except that theyre cousends (from Finland, dont know how to type it), but for some reason Sandman (not Sandman then) escapes from the prison he is in, and goes to the abandoned beach, where Oscorp and some warguys are doing the experiment with the nuclearbomb, and he turns into Sandman. Then, he heads to New York and wants to kill Norman, but when he founds out that Norman is dead, the only way he can have his revenge is to kill Harry. (I dont know some much about the origin of Sandman). Then there`s Brock. Now he would only be Brock in the movie, but in the end he would chance into Venom, and we could see his angre turning into bigger and bigger for Peter in this one.

    The stone that John Jameson brings from the moon is being used in the bomb test on the beach (watch the animated series and you know why), and when they took a small piece of the stone, wich could blow up a hole city block, they released the symbiote from the rock. And because Oscorp was doing the test, of course, Harry was there too. And Harry and Pete are now okay, and Harry knows that Pete is interested in that kind of stuff, he invites him in there (or just for some reason Pete is there). The symbiote chooses itself a body, and it chooses Pete, because the symbiote senses something in Pete. He doesn`t notest the symbiote in there, but when he gets home, he founds it, and before he even knows whats gouing on, he is jumping and flying through the city in a new, black costume. But Pete doesn`t know that the symbiote is living and it has it`s own mind. The costume makes Pete more agressive but Pete doesn`t notest that. He thinks that everyone else are just stupid, and so on… Anyway, in some point of the film Spiderman and Sandman would have a big fight and because of Spiderman Harry gets a hit in the head. He doesn`t go to coma, but sort of a deep sleep, and almost in the end of the film he wakes up in the hospital, and guess what, the bad side of him takes control. He gets home, makes a promise to his dad that he will kill Spiderman, and avenge Normans death, soon… When Spiderman and Sandman had the big fight, Sandman gets pretty beat up, and leaves Spiderman worrying about his friend. Sandman has now gotten his revenge, but he now wants to revenge for Spiderman because he humiliated him in front of everybody. He knows that Daily Bugle makes storys of Spiderman, and tells Jonah to put a Big headline in tommorow`s paper. He wants to challense Spidey, alone. No cops, no nothing, and he has a way to get Spiderman in there… Spidey gets to the place, and he founds out that Sandman has kidnapped Harry, who in this point is still in coma. The symbiote doubles Petes anger, and Spidey and Sandman have a big fight in a church, (idea from the series) Brock has got his last chance, and if he doesn`t make a big story his fired. So, he goes to the Church, and hes alone in there, except for the two guys above him in the belltower. Spidey is beating Sandman pretty bad, but then Sandman hits the bell when he tryes to hit Spiderman. The symbiote cant take the sound, and leaves Pete`s body and goes trough the cracks in the floor. Then he found`s Brock, and the symbiote founds out that Brock hates Peter. But when the symbiote combines itself whit Brock, Brock founds out that Parker is Spiderman, and that he is pretty bad shape in the tower. Sandman is about to finish Spiderman, now without the mask or anything, when Venom comes from behind him and somehow blasts him into millions pieces. So, Sandman is sort of out of the game now, but not fully destroyed. Venom stands in front of weake Parker, and watches his now outfit. He desides to leave him alone for now, because Pete kinda gave him the suit that he could finally destroy Parker, who he has hated for so long. He thanks for the suit, but still doesn`t like Pete, and swings away… Happy ending? Nope. Pete calls an ambulance in there, and leaves Harry there for the ambulance to pick up, and leaves the place. Then, like I said, Harry turns into green goblin 2, and the movie ends, when Harry picks up the mask of Green Goblin. That is kinda long story, and I was kinda bored so, read it if you want and put comments, and I know it`s not perfect, but I like it…

  3. Green Goblin or Hobgoblin it’s gonna be boring for the third movie. People’d like a new villain, not be back again with Green Goblin or Hobgoblin. Those would be good for the #4 movie

  4. You just don’t know what your talking about parker. I would type a long ass post stating my view but i’ve done that a lot on this site already. All I can say is go polish up on your Spidey knowledge then come back later.

  5. if venom and carnage had a backstory, yes, i agree it would be kick-ass, but they don’t have backstories. Plus, you don’t want to leave gg2 out after the kick-ass ending of SM2. And my idea for hobgoblin’s suit is cool, even my brother said so and he speaks pretty well for comic book movies. Green Goblin and Hobgoblin is the only way to go.

  6. if anybody has enough comon sense they would know it would have to be greeny and hobby. For hobgoblin just spray-paint the green goblin suit gold and use an orange hooded cape. Sandman is a pussy burgler and would not be a good villain. Screw venom and carngage, they have no backstory. The lizard can go to hell! Fuck kingpin he was in daredevil, it’d be stupid to have one villain in two diffrent movies. It has to be green goblin 2 and hobgoblin. harry finally becomes the green goblin planning to kill spiderman and avenge his father’s death. Meanwhile mary jane’s boyfriend goes insane when he finds MJ and spiderman together. Mj’s boyfriend copies harry osbourns stuff and becomes hobgoblin. GG2 tracks down spiderman and battles him, but fails. then, hobgoblin comes out of nowhere jumps off his glider, and starts kicking some major a$$! gg2 is knocked out but spiderman defeats hobby. gg2 battles hobby again and kills him. then spiderman and gg2 fight. gg2 almost kills him but spidey manages to defeat him just like he did the first green goblin. Harry turns good again and dies after that. ‘NUFF SAID.

  7. Thats stupid Hob goblin will ruin spider-man 3 it should a diffrent type of villian like Venom or Carnage Hob goblin is like the green goblin it be stupid put venom or carnage!!!!!!

  8. If you look above and read I did not post the same list twice, they are different between films 3 & 4 and I don’t know who would play characters like the Black Cat, Rhino, SHocker, Vulture, Virus, etc.

  9. Spider-Man 4

    Thomas Hayden Church- Eddie Brock/Venom

    Dylan Baker- Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard (Now friendly with Spidey)

    Tobey Macguire- Peter Parker/Spider-Man

    Kirsten Dunst- Mary Jane Parker

    James Franco- Harry Osbourne/Hobgoblin

    Daniel Gillies – John Jameson/Hobgoblin

    Bill Nunn- Joseph (Robbie) Robertson

    J.K. Simmons – J. Jonah Jameson

    Ted Raimi – Ted Hoffman

    Nicolas Cage- Cletus Cassidy

    Elizabeth Banks – Betty Brant

  10. Spider-Man 3

    Thomas Hayden Church- Eddie Brock

    Topher Grace- Quetin Beck/Mysterio

    Dylan Baker- Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard

    Tobey Macguire- Peter Parker/Spider-Man

    Kirsten Dunst- Mary Jane Parker

    James Franco- Harry Osbourne

    Rosemary Harris- Aunt May

    Bill Nunn- Joseph (Robbie) Robertson

    J.K. Simmons – J. Jonah Jameson

    Ted Raimi – Ted Hoffman

    Elizabeth Banks – Betty Brant

  11. On the website IMDB.com sam Rami states that harry will be turning into GG2, but not in spiderman 3. In spiderman 3 he will just be a big problem for peter. True fact just go to the website IMDB.com and tpye in spiderman 3 in the title box and this info will be availible to you.

  12. You guys dont get it do you, it is already picked thats it is picked. Its sandman and that other chick(cat or bat somoeone tell me who it is, i forget.) Venom wont be in it till the last one. Carnage wont be till 2nd to last or at the same time. If you people would look at the other forums about it, you would know all of this so there is no point in fighting. and its not like the writers are looking at this forum or most of the others. I want to see venom as bad as all of you. i grew up watching the cartoon series and venom rocked. I dont remember carnage or sandman or the other lady. All i remember is doc. oc, venom, and some water guy who turned mary jane into water as well. Any one else remember any of this?

  13. What didn’t work for Batman, won’t work for Spiderman. After the first Batman movie, when they started placing multiple villains in the movies for toy sales to children, the movies sucked. Compare ANY of them to the first Batman movie with Keaton. Not near as good. So Spidey need only face one villain at a time for me. That or make a 5 hour movie with an intermission and 2 or 3 villains. Yeah, right.

  14. well in order for carnage to exist Spider man must fight in a secret war, Eddie Brock must go to jail w/ Venom and exscape, spider-man wears the symbyiot suit first!!! it wouldent work for the 3rd movie … the two villians would have to be – {G.G.2 and Lizard} {Mystirio and Dr. Ock} {Demogoblin and Shierk} or {Sandman and Hobgoblin}

    these sound right for three of six

  15. Well lets see, I think that hoggobblin is an excelent choice, But the sandman? No it would be better if they had Carnage or venom, I mean even the video games take place where you have to face them both…. Even the fish bowl head guy would be good. But not the sandman. Ask anyone who read the comics, seen the cartoons, the stories for goodness sake. They are based on venom, king pin, Carnage,the goblins, Doc oct. They used one goblin in the 1st one, so that leaves him out. King pin was in dare devil so scratch him, who’s left? no one but hoggoblin which is in the next film I agree with but who else? I think it should either be Venom or Carnage, I mean in pt.2 they had the astronaut in it which in the comics he goes to space and brings back venom………
    it ties in perfect. or what about the one armed professor in the last one,he becomes the giant lizard. So one of the following villians should be in it. Only because it would tie in with the last one. Venom, & or the giant lizard….. It only makes sense. Who agrees with me?

  16. Greetings, from Twisty Yayo

    Canage and venom will not make this next movie , so start crying?!? it wont be the Hobgoblin my guess is indefinitly G.G, 2 seens how harry has nothing to do with the hobgoblin! Sandman or the lizard are better choices for this film, expecially seens how the 6th film spiderman will face 6 villians, aka SINISTER SIX… VENOM WILL!eventually show up but it wont be comic worthy im sure but id still love to see a dipiction of the DEMOGOBLIN AND SHRIEK also WHO IN THE BLUE HELL BELIVES THAT THE COMIC BOOK SUCKS!!!

  17. Why is there a sudden craving for Carnage, a character who CANNOT EXIST without venom?

    And why do some of you – even this so called latino review article says – think that the hobgoblin was “semi” set up? Nothing was set up at all.

    Think for a minute. Spidey fan was and is correct: Harry was set up for part II, but he didn’t turn into anything. Harry was set up for part III – trust me, he wont turn into anything.

    The Lizard was set up nicely for three – he wont even make a cameo!

    If anyone wants to talk about blatant character set ups, why is everyone ignoring John Jameson, who Mary Jane left on the wedding floor for … PETER PARKER. And don’t you guys pay attention to the movie at all? There was a scene with Mary Jane and John. John specifically asks – aren’t you going to invite Peter to the wedding? Mary Jane specifically replies: “No, he’s just a big loser” .. John: “I thought he was your friend?” …

    Then she betrays him and leaves him for Peter?! C’mon man. Serious setup right there.

    He’s SUPPOSED to become Man-Wolf (not wolfman, you idiots) because he does so in the comics. But of course, they could easily twist that into either Venom or even Hobgoblin. But again – we already SAW a goblin. I don’t want another one. We already saw a silly guy in a green suit throw bombs around with a glider. The only difference this time is the guy would be in an orange suit. S O W H A T ?! (Although he IS much cooler looking than GG, in my opinion)

    Either way, Thomas Haden Church – I’m convinced – will either be Venom or Sandman and NOT the hobgoblin.

    Then again, he has the profile of Venom with the eyes and the hair. Some of you think venom started out big and strong. WRONG. Eddie Brock was just a regular guy, and lifted weights only AFTER he was exposed to be fraudulent writer for the globe, planet, whatever. THEN he lifted weights and hated spiderman. THEN he got big. Doesn’t it make sense that THC could easily bulk up for a year and at least look halfway close to what Eddie Brock could look like before and after venom?

    AND – the bulk comes from the suit, not from brock.

    Also – dont’ have the long tongue all over the place. That came after mcfarlane.

    Finally – make sure you use the McFarlane story, because the stories that followed that – except for maybe the carnage story – blew chunks. When McFarlane left, Marvel’s spidey really went to crap. That’s why they needed the movie, to boost interest in the comics again, not vice versa. The comic stories have been sucky for years now.

    Ok, well, spiderman 3 – NO goblins of any type, give me venom OR sandman OR lizard but please, no goblins, no warewolves, and no stupid love story.

  18. This is just my opinion…
    I do not think that the Green Goblin II will appear in this next movie. Iv searched 10+ forums looking for information. I think they will try to set him up even more for number 4 of the series and try to set up Venom. I do believe Venom is the red-heads ex groom. I think he goes into space and something happens up there and he becomes Venom. They will set that up even more in this next movie. They set it up some by her running out on him for Peter but now all he needs are the powers since he has the reason. They will send him up in this next one and then it will continue on number 4. Now i do not know much about the sandman or his powers or nething but iv heard he could not uphold his own for a whole movie. Now iv heard of some woman villian i forget the name but i have read it somewhere that she will be in the movie. some cat or bat or something. Im a super huge fan of this series and i cant wait for them to finish. wait idont want that to happen either. oh well

  19. It would make sense to make Harry the Hobgoblin.Not everyone has read the comics.Most people haven’t and they wil want variety.I think it would be better if he was,maybe he upgrades the suit and becomes the Hobgoblin.As long as Harry is the main villain in this movie i will be happy.If they make more than 3 they could give Spiderman the black costume and he kills Harry while he has it on and feels horrible afterward.Introduce Brock and u got Venom for 4.

  20. I just want to say this Harry is NOT The HOBGOBLIN, HE IS THE GREEN GOOBLIN. It makes no sense to make him the Hobgoblin. Sandman done right would work because it would bring one of the first spiderman villians into to the mix.

    BUT MAKE HARRY THE GREEN GOBLIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. CarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnCarnageCarnageCarnageCarnage

  22. i just really dont want to see the name carnage on here anymore since he isent goin to be in this movie … duhh and no it cant happpen i say peter just finds the god blessed symboite suit in the beginning of this one and has to fight the goblin and sandman pete kill the goblin and venom be born at the end wasting sandman by biting him which would set up for the next movie in like 8 yearsss :(

  23. It could be very possible that later on in both the Spider-Man and X-Men movies that the two will mett up and have their own spin off movie wihich could end up in a movie containing ALL characters in the Marvel Universe, just a thought and it’s no where near likely to happen.

  24. Venom is better than carnage is so many ways – but very simply because Venom has motivation to only destroy peter parker / spiderman, where as Carnage is just a crazed villain.

    Same can be said about Sandman, who is just a convict with superpowers.

    Hobgoblin would be compelling, but I hate twisting it so that Harry becomes hobgoblin …

    I also hate two villains. Unless, of course, one of them is Venom. :)

    Then again, Sandman by himself is looking more and more promising if we’re going to completely mess up the comic universe.

    You know what? I’m not even going to bother with speculating any more. It’s a 2 hour movie and we’re spending 2,000 hours contemplating how it’ll turn out. I think I’ll just wait for the announcement next year.

    SpideyFan – final post! (Yay)

  25. If they do go towards the symbiote theme, and later add Carnage. The movie would have an “R” rating and be darker and more twisted than the other movies. Kletus Cassidy is one sick mother fucker, a twisted nutcase who is driven by the look and taste of blood, give him the powers of spidey (with the Carnage symbiote suit) You will have a formula to make the best thriller/super hero movie ever based on a comic book. Sad thing is it wouldn’t be oringinal or correct to the flow of these movies. Anyway, the end must be tragic to have a good impact and feeling with fans, in other words, for spider-man to fully become a responsible hero, Mary Jane has to die.

  26. I think that it should be Harry as the Hobgoblin and if they want Sandman.This is if they are making 6 movies (2 trilogies).They need to finish Harry off in 3 and then in the next trilogy we get Lizard in 4.Set up the costume and we got Venom in five or u could wait and put him in 6.If he in 5 then Venom and Carnage in 6 for the end.

  27. good thing i’m checking spiderman posts, jesus christ all of you r dumbasses havt you hear about Sandman. 6 movies will be made, and the comic book sucked anyways.

  28. Heres the thing, Sam Raimi is a great director and a huge comic book fan. So whatever he does i’m sure it will be great. Harry may just hire someone to be the Hobgoblin, or done the suit himself and turn to a life of crime. If he does hire someone it would have to be a mercenary or someone hardcore and blood thirsty. Eddie Brock may become Venom, building up rage against Peter for him being a better photographer. And their is also Dr.Connors. So if you analyze it all, the best outcome for a great end would have to be the Lizard. If the story has to go beyond a trilogy then we are all fucked over as fans. Pray to whatever that this great movie franchise will not end in a big shit consumed into a “fan” and spat all over the wall.

  29. and who really cares if harry is the hobgoblin have u ever seen the ultimate spiderman on mtv they had harry as the hobgoblin in the show he def wasent the green goblin

  30. Who says Harry HAS to be the Hobgoblin? Couldn’t he just hire out? Harry is a spoiled brat and I don’t see him wanting to run out there and do it himself (at least not right away). He knows Peter – his friend – is Spider-man and when Harry as Green Goblin found out Peter was indeed Spidey in the comics he quit. But this isn’t comic books this is a movie. Either way having a villain know Spider-Man’s identity the entire movie – meaning more hit ’em where he lives type of drama – it will make for a fun movie!

    All in all I trust Sam – whatever he will do will work out. He knows what he is doing.

  31. good grief, rob, what difference does it make whether harry is the green goblin jr. or the hobgoblin? do you understand that the 2/3 of the movie audience that doesn’t read the comic books won’t care and in fact would probably be confused if they just made him the green goblin all over again? can you just let go of the damn comic book for god’s sake? treat the movie for what it is and stop being such a freaking geek.

  32. sam raimi has done great the first two times. he has claimed to be a great fan of spider-man, and grown up loving the comic. so how come he can’t even make the right person be the right super-villain? i am not worried at all about sandman, though i expected the lizard after seeing dr. connors. but to say that harry is the hobgoblin is an outrage. any moron who’s touched a comic book that was published before the new millennium knows that harry is the green goblin. this is insulting, and i certainly hope it is not true. if it is, then it is obviously about merchandising. i think it’s just fantastic that they would make such a horrible error for the sake of merchandising. so what if the kiddies dont’ want to buy another green goblin action figure? at least make the movie right dammit!

  33. i can understand changes being made between a comic book and a movie, such as the web-shooters, and the timeline (mary-jane not being peter’s first love in the comics, for instance). However, Harry as the hobgoblin is too much. It is like some ignorant kid not realizing that different people can wear the same mask and just pulling the name hobgoblin out of the back of his memory and just assuming that that must be harry, right? WRONG! Harry is the second green goblin, not the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin is an entirely different person, and it kind of promotes ignorance on the comic book side of things by making such a gross mistake…on purpose.

  34. It all sounds good with me. Except for the fact that we’re pushing a lot of new school villians over some really classic bad guys. Personally Harry could be the Green Hobgoblin for all I care. In Rami’s hands I don’t think Sandman will come off all that brawler. Church is not the Lowell from Wings anymore. At least I hope he’s not. As for Venom way over rated as a villian. Now Mysterio with that fish bowl helmet…oooh yeah. Or how about Electro? Either way or anyway Rami will make it work and rock. Lord please no one mention the name Ben Reilly (how ever you spell a clone).

  35. Well, I don’t think Sandman is a very good choice. I would have Harry (as the Hobgoblin) go against The Lizard. Now that’s an idea, Harry wanting to be a hero and trying to save the city from The Lizard (maybe J.J. Jameson putting a price on the Lizards head), but not forgeting that he want’s revenge so he also wants to kill Spidey (as he loses his mind). There you have it! J.J. soporting the Hobgoblin! Spider-man trying to save Dr Connors, himself and MJ, plus his new relationship with MJ.
    And Venom… put him in #4 that way you also get Carnage. If they can pull off Venom now, they can do it better in a few years and it’s worth to wait for a little more.

  36. Hobgoblin? Sandman? That’s fine. Whatever. As a Spiderman fan, I’ll be amongst the first in line to see SpiderMan 3. But if Raimi is to direct his last Spiderman movie… then all I can ask is: what are they waiting for to introduce VENOM?!? I mean, come on!! He’s one of Spidey’s classic enemies, and not to mention, way cool! Besides, nowadays, with all those visual FX, can anybody really tell me that they couldn’t pull it off??

  37. Great news!! I was waiting for a second villain for some time now. Compared with Batman, this seemed an obvious choice. Still, this can’t be Hobgoblin since there is not related to the Green Goblin and the initial character was a fashion designer named Roderick Kingsley, who seeked out for revenge because of a woman (Belladonna). But I can see some relations with Harry (rich, elegant, vengeance for a woman,…) But on the other hand, “Green Goblin jr.” seems just too silly ! lol

  38. That sounds pretty interesting but in the comics the Hobgoblin was not Harry but somebody else (there was a whole fiasco about who was suppose to be the Hobgoblin’s real alter ego after writer Peter David was stuck with Roger Stern’s creation without the knowledge of who Hobgoblin was from Roger Stern). Ned Leeds (Betty’s fiancee) was revealed as the Hobgoblin then but we now know he was set up by the Real Hobgoblin revealed in the mini series (Hobgoblin Lives by Roger Stern).

    I guess just for variety’s sake, having Harry as the Hobgoblin works in the movie but I kind of wish they would just have him stick with the Green Goblin persona as in the comics. Harry as GG had fights with the Hobgoblin in the comics.

  39. It makes sense for a second villain to be included because through the other movies, Harry (and therefore Hobgoblin) were introduced. I would much rather see a better secondary villain though, even if it makes little sense to the original comics… Venom or Carnage would be awesome!

  40. Hobgoblin (or Green Goblin II) definitely had to be in there. The whole set up in the second movie is too good to miss the opportunity. However, I’m left thinking “where in the hell is sandman coming from?” They set up the Lizard really well, but maybe two mad-scientists in a row is too much?

  41. A.R., you just made the one argument that makes sense to me concerning the possibility of two villains in this movie (Sandman not being too bright).

    Otherwise I’m really opposed to the “two villain concept”. Just concentrate on developing the story and character of one.


  42. It makes storytelling sense.
    If you’ve got to have two supervillains in one Spiderman movie, and the original Goblin died in the previous movie, Hobgoblin and Sandman are good choices.

    Sandman alone is just not smart enough to make a worthy sole adversary – he’s a bruiser, not a brain, and he’s not crazy like Hobgoblin.

    So this could turn out quite good. Isn’t it great to see Sam Raimi exceed himself with every new movie he makes? He just keeps peaking.

    And even if he tires of comic-book movies, we know he’s capable of things like A SIMPLE PLAN.


  43. It makes storytelling sense.
    If you’ve got to have two supervillains in one Spiderman movie, and the original Goblin died in the previous movie, Hobgoblin and Sandman are good choices.

    Sandman alone is just not smart enough to make a worthy sole adversary – he’s a bruiser, not a brain, and he’s not crazy like Hobgoblin.

    So this could turn out quite good. Isn’t it great to see Sam Raimi exceed himself with every new movie he makes? He just keeps peaking.

    And even if he tires of comic-book movies, we know he’s capable of things like A SIMPLE PLAN.

    Mark my words, Sam Raimi will win an Oscar eventually.


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