Paul Schraders Exorcist: The Beginning to get Premiere

ExorcistBeginning.jpgWe’d heard talk that the Paul Schrader version of Exorcist: The Beginning was going to be included in the DVD release, yet the first release didn’t mention it at all. However, the good news is that Scraders version of the movie is going to get a premiere at the International Festival of Fantastic Film in Brussels in March. According to the BBC:

The film, directed by Paul Schrader, will be screened on 18 March at the International Festival of Fantastic Film in Brussels.

They also provide a concise summary of the events:

Principal footage was shot in Morocco and Rome at a reported cost of $32m. However, in August 2003 it emerged that producers Morgan Creek were shelving Schrader’s version of the film, having complained it was not scary enough.

As well as replacing Schrader with Harlin – the director behind Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger – the producers also changed most of the cast, but Swedish star Skarsgard stayed in the Merrin role.

Harlin’s film, released in the UK in October 2004, received lukewarm reviews but went on to make over $76m (√Ǭ£40.7m) worldwide.

The festival screening will be the first time that Schrader’s film has been seen in public. Reports that it will be released either in cinemas or on DVD have yet to be confirmed.

We can but hope that rumours come true and that it premieres to a good reception, providing the Studio with a reason for a more general release, or at least adding it to a special DVD release.

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