7 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 8

  1. I just had a question, I’ve seen the movie and was wondering what is the song title of the music played during the car wash and at the end of the movie sang by White. Wondering if there is a sound track about the movie too.

    Hope you people know wich song I’m talking about.



  2. Just a suggestion, but you might want to be aware of your partner in relation to the mic. He always comes across much louder than you and it makes for constant volume adjustments.

  3. Hi,
    just to mention that Milla Jovovich has played better roles from the Zoolander you mention there, like ‘Fifth Element’ as awesome pretty Leeloo and very memorable perfomances in ‘The Million Dollar Hotel’ and ‘The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc’. She is not as bad as you think, unless you haven’t seen those films yet.

    Keep the good work.


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