The Movie Blog” Audio Edition Vol. 10

It has been a busy week around The Movie Blog, but no matter how busy you get, there’s always time for a little Audio Edition.

This week we discuss modern horror movies, the influence of internet pornography on the movie business, the disaster that is Elektra and more. Special sneak peak at Doug Nagy’s new Epic film concept “The Goats of Oden” featuring Bill Cosby. An instant Classic! Download the goodness here.

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6 thoughts on “The Movie Blog” Audio Edition Vol. 10

  1. Good question James.

    Right now, we use 2 $8 computer mics and my laptop. Looks like we’re moving up to a Pro Tools set up in the coming weeks. I guess i just never thought the Audio Edition would be around this long.

  2. You have brought up the topic of porn a few times on the audio blog, “The Girl Next Door”. The reason is beyond watching a nude woman on the big screen. It is more deeper than that. One word, STORY.

    Why would someone buy a ticket to see a feature about the adult industry (or nudity) when they can get instant gratification off the net? Those images, motions downloaded or streamed are… on demand. There is no linear rational to them; people getting their jollies and moving on. No plot.

    For such an environment it doesn’t require reality nor a start, middle and end. It’s focus is on action and it’s immediate outcome. Think of pornos like movies who have spent all of their budgets on special effects and none on character or narrative. I’m sure we can name a lot of films who have gone this route.

    “The Girl Next Door” was about story with nudity, each is not mutually exclusive. Look, the average porno (minus gonzo) does attempt to have some thread of plot (Vivid, Digital Playground, ect.). Nearly all would break down if you blew on it, more holes than disappointed fans of the new Star Wars films.

    Take “Aliens” for example. While the film had massive effects, it’s a classic not by virtue of them, but of storytelling.

    Another good example is “Flashdance”, great eye candy. But the impact of the visual kinetics is upheld by an actual story. An argument of time frame (pre-internet) is irreverent. The same law applies to “The Girl Next Door”. Plot matters. You can get quick pornography, but WITHOUT any substance. So, please guys, don’t confuse the two. It’s kinda pisses me off.

  3. Hey john, you remarked about the tattoos coming alive on the man, That’s actually a native american beleif, the ancient shaman of the native americans would tattoo animals on warriors before battle beleiving spirits would inhabit their body. The directer just adapted that….Thought I’d give my two cents.

    Xun Shun

  4. I am one of the few who didn’t think Elektra was as bad as the reviews, but I can see everybodies point. I guess what really bothered me was that we saw that silly girl fight more than Elektra.

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