The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 7

And here we go again. We are pleased to present to you the seventh installment of oddly popular (why you people listen to this is beyond me) Audio Edition. Technical problems prevented us from getting a new volume up last week, so we hope this makes up for it.

Lots of topics covered in this edition. Star Wars pictures, Jenny McCarthy, Napoleon Dynamite, Ong Bak, Jackie Chan, Fantastic Four changes, Why A Series of Unfortunate Events is better than Harry Potter, Ocean’s 12 and a whole lot more. This one was kinda packed. So download here and enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 7

  1. Doug, I have this nasty (and that’s meant in a bad way) image of you sitting in front of the microphone with a stocking over your head and a black fuzzy round thing stuck in your mouth.

    I take it you meant for the microphone!

  2. I am aware of my husky, romantic breathing.
    We tried a new mic set up.

    I am getting me mum’s stockings and making breath guards for next week.

    Thank you for the feedback friends.

  3. Doug, funny man. As a obscene phone caller; well maybe he could frighten off those pesky wolves with his exhales. Just kidding guys I catch you every week. May not be My Dinner with Andre’ but it sure is fun. Keep them coming.

  4. Screw that. Nagy can do whatever the hell he wants because he’s the funniest person I’ve heard on the Internet. I like movies and John is a good guy, but I tune in for Doug. Talk loud, laugh directly into the microphone. Whatever. Just don’t change the Nage.

  5. Finally the audio edition! Good work guys! One little detail for the next version: Is it possible to ask your comedian collegue to keep his distance to the mic and not to breathe or laugh to loud in it.

    Keep up the good work and have a great New Year!

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