8 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 6!!!

  1. Hmmm… I typically agree with you guys, but I must differ on B3. I’m guilty of nitpicking from time to time, but you guys bring the art to a level higher than ever imagined in this edition. The iPod point is well taken, I agree. Blade has always been an uninteresting, emotionally shallow character. The first two films took liberties in it’s fight scenes (missed punches etc) as well as vampire mythology. B3, admittedly, takes these liberties to the extreme. I think those of us that prefer the style of the third, were pretty much “over” the cookie-cutter style action-vampire flick with part two. If this one had been derivative of previous efforts, we’d all be bitching about how Trinity brought nothing to the table. It did bring something new, humor.

    And yes, I think Snipes did it for the money. And yes, it might all be a setup for a NigthStalkers flick. And yes, I will be first in line for a NighStalkers film, based on their introduction in Trinity. And yes, I say and yes way too much.

    Great listen! Keep it up!

  2. on the resident evil apocalypse dvd, in the audio commentary of paul w.s. anderson and his producer, he state that the enter the matrix videogame is much better then the last 2 movies they made.

    im not a fan of the matrix but if the movie you made is better than reloaded and revolutions then, fine you got the right to brag.

    but AVP sucks, R.E. apocalypse sucks.

    have you got no shame man
    stupid ass

  3. I’m sorry, I can’t in good conscience keep my opinion to myself on this one. Just finished listening to the latest audio edition and, as always, it was entertaining. However, to hear you guys say how much you loved Spider-Man 2 and how much you hated Blade: Trinity. In my opinion, Blade: Trinity was as good, if not better than Blade 2. Both were infinitely better than Blade. Spider-Man 2 was overhyped even more than the first Spider-Man and was twice as much of a let-down. The only thing it had going for it was a cameo by Willem Dafoe. Period. Well, that and the hot Russian chick who lived in the same building as Peter Parker.
    Again, this was just my opinion, and I still love hearing you guys talk about movies.

  4. i still maintain….

    blade trinity was wicked…maybe i liked it so much becuase i was not a big fan of the franchaise, and this one ws different fomr the first two.

    Also, i don’t think HHH has what it takes to be conan, i mean, has he ever played anything other then a villain? conan needs dignity and authority…while HHH could pull off authority, and he has a great “i am gonna kick your ass face” i think dignity is out of league.

    especially when i think about his orignal wrestling persona, and how ridiculously over the top his idea of a regal bearing was…then again, it is wrestling.

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