The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 5

Megaphone.jpgAnd the beat goes on. We’re pleased to present to you the 5th instalment of the Audio Edition that we have titled the “Moan and Complain About The Cost Of Going To The Movies” Edition!

In this one we talk about the price of a ticket, the price of popcorn, commercials before the show, where the money goes, how the economic structure works with theaters and how this whole mess leads to movie piracey. Fun fun fun.

We also cover World of Warcraft, The return of Pee Wee Herman and more. You can listen to the 5th Edition here, or you can go the the Audio Edition Page. Keep sending us your emails and comments!

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9 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 5

  1. I love these audio editions. It’a a great format and you guys are perfect for it. Keep it up guys.

    I was glad to hear comments about World of Warcraft. A friend of mine got it, and he sounds almost exactly like Doug. BTW, Blizzard made a Superman sidescroller for SNES back in the day. Another excellent game from them.

    The comment about movies not being exponentially better today made me laugh heartily. I’m not in a major city, so I don’t get charged too much, around $6.50 for a student rate. Of course, I remember going to the theater down the street and seeing movies for $1.5. They turned it into a church a few years back (I laughed at that cult comment, that’s what this place looks like)

    My problem with the theater is everything that is required before you get to the movie. Ticket and concession prices and advertisements are a major part, but there’s also the hassle of parking (this may only be a local thing, the main theater has a really bad lot), the scores of children sitting outside the theater because they have nothing better to do, waiting in line for tickets, and then having to put up with obnoxious people inside the theater. It makes the whole experience so god damn irritating that I can barely enjoy my movie.

    And that Hitler crack was fucking hilarious. Good Show gentlemen.

  2. Hi Doug.

    The good thing about UGC Cinemas is that they have lots of cinemas across UK. Where I live which is on the East End, I have a choice of whether watching it in Canary Wharf or if I fancy it, catch it in the West End.

    Just this coming Friday, I can watch 3 films in a row, “The Phantom of the Opera”, “The Merchant of Venice” and “Garden State”. Paying the ¬£9.99 is already worth it!

    What I find odd is charging tickets more after 5 pm, and this works for all cinemas here. They also charge more on holidays and weekends. Rip-off.

  3. Good show, very funny…the Hitler comment was so deadpan and I cracked up.

    The UK prices are a lot less than yours it seems, although the loading on extras is unbelievable. I definitely have stopped buying anything and usually bring a coffee or juice into the cinema if I’m buying anything. Saying that I can hardly resist a hot dog, even if they are ¬£3.

    When the UGC were Virgin they actually offered that pass on a month to month basis, but I think it was more profitable for them to move it to monthly. Problem is you have to go see some stinkers during the quiet periods to keep getting your moneys worth, or just see *all* the good ones when they come out, like three a week!

    Tickets are just under ¬£6 here, although (as I’ve posted before) the mobile phone operator Orange allows it’s customers 2 for 1 on Wednesdays by simply texting a number and this works in all major UK cinemas. In Edinburgh Ster Centrury cinema also offers cheap Tuesdays, with tickets at ¬£3.25 a go, which isn’t too bad.

  4. Simone the UGC pass you speak of is a great idea. Can you get yearly subscriptions, or do you just buy the card from the cinema?

    I hope they offer that convenience here soon.

  5. In the UK, UGC Cinemas have this unlimited card that you just pay ¬£9.99 monthly and you have access to all the films showing in all their theaters across UK. (You pay a few more pounds if you want to watch films around Central London) Imagine viewing like an average of 8 films in a month, or even more! So that’s a really good way of promoting films and cinema patronage.

    This may be a late reply, but your last audio session was hilarious guys. Keep it up!

  6. I very rarely go to the movies any longer. I see whats out there and wait for the DVD. I would much rather watch it sitting on my own couch. Much cheaper.
    Donna A.

  7. Great show guys, I for one don’t really go to the movies anymore since I purchased a 51″ HDTV with surround, I find the experience way superior at home + I can smoke a spliff at the same time, you can’t beat that.I seems like I miss less of the special effects in my home, for example: LOTR I saw it in the theater and when I watched it at home I realized I had missed certain details in some of the shots.

    I also want to comment on something you said about the popcorn and drinks, they are way to expensive but think about it, being the overweight society we are, do you really need to stuff your face with food at 7pm right after you probably had super,not really, I just buy the ticket and thats it.

    Keep it up fellas, good job.

  8. Excellent show, guys! John, thanks for ranting about the high price of going to the movies these days, and doing it in a coherent fashion. Movie fans need to take a stand on this issue now before things get even further out of control.

    I used to go the the movies 2 or 3 times a month in the late 80s, early 90s. But now, going to the movies has become a “special event” for my family, maybe going 4 times per year. In most cases, I am more than happy to wait for the DVD and either rent it for $3 or buy it for $15. Sure beats shelling out close to $30 for a family of 4 to go to the run down Regal Cinemas in my area.

    Alter Ego Comics

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