The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 4

And the good times keep on rolling. The newest Volume of the Audio Edition is now online and ready for your listening torture! In Volume #4 we discuss Arnold and his future in the movies, The Porno genre of films, Star Wars The Holiday Special, Steve Martin, Fat Albert, Fantastic Four and Bill Cosby switching to madman roles. Ah yes, all this and much more!

To listen to the Audio Edition, just select it here Audio Edition section.

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6 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 4

  1. Loving your work!

    Have to say, I think you hit the bodybuilder on the bonce there John. Arnie won’t return to movies, (see previous post about same comments) he’s busy getting the Constitution changed so that he can become President next term or the one thereafter, oh, and that really isn’t a joke.

    Also, did you see his arms in Around the World in Eighty Days? A shadow of the man he used to be, but check out his age, fair play to him.

    Last point, I liked End of Days. Terminator 3 sucked, it was a joke of Terminator, like an Airplane of Airport…although that’s not a good example since Airport was pants…okay, going now!

  2. I’m loving the audio blog. Great idea and you’re pulling it off really well so far. Just thought I’d throw out another difference in the doscussion about Jim Carey and Steve MArtin. Jim’s had time over many films now to establish himself as a legitimate serious actor. He still has a comedic leaning but I don’t see his face anymore and think “Ace Ventura”. Steve MArtin, however, like you said, is still kind of stuck in the comedic roles he’s become known for.

  3. I love the Audio Editions!!!

    And in regards to the Star Wars Holiday Special, I actually host a yearly celebration on the Saturday after Thanksgiving I’ve entitled Life Day.

    This year was the 4th annual celebration in which the Holiday Special is brought out for the only viewing of the year and new people lose their Holiday Special virginity while also losing 2 hours of their life that they can never get back.

    I’d love to see Life Day celebrated world wide and watching this dreck would become an annual long-suffering tradition for decades to come.

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