Evil Dead to be remade again!

Okay, hold up. We’ve all been ranting about the hunger in Hollywood to remake just about everything and anything, but now they really are taking the…biscuit. Now they are remaking an already remade film, and a classic to boot in the guise of Evil Dead. I just don’t get this, especially from the team of Sam Riami, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert. However wild this seems, it is true, sites everywhere are starting to report it.

Empire are reporting that:

…the iconic Evil Dead has been added to the remake roster. Before you panic, it’s worth mentioning that Raimi, Campbell and original producing partner Rob Tapert will be overseeing the project so it’s certainly in safe hands. The downside though, is that Raimi won’t be directing.

What?! WHAT?…Sorry, had to go and take some valium. This is madness, have these guys got an uncontrolable gambling habit or something? Why do they need to do it and is money the only reason?

Evil Dead is utterly fantastic. It’s funny, scary and uses some excellent techniques in the filming process to unerve and entertain. Brilliant film and made on an extremely tight budget. They’ve already remade it, Evil Dead II mean anything to anybody? It is not actually a sequel, it’s a remake of the original when they got more money behind them and they had to drop the tree rape scene. To boot, it didn’t live up to the style of the original, not the same fear, innovation or fun. So why try it again?

Sure Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness was loads of fun, I really, really liked that. Let’s bear in mind though it doesn’t bear that much relationship to Evil Dead. The first movies were about a group of teenagers in a cabin in the woods overrun by an ancient evil.

Whereas III is about a guy who has travelled through time to an ancient land to defeat an evil that is on the rampage and threatens to destroy that world. Not the same story, but it’s a great film and promised for another installment.

So what we’re essentially looking at a third remake of the first movie, this time with more money than either the original or the original remake. (Am I the only one getting confused here?) Perhaps the reason is that they want to do IV and the studios said they want a remake of Evil Dead first, to update it for a new audience, make it more accessible, and get sales going back to the box set.

I don’t know. This reeks of bad idea hell. However, with these guys up top, and as long as they keep real tight control, I think it has the potential to be interesting, I just don’t get why.

One other thing, no word yet if Campbell returns as Ash. Oh please, please, please.

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18 thoughts on “Evil Dead to be remade again!

  1. Man i am late as hell on this but i dont care. Bringing any crappy actors from a TV series is probably the stupidest idea ever. Its just me though because i hate everything about TV now a days. Realty TV is a brain-washing device.I don’t care how old Bruce is. He needs to be Ash as an older man killing possessed people. Good enough for me.

  2. I think he could SERIOUSLY DO THIS!!!! As Xander, he was very self-aware, as is Ash. And have a total sense of personal humor, as Ash did! Nic, if you’re monitoring your REAL fans out there, believe that this is a part you were made for!! ESPECIALLY after doing Xander! We’ve been waiting to see you in something more creative for you, and I (and I think I speak for all of your fans) believe this is really you…it’s your part, hon! I have been a HUGE fan of Ash’s (Bruce’s) movies, and I’ve been waiting for someone to bring it up to date for “our” generation. Don’t look back…grab hold and GO FOR IT!! Please, if you feel like it, or anyone else does, for that matter, please email me. I’m always here! Please keep at acting, you are very much loved, and not just for “Xander”. And, yes, I’ve seen your other works! Not bad! Just waitng for your true talents to come out!! :)
    Love and friendship always and many, many smiles for your day!
    Deana Motes
    P.S. And never give up!! Try this when you’re feeling low: email one of your fans or message one of them, and actually have a down-to-earth conversation with them. You might find out some things you’d never thought of before.

  3. ryan ward?

    what aload of shit.

    there is only one bruce campbell, and some little fruity pie from off broadway sure as fuck is not bruce campbell.

  4. Maybe by ‘remake’ they’ll do a quick ‘into’ scene like Army of Darkness with updated AOD stuff and continue on from there?

    Who knows – all I can say is that Bruce DESERVES to star in this.

  5. If they didn’t get Bruce Campbell, there is ONE person I can think of that I would like to see in the role.

    Ryan Ward.

    He played Ash in Evil Dead 1 & 2: The Musical (www.evildeadthemusical.com) and was amazing. He CHANNELED Bruce Campbell up on stage to the point that his performance has been described as “eerie”. Either get Bruce, or get Ryan Ward. Otherwise, I won’t be nearly so excited.

  6. how can it be an evil dead movie without bruce campbell as ash?

    i have faith that our bungling movie executive overlords will get that right at least.


    bruce campbell!

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