Don’t Know if National Treasure Will Be Good or Not, But The Trailer Technology is Mighty Sweet …

nationaltreasure.jpgAnybody remember when Nicholas Cage was money in the bank? I do, and I miss those days. I want another Raising Arizona, or another Leaving Las Vegas or another Face / Off but though he still turns out some solid work from time to time I just really can’t shake the feeling that winning the Oscar and meeting Jerry Bruckheimer combined to pretty much ruin the man. I still follow what he’s doing, but I tend to be a little bit skeptical about his films until I’m given reason not to be. Thus, I have generally been ignoring the advance hype on National Treasure. The film itself looks as though it could either be a very cool B-flick made with A-flick talent and money – a la Raiders of the Lost Ark – or it could just be very bad. I still think it’s too early to offer an opinion either way. HOWEVER, what must be said is that the film has developed some damn cool new technology for their online trailers … they call them smarTRAILERs and they basically funtion the same way branching options do on DVDs. As the trailer plays little links pop up that lead you to supplementary info – click the link, you jump out of the trailer and into some background info and then return to the trailer once the branch completes. It’s very cool stuff. Check it out here.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Know if National Treasure Will Be Good or Not, But The Trailer Technology is Mighty Sweet …

  1. Wow.. that’s some interesting stuff they have in there.. Enough to make it creepy almost. They should definately play on the fact/fiction similarities when selling this.. They’ll do for National Secret A&E specials what Armageddeon did for Meteor specials.

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