Trailer for US Remake of The Grudge Online Now!

grudge.jpgWhee! The trailer for the US remake of The Grudge is now online and it had me giggling like a little schoolgirl … I had huge hopes for this film based on the involvement of Sam Raimi and original director Takashi Shimizu and if this trailer is any indication at all they’ve met them all and then some … The original Grudge is one of the absolute best horror films to come out of Japan and it looks as though they’ve carried all the best stuff through to the US version. Click here to behold the goodness.

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11 thoughts on “Trailer for US Remake of The Grudge Online Now!

  1. I think that this movie will rock because Jason Behr is in it and I am deffinatly going to see it as soon as it comes out!

  2. I think that this movie will rock because Jason Behr is in it and I am deffinatly going to see it as soon as it comes out!

  3. I guess it just seems vital to watch the original orf ANY remake first….If you watch them the other way around, it’s just not right….Must see WHAT WAS SO GOOD TO REMAKE….(Loved both Dawn of the Dead movies, by the way…Didn’t enjoy the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

  4. Yes. I do indeed have the Chinatown special that Bubba is referring to. Not a bad transfer either. But I really should pick up a… erm… legit copy of it. But Bubba will take care of you if all else fails.

  5. The original Japanese version hits theaters in July, I think, so there won’t be an R1 release of it until well after that. There are, however, a flurry of international versions out there. I’m pretty sure that the official Hong Kong release is all region, so you should be able to play that no problem. Check … failing that drop me a note and I can land you a Chinatown special …

  6. KungFu, did you buy a Region 1 DVD? Or did you acquire it in “another manner”? I’m trying to get it via “another manner”? Aaaaarrrrghhhh, matey….

  7. Having finally bought the Japanese original this past week and finally getting the balls to watch it this morning I am really looking forward to this one.
    Damn, that was a fine movie!
    Face in the security camera! Face in the security camera! Mother of pearl there is a face in the security camera!!!

  8. Damn….Can you use your “movieblog-icity” and get them to move it up before August? There’s a serious movie buff who wants to enjoy it before he’s baby-fied…I’m sure you and Day-Vuh could put something together…..He he he he…

  9. Oh wow….That looks AWESOME….I still would like to see the original Juon BEFORE this one, but I dunno….What’s the release date of this one? Baby is due at the end of August so trying to cram all the good movies in before then, he he he he…

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