The Passion of the Christ DVD Release Date.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this movie. A few have.

Anyway, I only mention it because I haven’t seen news anywhere else yet, and I’m sure people will be asking sooner or later – But the “Passion” DVD release date is currently sitting at August 31st, 2004. As it seems, you can Pre-Order it Here. (if you’re American)

The only “features” listed so far is the trailer. Which is unfortunate… However, I’d be more shocked if there was “Alternate Endings”.

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12 thoughts on “The Passion of the Christ DVD Release Date.

  1. Wow….I hadn’t even looked at this post in FOREVER and just happened to Google “dmiller23462”. As Rodney said in his post, I WAS just attempting to be funny…Sorry if you’re offended, but that’s the beauty of the internet. You can say what you like, when you like. Feel free to check out my blog and see that I’m a very “irreverent” guy….Life’s too darn short to be worried about everything….I’m glad that Jesus has changed your life, I really am. Best of luck to ya in that endeavor…

  2. Actually, it’s 20th Century Fox that’s pushing the DVD’s…

    The very same people that wouldn’t touch the film distribution saw that it was an earth-shattering hit, crawled back to Mel to be signed on as the DVD distibutors. So the advertising, marketing and distibution of the DVD is now up to Fox.

    So though it isn’t Mel’s cronies doing the work, you are correct in saying the DVD’s are being pushed by Fox simply because they’ll rake in the bucks. I would give Mel a bit of slack on it though – after all, he did put millions of his own bucks into a project he loved while everyone was telling him he’d lose everything over it.

  3. Mel Gibson and his commercial cronies will try to hype the dvd as much as they can, riding on the “reverence” and “christian sense” of people just like those who didn’t like dmiller’s comment here.
    If you don’t see past the chi-ching here, take off those blinders…

  4. we aren’t supposed to judge others..and i thought that dmiller was just trying to be funny. the spirit of offense should be rebuked! lets not get so easily offended people, k. Jesus didn’t seem to ever get offended, except in the Temple for obvious reasons. the Passsion… great movie, we prayed for years that something this wonderful would erupt in the movies, and thank God, He already had it in the making for 13 years.. :)
    love one another…. :)

  5. We allow people like dmiller to post whatever they want because if we started telling everyone what they could say, then no one would post.

    We do interfere with posts that contain links to illegal or adult content, or that are unrelated spam advertisments.

    We also delete “flaming” attacks or people deliberately attempting to rile up some trouble.

    If you do not like what he has said, you may politely comment on how you felt it was inappropriate, but I assure you he was just attempting to be funny. No harm intended. His post has been there for over 2 months and you are the first to be offended enough to comment on it.

    Thanks for your input.

  6. This movie, says it all. It makes us appreciate how Christ died for us, what he went through and that he is the greatest man. Makes you think about after life, he knows what’s waiting for us and many of us are just to involved in our routine lives to hear the call, morals are shot and hopefully this time on earth isin’t it, cause that would be pretty sad.

  7. This movie is a must see. It is such a preveledge to be a Christian and have such an awsome God to go through all that. Gave him self as sin for us so we can have the free gift of eternal life by just inviting him into our heart and believing on his name. I AM PROUD that my Boss is a Jewish Carpenter (Jesus)!

  8. This movie…affected my life…i cant wait forit to come out on dvd. Im not religous, but this movie gave me so mich respect for the man that died for us.

  9. this is a great movie and many people will be in line at their local wal-mart store at least a day in advance just to get it. so be ready!

  10. How about plans for a sequel?

    “The Passion 2: Christ’s Revenge”….

    He’s back from the dead….and he’s PISSED….

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