Release Date for Clone Wars on DVD?

clonewars.jpgThis is pure rumor mongering, but I spotted another interesting note whilst perusing Digital Bits … they’ve had word that both seasons of the animated Clone Wars shorts will be hitting DVD in the first quarter of 2005. Timeline seems about right so though there’s been no ‘official’ word on these I don’t see much reason not to accept that … in the less believable file goes their note that a live action Star Wars TV series may be in the works for 2006 …

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3 thoughts on “Release Date for Clone Wars on DVD?

  1. Wholeheartedly agree with neilometer here. I loved these shorts. I also thought that this was what’s been missing from those prequels. Just full blown Jedi Knight kicking your ass!!!
    Live action? Destined for craptacular!

  2. Mr. Lucas, please take notes.

    These cartoons really put the live action prequels to shame. I’ve never seen the Force used so imaginatively. After watching Mace Windu take out an entire amry of enhanced battle droids mostly WITHOUT his lightsaber, I was left breathless.

    I hope the DVD has a 5.1 or DTS mix because the sound effects in this series is out-of-this-world!

  3. Star Wars sucks. Stop making those horrid prequels from hell. yes, hell.
    Get Wes Craven or Quentin Tarantino to produce/direct and then MAYBE you’ll have something.
    note to George Lucas : acting ability IS important. Please cast accordingly. no really….please…..

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