Marriage in the Movies

Ok so this isnt really about the movies. But just to prove just how obsessed… er.. interested in Movies my fiance and I are, we are getting married in a Movie Theatre.

We were scheduled to be on an episode of Life Network’s Wierd Weddings but the network has chosen not to renew the deal with Yaletown Entertainment for the show. So its not going to be on TV anymore.

I guess Life Network thinks its the WB now. Yaletown provided LIFE with its three top rated shows…. so Life Network is getting rid of them.

The whole wedding is revolving around a Movie Theatre/Night at the Oscars theme. My fiance is wearing a designer dress fit for a celebrity, and I will be in full penguin gear too. The wedding is being held at a church which uses an old Cineplex Odeon for its church building. Much of the original movie theatre look has been retained.

I look forward to getting back to Ontario to see old friends and family.

The ceremony is open to all, as is the dance. The dinner is a small intimate invitation only part of the day, but feel free to come to the dance right after!!

For more information about us and the wedding click HERE

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4 thoughts on “Marriage in the Movies

  1. you guys rock, that is the best f***ing idea ever, i wish i’d thought of that, a movie theater would be so perfect. i personally would watch movies as the reception. wow, congrats!!!

  2. Congrats, man! Quite a creative idea, and a very cute couple, too. If I didn’t live a gazillion miles away, I would have most definitely swung by…

  3. Any by the way Bubba. You are the only regular poster here I havent actually met, so you are most certainly invited to come to the ceremony/ dance. Dave and John will be there. You are most welcome to come.

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