David Duchovny Says 2nd X-Files Movie Coming

duchovny.jpgWatcha looking at there David? Could it be the shattered remains of your career? Must be, ’cause ol’ Davey’s told Teletext that there’s a second X-Files feature film in the works. Makes sense since none of the principle players are doing much of anything else these days …

I’d like to get excited about this but I just can’t. I loved the X-Files in its prime but what they did to that show in the last couple seasons was absolutely horrific, so much so that I can’t even enjoy the earlier stuff any more because I know that they’re just going to undercut and abandon it all in the end anyway. A note to Chris Carter: when your lead character threatens to walk that’s the time to find a good way to wrap the show up rather than looking for ways to drag it on pointlessly and bleed it dry. Don’t bother making this film, there’s no meat left on this carcass …

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33 thoughts on “David Duchovny Says 2nd X-Files Movie Coming

  1. Like many, I agree the last few seasons of the X-Files were a disappintment, however, we need a new movie. Carter and company lost their edge toward the end of the series run, so they have a lot to prove. With everyone suffering from a lackluster career over the last few years, perhaps they’ve recovered their edge that once graced Friday nights in the early to mid 90’s. The truth is out there!

  2. yeh ive read that artical to, apparently gillian doesnt want to do another movie, there is so many rumours flying around at the moment. but i really would love another movie because i miss the xfiles so much !!!!

  3. Apparently David Duchovny doesn’t want to do an X-Files sequel, according to an interview with The Sun in the UK, he wants to do more than just one!

    Also in the article he acknowledges how the earlier years of the X-Files was better, and that the sequel won’t continue where the series ended. But I can’t say it all, read the article here: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,5-2005030474,00.html

  4. I lost touch with the show at the end but I really enjoyed the movie and would welcome another one if both Duchovny and Anderson were in it.

  5. hiya everyone, i agree with you all the last few seasons where terriable. i still havent got a clue what was going on and ive been watching xfiles like forever. cant wait for the second movie now. my sources tell me that the script has been wrote everyone is on board and they are just waiting to start filming now yay!!!! im sick of reading fanfic and watchin all my old dvds thinkin that something else may happen between mulder and scully. im glad they got together in the end because they really do love eachother. im very dissapionted that chris carter didnt explain when scully got pregnant and how he should of explained alot more cuz we are all still sat here like whats goin on???? id just like to say tho i think gillian anderson is the best actress walking the planet and did a great job in the final 2 seasons without david duchovny.

  6. There won`t be a movie ..or at least anytime soon. The X-files belongs to FOX and FOX is in NO hurry to make another one. This is largely due to their intense dislike of Chris Carter. Believe me, they`re quite content to let this thing sit in mothballs. DD and GA are floundering in their careers so naturally they will talk it up. They stand to make millions, and that`s far more than anybody connected to that show has made SINCE.

  7. I have just recently become addicted to the x-files. Not addicted, more obsessed. I am soooooo madly in love with Mulder it is not even funny. I agree that the episodes in season 9 weren’t the greatest but i was really happy that they closed the show with Scully and Mulder together. My cousin says that they dont love eachother but i mean come on dude, their lovers haha. Anyways, i am soooooo excited about the second movie, i hope to god it comes out soon bc if not im going to be watching x-files reruns for the rest of my life hoping to god there is something that comes after the last and final episode. As an x-files fan i recommend that the movie follow or atleast explain some of the questions we die hard fans have been wondering for so long. lol, im only 15 and just started watching it but by god i am just as insane or crazy over x-files as anyone! Ya, so anyways i need this movie to come out in this next year bc my cravings for x-files are out of my hands now. I have been watching them as most fans probably are on TNT and SCI-Fi for the whole summer, staying up late until 5 a.m. watching and hoping for more Scully and Mulder Romance. Haha me and my friends are downloading clips just to imagine them together, i mean come on Mulder just tell the girl you love her like crazy bc you do! I have even read a fan fiction on them taking an art class together to help myself get over the fact that they supposably arnt together bc in it, it shows how much Mulder and Scully love eachother and how afraid they are to admit it to themselves. Okay well im about through so im going ti let my friends explain what i havnt! Luv you MULDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That is my message !!,

    to be continued !!!!

    If all about this is mathematical and scientifically possible,
    please allow us to figure it out through every episode.

    Come on !!!,
    come back !!!

    To be continued !!!


  9. I love the the Xfiles so i think that its great that they are going to make a 2nd movie. I dont think that they should have ended the series with so many great characters being killed off. CSM, Lone gun men and Krycek were all ace.It was good that it was ended with Mulder and Scully together coz thats what weve all been waiting for.

  10. Well hello there……anyway i have a question if there is a 2nd movie when is gonna come out and who is gonna be on it? i just hope that is good as their series. Well and to be trufthful i did kind of stop watching the show after mulder left, because it was kind of boring i mean Mulder had it all sometimes he was serious, funny, romantic and determined. i mean i just think that it would have better if mulder hadn’t left at all.

  11. First things first, some of you really need to take some English lessons, your spellings are atrocious. Anyway, I think too many people assumed the x files couldn’t continue without Mulder and simply switched off.
    This was grossly unfair to Robert Patrick who introduced a great character in John Doggett and season 8 is amongst my favourites.
    Agent Reyes was also a welcome addition with her smiley personality and she provided the love interest for Doggett. The only thing I found wrong with the last two seasons was the killing off of Alex Krycek, probably the best supporting character on the show.

  12. wow theres a lot of mesages! I say go for it. theres still a lot of x files fans out there,so i think u should do a 2nd movie.


  13. I don’t really play the game of comparing seasons and blaming people for things.
    The series, which I own in its entirety, is an epic saga – a modern legend of heroic figures pitted against insurmountable odds and somehow winning through.
    People are forever crapping on the last two seasons because Mulder wasn’t there (in fact he WAS present for more than half of season 8, but anyway…), but nobody seems to acknowledge that The X Files at its worst beats any other sci-fi/fantasy show on TV by a mile – think of juvenile flesh-fests like Buffy and Charmed, silly rip-offs like mutant x, or lame crap like the Invisible man and Jake 2.0. The worst, most hated episodes of the x files are way preferable to the best these shows have to offer.
    You all seem to be applying unfairly high expectations that are undoubtedly a product of the the show’s high quality. Let’s get real.
    Season 9 episodes like 4D and Audrey Pauley were dramatic, high-concept stuff, and I’ll challenge anyone to disagree. I felt that Mulder being absent (abducted/on the run) was a logical place for the character to end up – him being such a detested and controvertial figure in the eyes of the power-mongers inevitably becomes a victim of the truth he sought.
    He never really left though; the references to Mulder, the search for Mulder, the following in Mulder’s footsteps – his presence was felt even when he wasn’t there, the spirit of the show.

    As for the second movie… They’re talking about ignoring the end of the series and doing some stand-alone deal to pacify the non-fans who don’t have a clue about the mythology.
    I say: stuff the non-fans!
    Mulder and Scully are on the run in the aftermath of ‘The Truth’, they are fugitives who know too much about an impending invasion – THAT is where the movie should pick up, not with some unrelated supernatural spook story.

  14. i think that x-files is a great series that ever made!, i belive that david duchovny made this serie more popular coz his talent , scully o r gilian anderrson is great too but i think that in the last 2 seasons was sick or something? becasue she was too fat and what’s more? she has a prob with her lips…….. i think she won’t be at the second movie coz her health is not at the best situation………………..
    what;s more? i think that Chris made x-files in order to explain us the truth that is out there…. and what’s next? Chriswas abjucted by aliens too… he said? is it true?

    i love the chars but i usually dislike carter coz the end of the serie suX (-files) (lol)
    the end ios meaningless … we do not understand if aliens are there or not? i think you all agree but why Chris stopped it? i think he would become more rich and he also like to make it :D…. i wish one day he will make again and as my sources say that after the second movie there are two more seasons , season 10 and 11 which took us after 15 years and finally mulder see his son and has a normal life till the 2012 when alien took the earth? or when he saved the world? and why carter killed the scm in the fianl ep? what’s the meaning? –see you all sooner or later-

  15. Man oh man! I am excited about a new movie. If they get the original excitement going and can return to what made the show a classic. The fanatic and the skeptic. The relationship between Mulder and Scully was the foundation of the show. They need to do a movie that would make the last couple of seasons a dream so we could wipe it all away. Although I did like the conversion of Scully to the believer and Doggit as the skeptic. I am a big fan of the show and would love to see the franchise continue. But they’d need to find away to explain away the shows finale and the last couple of seasons without Duchovny.

  16. Look the truth is im a xfiles freak im addicted to it i watched it since 94 i still watch it now the facts are this i all the seasons are good i used to dog season’s 8 & 9 but i started watching them & they where good it had nothing to do with the show going down hill the truth is i missed moulder i could not let go of the fact he left the xfiles was not just mulder it was about scully and mulder but dont dog david think of all good moments he for the xfiles fan’s but i cant wait the first movie kicked ass by the xfiles resist or serve game on ps2 it rocks 1 more thing the lone gunn men better be in this new movie or else

  17. Every few months I surf the net looking for news about a second X-files movie. Got a little excited this past spring when DD and CC spoke up. Now I’m getting impatient again. You know somethng? I really can’t blame DD for deciding to bail after season 7. From what I’ve learned (via DVD special features, thank you very much) doing TV is friggin hard work. 72 hour work weeks for God sake. And to do that year after year after year…you have to start wondering what else there is in life, despite the $$$, the attention, and a solid team to work with.
    I really had no problem with Dogget/Rayes. They sort of stepped into an impossible job, and I was always content to let them find themselves.

  18. Hey there ya’ll, I don’t know much about there being a second film in the making, but the first was a sci fi classic and sure as hell lived up to the x files’ legacy (before duchovny left) of making aliens and lions and tigers and bears all real by adding government conspiracies. If there is a second film in the making, sure, let it ride. I’m all up for it as long as it’s better than the first (which was just pure genius and as genuine as the show [before duchovny left]) and it should reunite fans and like the guy said…the actors don’t have anything else to do…why not? Gotta give it a try. Since fans would love to see a reunion with Skully and Moulder, this movie would be IT. By the way, I’ve just started my own weblog on the X-Files…about episodes BEFORE Duchovny left. That site is http://bunny051.tripod.com/xfiles Tell all the other X Files buffs you know, and tell them to tell all the ones THEY know…come in and comment, post, whatever! Also…for everyone who misses the great episodes of one of the greatest shows of the 1990’s that defined the phrase “government conspiracy” then watch the great episodes (all with Duchovny before the show went dull) on TNT weeknights from 11pm (or midnight) all the way until 6am consecutive reruns of great episodes! An X-Files lover’s dream! thank you TNT!

  19. I’m a huge fan of X-files, to turn against Carter and the writing staff for the final couple seasons is just simply wrong. The team of Mulder & Scully evolved. The writers gave us all what we wanted by finally getting them together, then when they did, everyone all the sudden was a critic. I do think they should have ended the show when Mulder was gone, but nonetheless, I would love to see them make a second X-file movie, they should get the agents back on the case of getting back what has gotten away from eveyone, the truth is out there!

  20. I appreciate everybody’s comments and can see where everyone’s coming from – but lets not forget Scully, folks! Gillian Anderson was left hanging out to dry by DD and I think she did a damn good job of it in the last two seasons. I think keeping Mulder a part of the story line was vital to the life of the show but I give her a standing o for staying on board and carrying the show and allowing her character to evolve even MORE than she already had. Now that’s out of the way… I am THRILLED that there may be another movie. I hope they answer a lot of questions though … I’m still kinda lost because I think Carter was scrambling to tie up loose ends in the last season and he just didn’t have enough time.

  21. of course i’d love another x-files movie–i wouldn’t be googling for it if i weren’t–but i have to say that it wasn’t mulder that made the show, nor scully, but the combination of the two. big surprise. mulder was sometimes a little bit too whiney and way over the top with his ego, don’t you think? sometimes? it was necessary to have scully there to bring him down to earth. but once duchovny LEFT the show, or agreed to participate far less in the role, the dynamic was lost. the x-files became another show altogether. and some of those episodes were pretty good–for another show. by the way, this is my first response to a blog ever. sorry if i’m not following protocol.

  22. I had never seen “The X-Files” until a few months ago, thanks to my mom (who is a serious fan and kept nagging me to borrow the episdoes). I am now a total addict – caught your blog and had to respond.
    As a die-hard Mulder freak, when Duchovny left…the show went to the dogs. I couldn’t agree more – he IS the X-files. I will be hopeful that this second film gives me (yes I have to say it) some sort of closure. I have no intention of watching any further into these sets – he’s no longer there, neither am I.

  23. I own every season of the X-files and I must say, the one’s with DD are my favorite, but I watched a lot of Seasons 8 and 9 and seriously, the storyline was enough to sustain the show (sorry, David). BUT, I do really really really (really) hope that there is going to be another movie because they’re a bit like crack, the X-files, and I don’t happen to be a part of NICAP or any of the other UFO hoopla. My favorites were the one’s that had nothing to do with Aliens. Ta-da!

  24. I loved the show, and I’ve been searching the net looking for some hope that a 2nd movie is in the works (since it’s been rumored and back burnered for so long).

    I admit, I gave up on the show when my hearts desire (Mulder) left – however, in the last few months, with nothing else on to entertain myself, I begin watching it again from the old eps and yes (gasp) the seasons without Mulder. They weren’t half bad. I do feel the mistake though was all of the references to Mulder – as if the show knew nobody would watch it without the MENTION of Mulder, which I felt wasn’t fair to the actors/actresses that had to carry it on as he skipped down the road.

    Howbeitever… I’m looking forward to the movie – I agree with the poster that mentioned that maybe the story was told as much as it could be on a television screen. Time to be a movie series now. Hey… Look at Star Trek!?!?! It can happen! Hehe…

  25. yes its true that the last 2 seasons did get a tad boring but i still watched them, i think the idea has just outgrown the medium,chris carter might just be getting ideas that are too big for the small screen and this film might be the answer to our prayers,im reminded of the first movie when mulder took a piss on the id4 poster

  26. i agree that she show really went downhill after mulder left. dont get me wrong, dogget and rayes are alright, but id trade them in for mulder any day.
    anyways, i would LOVE another x-files movie, one that showed us what happened after the last episode. i would deffinitley like to see dogget and rayes in there too.
    and some scully/mulder love. im a die-hard shipper, i cant help it

  27. all that i have 2 say is that even though all of these people were and maybe still are X fans i still believe that there is hope in this new movie. what would happen in that movie. people say that it should start where it left off, mulder will never be away by the x-files, anyone, not even doggett. chris carter made a bad mistake trying 2 fill in the remains of what the X-Files had in the last 2 seasons and especailly the 7th they had nothing.Nothing. the last 2 seasons were just a bunch of shows that kept on going away and trying 2 hide the truth. hopefully this movie wont tank like the last 3 seasons did. “You cant give up on a miracle”.

  28. What, does everyone have a boner for mulder? Seasons 8 & 9 closed off so many questions, that it left me with only 1, will the invaision be a success and god i’d love to see it happen on the big screen.

  29. Ive got to say im all for a second x files movie i loved that show and even though i felt the adsence of Mulder with a bang in seasons 8 and 9 i still think some episodes were amazing. I think the problom is that everyone loved Mulder so much (me included) no fan was going to except anyone to take his place even if the charictor of John Doggit was a good one played by a amazing actor. Im hoping the 2nd movie will answer even more questions.

  30. I agree with everyone that the show died after Mulder left, but I am trying to give the movie the benefit of the doubt. If David Duchovny’s back on board, maybe things will pick up again. As much as I didnt like the last few seasons, the final episode was great and hopefully, this movie will pick up where it left off.

  31. The 5th season was the peak I think….I loved the episode penned by Stephen King, taking place in Maine when Scully was on vacation….That episode was AWESOME….Loved the movie too but yes, the last few seasons were “hit-and-miss” as far as episodes go….Bummer of a deal, I just LOVED that show….All good things must come to an end I guess…

  32. I have to agree, i was a big time x-files fan to the max up until mulder got canned. HE WAS the x-files and without him, there is nothing! i did not watch the x-files after mulder was replaced by the t-1000.

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