Buy Advance tickets for Fahrenheit 9/11. On sale now.

And of course, this is just for Americans so far. (C’mon Mike, Canada’s included in “North American” releases — let’s see some gravy!) I’m not sure if individual theatres around the world are selling advance tickets, but I’m not about to check every last theatre on the planet….again. Although advance tickets aren’t available off – so this might be the only place so far.

You can buy the tickets through what appears to be a Lion’s Gate production website

All things being considered, I would strongly recommend buying tickets for this early.

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6 thoughts on “Buy Advance tickets for Fahrenheit 9/11. On sale now.

  1. Neither movietickets or fandango would issue me a ticket either. Doesn’t seem fair that they would sell millions of advance tix for The Passion of Mel and not for F9/11

  2. I think your best bet is to simply go to

    Click the link above and in the bottom right corner, there’s a link to the Fahrenheit 9-11 page….

    Simply punch in you zip or postal code (if you live in canada, you’ll have to switch the country selection at the top) – and movietickets will spit back at you a list of movie theatres in your area that is selling tickets early…

    Hope that helps…

  3. how do you buy tics on the above site? i cant figure out where to go to buy them, that is, no prompt to buy them comes up.

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