Spongebob Squarepants Trailer and Teaser. Good Stuff.

The teaser has been released for quite a while and with the release of the trailer, I realized I never made a post about it.

Either way, Spongebob, despite all of the popularity hype, is one cool cartoon. I think I’m a bigger fan of the teaser almost, but both make me chuckle. Stop trying to be cool for a few minutes and check ’em out if ya can.. Click this: Trailer and Teaser – all in Quicktime.

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19 thoughts on “Spongebob Squarepants Trailer and Teaser. Good Stuff.

  1. Hello? Anyone there? Is this on? Oh, hi umm I was wondering if any of u peeps know where i can download the ultra kewl Goofy Goobers song from the spongebob movie. It rox!

  2. im 15, and i think you adults may not seem to realise the kids view point of humour, just like kids, we dont understand your viewpoint of humour, i loved the spongebob movie, it was hilarious, i give it 2 thumbs up! young kids dont understand these sexual and offensive scenes. They find it funny, they dont care. What you adults out there need to know that there are some clothing ranges which include miniskirts and high boots for young children like 3 yr olds, and parents are actually letting their kids buy and wear them!!!! Really revealing clothes for young children are out there!!! p.s. does anyone know where i can find a pic of patrick in fishnet stockings? plz email me asap of the url

  3. nick FANatic-
    what a ridiculous, misplaced critique of the SBSP movie. david hasselhoff is a total stud. patrick’s butt cheeks are sumptuous. you missed some priceless moments to project your sexual paranoia. mindy turning spongebob and patrick “into men”, plankton’s
    plan Z centerfold, and also i like when the two kids get wasted off ice cream at goofy goobers.

  4. I saw the film today and thought some of the material was slightly inappropriate for younger audiences. For instance, the scene where Patrick is flying through the air naked with a flag on a stick stuck between his anatomically-correct buttocks was not funny, but tasteless and offensive (one of several Patrick nuddie scenes). Later, Patrick dons a pair of black, fish net stockings and struts around in a pair of stiletto boots in a Rocky Horror Picture Show cross-gender moment to the hi-pitched, hard rock sounds of Spongebob playing electric guitar. In case the imagery was missed by the audience the first time, Patrick later appears in another scene wearing the same fishnet stockings and black boots. I wasn’t slightly amused either with the buff-bod David Hasselhoff cameos or when Spongebob did the “your fly is open” joke with Squidward at the end of the movie.

    Clearly, this material was not for the elementary school crowd. I’m still scratching my head trying to understand what value these slightly-racy jokes added to a G-rated movie.

  5. damnit actually it doesn’t work…
    i find the *.mov files but i cant open them … quick time gives me an error like i dont have the newest version …it says 5.02 is required i have something like 6.? … and i tried downloading the last version it dos*esnt work

  6. Yeah, but this one’s not buffered. At least the version on the official site isn’t … people don’t do that very often ’cause the Quicktime buffering tends not to work so good … Windows Media is a better option if you want to do buffered streaming … anyway, this is probably getting too geeky even for this site.

    158 hours to go on my Brisco County Jr. download …

  7. Addendum.. a loading quicktime file can be retrieved, but the “Buffered” streaming ones can’t — which sucks sometimes..
    never mind…

  8. That’s the new trailer Day-vuh … c’est bon …

    Cedric, what you’ve got to do is play the trailer and once it’s all loaded in leave your browser window open while you go and load up My Computer and do a search for *.mov … it’ll be in your temp files under some bogus title. Rename it and move it to where you want it. Once it’s renamed and moved it’s safe to close your browser window … if you shut it down before then it’ll erase the temp file.

  9. Cedric,
    I’ll look around, but I haven’t heard of that trailer.. are you sure it isn’t a TV spot?

    As far as streaming goes, you can’t go to “IE temp” files to retrieve it. Stream files are “streamed to your computer, not downloaded – so unless you have a wicked-cool capture card/program running, you can’t capture streaming video — as far as I know…

  10. does any one know where i can download the spongebob trailer (the one with the guy speeking about human kind..;) cuz i found it in streaming but i cant manage to dl it… or does anyonze know how to find it in the IE temp files..?

  11. Doubtless the marketing sets in motion a circular feeding frenzy but I bet a lot of that energy is coming from folks who love Spongebob in spite of the hype not because of it.

    And by the way- the trailer does not make one “chuckle,” no-no. True Spongebob fans will no doubt experience spasms not unlike the tics of some nefarious neurological disorder.

    From their the synaptic misfires will spread throughout their central nervous system until the unfortunate soul realizes it’s heading towards their large intestine.

    Efforts to race to the nearest facility will only result in a horrific trail of shame.

    Spongebob is not for the casual chucklehead.

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