Pirates of the Caribbean Parts 2 and 3 Combined Sequels

Well, I’ve heard basically nothing about this – it’s not even listed on the Internet Movie Database – But in my reading, I did run across This (click that) which seems to say that they’re planning a 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie and pulling off a “Matrix sequels”-type of release format – with parts 2 and 3 filmed at the same time and being released 6 months apart from each other in the same year.

The other notable being that this page has Keith Richards listed in the cast. I had heard Johnny Depp wanted him in the sequel(s), but hadn’t heard anything concrete. This report is probably fairly sketchy at best so far. At least we can blame someone else if it’s wrong.

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13 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean Parts 2 and 3 Combined Sequels

  1. hello.. there is so much news about it.. the name of potc 2 is going to be: Pirates of the Caribbean: dead man’s chest.. and they are filming 3 at the same time.. but they don’t have the name yet..

    so.. I wanted to say that.. byebye…oh yeah.. sorry for the English mistakes.. I’m Dutch.. ;)

  2. Pirates of the Caribbean is the best movie it beats all other movies its my favorite movie out there. I think that u should put more parts on disk 2 about how you did some of the parts in the movie. i cant wait till it comes out dont stop making movies like that.

  3. Wow! they are coming out another potc that is great another movie with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom! I never even heard of them before that movie, but i am so glad i think the name of the third one should be “Dead mans curse”

  4. Hi yall again i’m just saying that they r making Pirates of the Caribbean 3 for sure they said that they r going to make it at the same time as Pirates of the Caribbean 2. They also said that Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is going to come out on… well they said that they r sooting for July 7, 2006

  5. I also found out wut the title of the 2 Pirates of the Caribbean movie is going to be they say that the title is

    Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest

  6. From what I heard, Keith Richards will be playing Sparrow’s father. i also heard that all of Jack and Barbossa’s crews will be in it too.

    Like everyone’s been saying, there’s nothing really concrete 100% sure. but they’re DEFINITLY making a sequel.


  7. They’re making a POTC 3??!?! Awesome! Pirates is the best movie out there.The sequels are never as good as the first, but they’ll be awesome just for the fact of having Johnny Depp as “Cpt” jack Sparrow.

  8. just wanted to let you know i saw Real Access on tv where they had an interview with orlando bloom (sigh) and he said he DID already sign on for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 AND 3 and the cast from before were going to be in it so it should turn out really good. I also checked out IMDB and it said they’re gonna be filming POTC 2 but it doesnt say anything about 3…so i dunno make ur own opinion

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