Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Auditions and Casting Calls

As you can see, I spent some time on our server’s stat page today and found that some of you are STILL looking for how to auditon for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. How can I say this lightly?


– Yeah, and that means you too.. Yeah you, the person reading this who is thinking that what I’m writing applies to everyone else BUT you? — Yeah, that ESPECIALLY means you. Whoever you are, you simply will not be sharing the screen with Orlando, Ms. Knightley or Mr. Depp. Sorry.

Never has there ever been an open casting call for this movie. Ever. At all. It has never happened and unless God grants you the best week ever experienced by humans, you won’t be going.

Whatever rumour you’ve heard that they are auditioning for the role of Capitain Black’s neice, or Orlando’s love Interest or Keira’s ‘competition’ — are fake. Completely.

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367 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Auditions and Casting Calls

  1. Hi, I am 13 and am dieing to become an actress. I truley would like to know if there is an audition. If there is PLEASE email me. By the way, I am not that kinda girl you think all girls are. When I wanna get something done I wanna get something done. I know you dont want a girl or whatever for the part but if you know any good auditions, PLEASE identify me. I would be so pleased.

  2. to Tiffanie:

    Not alot of people talk on here anymore. I’ve been waiting for a while for answers to my questions for almost a week. Usually they answer within a couple days so don’t expect an answer for a week or two.


  3. Hi my name is TIffanie and It has been a dream of mine since I was about 5 to be in a pirate movie. Can some one help me get into the pirates of the caribbean movie as an extra. I have a resume and picture.

  4. I need help someone:

    If anyone that writes in this blog is from New York State please respond.

    I need to know where there are some classes i can take for acting. I’m thirteen years old so i need to be with my age group though. ok?



  5. Day-vuh…? anyone? please answer my question!If you didn’t read it before than here it is again:

    How in God’s name did children characters like young Elizabeth or young Will Turner get parts in the first movie? They couldn’t possibly have had schooling or an agent or SAG! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I’m confused! Did they just get lucky or is all of this a mistake?

    Please i’m seeking an answer!

    I will ceheck in a couple of days for an answer.



  6. Who may i ask are you saying that to?

    -I hope not to me!!-

    I have nothing to do with who gets on poct2 and who doesn’t ok? :(


  7. how can i say this lightly??… oh yeah….UMMM RUDE!!!! all i can say is if u r looking for great talent…. u missed it!!!! cuz i m still here in NJ!!!

  8. ok. i have one more question. This question is for Day-vuh:

    How in God’s name did children characters like young Elizabeth or young Will Turner get parts in the first movie? They couldn’t possibly have had schooling or an agent or SAG! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I’m confused! Did they just get lucky or is all of this a mistake?

    -I’m just curious-



  9. …and to Rodeny:

    Not all of us are “kiddies” and not all of us are “nobodies off the street”. Your crushing people’s hearts.

    -In the words of Thumper,(from Bambi) “If you haven’t anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!”

    -please don’t email anything to me…ever! not to be mean but i just don’t have the time to respond.

    -thank you


  10. Hey, I’m not writing this to bug you but I have something to say:

    Yes, day-vuh and bubba have good advice and are a tad-bit harsh, they just want us to see the reality of this whole situation. And I understand why they are like that and I’m not trying to be a suck-up so i can get in the movie. I want to be in it as badly as all of you do but i know i’m going to have to work for it. It will take alot of time and hard work and i probably won’t meet Johnny or Orlando but that is no reason to give up your dreaam! Take this whole “fame” thing one step at a time. I’m not one to take advice from but i think i know what i’m doing…start out in a DRAMA club or something. It will look good on your diploma. Get through college and get a good job to back you up. When you think you’re absolutely ready to take it to the next level, get an agent that you can afford. Ask people for advice that have already had an acting career. And maybe someday people will be fighting over who gets the part for a movie you are in! Maybe you will be the one everyone wants to meet.And if people are going to say: “Oh don’t listen to her what does she know,she is only thirteen years old. What experience does she have with acting?” To tell you the truth… i have none. I’m just saying what i think about this ordeal. Trust me before i faced the facts about this i was on the computer for hours looking for auditions and i thought Day-vuh and bubba were just mean people that were trying to scare us into throwing away our dreams. But the more i read this blog, the more i came to realize, how important it is to go for your dreams and not waste your life stressing about being in a movie with Orlando and Johnny. Life is a wonderful thing…don’t throw it away.

    *My point is…don’t rush this take it one step at a time. And do me a favor and listen to what other people have to say. Maybe if you listen you might learn a thing or two that will help you in your journey to becoming an actor/actress.*

    *The key thing is…never give up! That is the worst thing you can do and it won’t help you get to the red carpet!*

    ~Thank you for listening to me and i wish you luck in your journey called “fame”.


  11. I’m not telling this info to be in potc. I’m saying it so if anybody knows any agents tell them I am a tripple threat(I guess). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  12. Hey, I believe that no one will make it in POTC. It would only be in a really awsome dream. By the way I am 13 years old. I like acting, singing and dancing. I took dance and act lessons so don’t think that the talent is all in my head. I have blond hair, blue eyes. 4ft. 11in. weight is 97 pounds.

  13. Does anybody know any companies, agents, or people, who hire as an extra for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” ?
    I have acting experience, and really looking forward to work there.
    I dont work right now, so I’m awailable the whole week. If anybody knows please e-mail me.

  14. Oh yes and one other thing there really was a casting call.Just like there was in I know what you did last summer and its sequel they had casting calls in wilmington NC open to the public, they did the same thing for potc.

  15. I think instead of arguing on this forum, that everyone who wants to act should be out looking for information, andif I where you I would seriously look into joing the sag”screen actors guild” they can really help you get into movies. Go to some sag meetings meet some people and get to work.

  16. hi, I am a boy.22years.from Spain.my Email is not well.I want to know how to participate in castings of pirates of the caribbean 2 and 3.thanks

  17. ola,soy un chico de 22 años desde España.soy rubio,ojos verdes, cuerpo atletico.me gustaria como saber como puedo participar en algun casting para piratas del caribe 2 o 3.un saludo.thanks

  18. They are right! #1 The people having adutions would be females (at least 98.9%) #2 There is not an open casting call! #3 don’t believe everything you read in magazines! #4 Researching about the movie and IF there really were casting calls would be helpful. It’s useless now!

  19. Dear Reality Check

    So you’re criticizing us? Hmmm… I guess that makes you a hypocrite.

    I guess you’ve NEVER said you didn’t like a movie
    I guess you’ve NEVER said you didn’t like an actor
    I guess you’ve NEVER said a negative thing about anything in your whole life.

    Here at The Movie Blog, we talk about movies. That includes the things we like and the things we don’t like.

    So grow up.

  20. Ok whats halarious is you critics dont have a job. all you do is CRITICIZE and you probably auditioned for the movie but did not get the part.now i dont know why you think you think you have the right to openly be rude. If you ask me you need to GET A LIFE or even better A REALITY CHECK.Oh theres also things called jobs they help.But Its people like you that try to spread stuped and ignorant rumors about actors.And furthermore screw there career now see its not there fault you did not get an agent cause ya cant act worth a flip and dont have a life. you need to put your frekin money where your mouth is,get off butt and go apply for a job flippin hamburgers.YOU of all people should be criticizing other peoples work because you dont have life.-to the movie blog.com staff

  21. you guys open your eyes your acting like two year olds “This site is soooooooooo dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb and dumb again”said by miss know it all
    but i don’t know anything but vay – vough are what ever the name is could be some old guy of the streets but no mater who he is what he is aying is true.Don’t believe anything you hear on the web . They are going to make a pirates of tthe caribbean 2 but unfortunatly you probley can’t go.Don’t go to any auditions you hear on any websites because you could show up and it be some old guy off the streets and you could kidnapped.I want to be an actor just as much as you in my eyes i want to be an actor more then any one else in the world but don’t take this root find something offical .If you want to be an actor do it tyhe right way its worth the wait!!!

  22. Hi everyone
    listen if you are like me and want to be in movies so bad you cry need to do is go to http://www.sag.org then get address of agents in your state and send a photo of you to them they preffer proffesional but anything will do
    you can call them too , but they are snobs they don’t have time for you but hopefully you can make them.Listen I am no big prodecer or anything
    I am just a teenager from florida and because I’v been looking at theese websites since i was 9 but i have had so much advise i have finally relized this is what you have to do if you want to be in films just like I want to be do this. Alot of you people said alot of the stuff on this website isn’t real i realy don’t know but if you don’t believe what i am saying most likley you won’t get your chance (though you could your chances would be alot lower). Its probley to late to be in Pirates of the Caribbean but if you love to act
    that should not bother you something else will always be there.

  23. hey guys the casting for pirates is almost done they are going to hold auditions for pirates3. they are looking for asian pirates and canibals. they are looking for people over 18. they are not looking for children anymore they had an auditions for that. they are not looking for 14yr girls im sorry. it looks like John Campea was wrong.

  24. it’s me again.
    i just want to say that
    EVERYBODY DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You are so mean I just thave hopes of being at least an extra and I see your page that the summary was totally misleading and you go and crush my little heart….. I just wanted to be in a movie that I loved & you just kill meee.
    You could have been very much nicer than you were!!!!!!!!!!
    Very Mad Girl

  26. Hi my name is dana gomez Im looking for austions for my 7 year old daughter she is really drama queen and she really wants to be in movies. Im a single mother with 3 Kids and dont have enough money for her to be noticed.

  27. Hey Shea, that was so nicely put! Especially the last paragraph! It is very important not to be able to live without acting. I personally get sick if i don’t act. I get headaches ’cause of the alarms in my brains telling me something’s very wrong. That something’s missing. Scary thing, really scary. But you know what am i tired of? I’m tired of working with people who don’t feel the same way! That’s why i decided to try Hollywood. I’m the only one though, everybody in our country thinks Hollywood produces junk. And it’s probably full of acting wannabes who want to do this out of the wrong reasons. Does anybody here have experiences? It is certainly not true that all the movies are trash especially the independant ones. Are movie auditions really filled with Barbie dolls wanting to be in the movies to make themselves popular? If you guys have ANY information concerning my questions please post them here. Oh yeah and Beetle says hi and is wondering where Rodney left after he was shut down by Tearlach :)))))!

  28. I was just wondering if you thppen to know if thet are still accpeting submissions. I have been exchanging emails with somebody who keeps asking me to subscribe to some email so that they may contact me, but it’s so confussing because when I go tho the website it charges me for loging in. So I was just wodering if you had any idea in regards to that.
    Thak You.

  29. day-vuhl

    I know everything your saying is true I take acting classes audition for plays i have a professional pitchure of me and i have been sending it to agencies and its really hard
    but worth it but i like to pretend i am in theese movies and just in case i find a real audition
    but anyone can make up something .there is going to be will turners brother Just kidding.which means you could be someone big that works for pirates of the caribbean or a futer actress from florida

  30. Ok, I was just looking for possible info on such rumors as Keith Richards playing Jack Sparrow’s father, and happened upon this site. I am a college graduate with a bachelor of fine arts, focused on the dramatic arts. I live in Kansas, not exactly a cultural hotbed for actors. However, there are still opportunities out there.

    First of all, to you young laides who have big dreams: if you’re serious, then you’re going to have to work harder than on everything you’ve ever done. If you’re willing to put school activities, dances, trips to the mall, and football games to the side, then great. Get enrolled in acting classes (professional ones that cost money, not high school classes). Audition for everything that you can find. Contact advertising agencies in your area. Often they can give you leads on commercials that may film in your area. Send head shots in to catalogue companies. Do local radio ads. Audition/volunteer at community theatre. The first step is always to get involved locally. Build your resume. Learn to present yourself as a professional. Take writing courses to improve your cover letters.

    For those of you who haven’t read this string and want to go straight to Hollywood/Broadway, first find a small theatre that accepts both Equity and non-Equity actors. The only way to build up Equity points is to work. When you have enough Equity, you can work for larger companies, if you have the talent and references. This is not just for actors, but also directors, techs, designers, etc. Eventaully, you can build up enough clout to attempt open castings for films. But you go back to the bottom, unless you have become a major stage presence for live theatre. Then, you get to be like everyone else. It is a long process.

    The best suggestion I can add to what has already been said (get an agent, check trade papers, etc.) is to learn all you can about the various aspects of performance, which inlcudes how to swing a hammer, paint a set, tape down a line, and yes, give a tour of the studio. Anything you can go do meet people and get any kind of experience you can. A cousin of mine who lives in Hollywood has been in the business for 20 years. Has he ever been in a feature film? No. He has been an extra a couple of times for a few television series. He got into makeup, and ended up doing makeup for Alien Nation. Now he works as a wig creator for Paramount, and is an adjunct professor of theatre at the University of Michigan. There are lots of roads to take.

    Remember, you should only get into this business if you really feel you have to. An associate of mine in costuming once said “You should only do theatre if you can’t not do it.” Is your life rich and full without it? Then it’s probably not the career for you.

    Just some ruminating on the subject.

  31. I really don’t get it.
    I mean, come on, this is hollywood, it’s the U.S!
    You’re supposed to be the nicest people in the world!
    You’re just sending people off just because you do not know how they look like, for example, you don’t know what i look like?
    Just because we are normal and regular people, you are treating us like GARBAGE!:'(
    It’s not becuase of Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp I would like to be in the movie, it is because it’s what I like to do!
    Besides, you don’t seem to know my aunt do you, you have NO IDEA who you are telling off here!

  32. hi i was wondering if u could post me some links for auditions of major movies, and connexions or people i can speak to, to help me get started in acting.

  33. Hi I would just like to put this out there. If anyone is having problems finding someone or even two people to fill a role for a movie I can be contacted. My identical twin sister is also willing to be of service. We do NOT do porns though, so don’t even think of sending me some shit about being in one. I am not star crazy, I live in the midwest for crying out loud. NOONE comes here. I am simply looking for a summer job that pays well and am having a hard time finding one here in Indiana. I am very willing to work on the East coast, especially Virginia, since I will be spending most of my summers there.

  34. fuckin’ stupid people sayin’there will be no auditions well eat that! it WAS a fuckin’ casting call! and bannin’ me for tellin’ you about the one for the first movie – an indesputable proof of how assy you can be!

  35. to mantiss/ A Mantis
    english to spanish translation /El inglés a la traducción española

    ¬°..Ok…you sabe lo que.. pienso su un completo y ASNO de totall JACK!! ¬°Usted sabe.. algunas personas a diferencia de usted, tienen sue√±os y metas que ellos alcanzar√°n y nada de theres.. y yo nada de meen su fuckin de madre, bastardo, auto asno de sentard puede hacer! !!!! ¬°SI yo FLOR de BESO de WANNA ORLANDO ENTONCES yo LO MALDECIRE! ¬ø (Y no hablando im literalmente) le Hace no se da cuenta de, que algunas personas tienen act√∫a. el talento ..there. ..and all√≠ sue√±os? Hollywood es tan fuckin enrosc√≥ arriba si usted me pregunta. Hay sooo muchas personas de tallented fuera all√≠ que hollywood rechaza porque ellos se pusieron tiene asno de JLo o Cara de Puntilla Pitts. Las personas de meen de Im son joder de soo falsifica estos d√≠as. ..and est√° a est√∫pido darse cuenta del talento si los abofetea en la cara apenas becuase el isnt del esqueleto del exterior bonito. Todo en todo. ..we es todas personas y su no yendo a importar cuando estamos tiempo muertos nosotros √©ramos ricos o pobres. ..ugly o magn√≠fico. ¬°Tan.. usted puede decir a Personas en hollywood que pienso que ellos son jodidos arriba y si ellos tienen un problema con que ellos lo pueden tomar arriba conmigo y todas las otras personas NORMALES con sue√±os fuera all√≠ …Comprende??!

  36. Just so all of you know, if any of you were really interested in being in the POTC sequels, you would have already auditioned, sent in your headshot/resume or emailed the casting director. I’ve done all but the first (cuz I didn’t have a plane ticket to CA.) One of y friends went to the audition, though. Just if you really DO want to be in it, do your research-your teachers were right, you know.

  37. Hi

    Tried to be patience and read all but with the lack of that kind of patience i skipped mostly of the text and decided to go the easy way and ask. You dont lose much by asking, except maybe your dignity when you get a very bad answer, but hey you recover.

    Is there any chance to be a walker-on, a statist(that we say in Sweden, cuz swedish i am). I know there were some swedish people that went down to New Zeeland and was statists in the LOFTR. But sure its a diffrent story, diffrent movie but you can always need statists that walk around and become one with the background, mumbling non existent languages just to fill the air with life.

    If there would be a chance for that i would be ready packing some stuff and leave just so i can try to pinpoint myself out for my family or make comments like “hey, im behind that guy!”

    I have acting experiences so im not a nob.
    Just e-mail me some person i can contact about being a statist or dont. Either way i will be satisfied for using my fingers on the keyboard and have a moment dreaming to be the one behind someone dressed as a maid…or hey! maybe i even could manage to play a corpse…they will be needed to =)

    Swedish regards

  38. hello,i agree with alot of the statements but if you are good at acting and have got the ambitious dream, dont let it go out, if there is no auditions for a certain role or in a certain movie
    get over it and keep trying i agree that it is really hard to break hollywood and sometimes you are against all the odds but if its your dream you can do it and conquer the odds (like i am doing now and have been doing)but its casting agencies who make it all happen and they cant make it happen for everyone so be prepered to be said no to and dont take it out on them, but if you have got a dream dont be put down and carry on until it comes true iv got an ambition and am not going to fail it.so keep on going towards your ambition.

  39. no comprendo. Por favor repítalo en espanol. Espero que estas preparado para un pleito de Orlando Bloom quién será disgustada razonablemente con usted. Just kidding!

  40. ..ok…you know what..i think your a complete and totall JACK ASS!!! You know..some people unlike you, have dreams and goals that they WILL accomplish and theres nothing..and i meen NOTHING your mother fuckin, bastard, self sentard ass can do!!!!! IF I WANNA KISS ORLANDO BLOOM THEN I WILL DAMN IT! (and im not speaking literally) Do you not realize, that all some people have is acting…there talent…and there dreams? Hollywood is so fuckin screwed up if you ask me. There are sooo many tallented people out there that hollywood turns down because they dont have JLo’s ass or Brad Pitts Face. Im meen people are soo fucking fake these days…and are to stupid to realize talent if it smacks them in the face just becuase the outside shell isnt pretty. All in all…we are all people and its not going to matter when we are dead weather we were rich or poor…ugly or gorgeous. So..you can tell People in hollywood that i think they are fucked up and if they have a problem with that they can take it up with me and all the other NORMAL people with dreams out there …Comprende??!!

  41. You dream crusher! How would you know thats all true? I don’t care if you are the casting director or a low down bum. I wanna part and you know, anything is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV acting and Johnny Depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember you find out any positve info for me e-mail me at [email protected]

    I know that I would never go to audition that i hear on this but when i hear that there auditionng for any movie i get excited and puts me in my dream world but I don’t know how you move up to the step of auditioning.so reading auditions give me hope and then when you right that there is no audition you take away my faith .
    Of course like I said before I would never go to an audition that I read from hear. I would only go to an audition if I heard official or from an agent. so I know your trying to get people to stop the rumors and thats all they are rumors but you took away my hope.

  43. Casting for Pirates Of The Caribbean

    Pirates Of The Caribbean II and III will begin production February 2005 and shoot thru the end of the year.

    We are holding an open casting call for extras on December 12th in Hollywood at Hollywood and Highland. This will be the only open casting call that will be available to the general public for these films.

    December 12th, 2004
    10:00am to 4:00pm
    Hollywood & Highland
    1755 North Highland Avenue
    Hollywood, CA 90028

    At the Open Call. . .

    Please bring a current color photo.
    Photos can be candid, digital, 35mm or Polaroid, they do not have to be professional. We will not be accepting headshots at the open call at all. You do not need to bring one. We will have you fill out a registration card and attach your photo to it. Your photo should not be larger than 3 x 5 or it will not fit on the card. You MUST NOT have a wig, fake beard or eye patch on in your photo.

    Please make sure you look like your photo. If your hair length or anything has changed please make sure that your photo reflects this. If you do not have a current color photo to bring with you, we will take a Polaroid for you for $ 2.00 each. If you want us to take your photo please bring $ 2.00 cash (exact change.)

    Please bring a pencil. We do not use pen and will not provide writing utensils.

    If you would like to dress the part . . . you may, but when you meet the casting directors you must be ready to quickly remove anything on your head or face.
    We want to see what you really look like.

    You will not have to be prepared for an audition. This is simply a way to quickly meet you and see you in person and know that you look like your photo.

    We are only seeing adults ages 18 and over. Please do not bring your children, we do not need any minors for these films. If a need for children does arise, we will post it here on our website and record it on our Pirate Hotline. IDs will be required for anyone who looks under the age of 18.

    Sag members are not required to attend but are more than welcome.
    This is not a paid interview

    If you are unable to attend the open casting call you may mail in a photo.
    Please follow the following instructions for mailing in your submission.
    Do not mail an 8×10 photo UNLESS it has a current color photo attached to it. We do not cast from headshots alone–please do not waste your photo and postage by sending us an 8 x 10 alone. In fact, a headshot is not required at all. You can attach a digital, 35mm or preferably a Polaroid to your headshot and include the following information.

    Name, Address
    Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone,
    Pager & Emergency Contact
    We will not call your agent to hire you as an extra so we do not need your agent or manager’s number.
    Height, Weight, Coat size, Dress size,
    all measurements & shoe size.
    Special abilities and experience.
    Dates available to work (and dates that you are definitely not available.)
    Please make sure your submission is stapled. Do not send anything registered or certified mail that requires a signature because you are mailing to a post office box.
    Please write the role you are submitting for on the front of the envelope

    Sande Alessi Casting
    P.O. Box 19190
    Encino, CA 91316
    Attn: Pirates of the Caribbean

    Any additional casting calls will be available to actors that are registered with us.
    We give priority to actors who are in our internal database. Please do not register with us unless you are available to work on any or all of our other projects. For registration information you can call (818) 623-7040. You must be a Southern California resident to register. You must be over 18 years of age and legal to work in the state of California.

    You may not be considered for extra roles when you live in other cities or countries
    There are enough actors/extras in Los Angeles that can be used to fill our calls.
    Principal actors (speaking parts) may be flown in for specific parts but usually are name actors and are submitted by your agent to the principal casting department.
    We are not doing any auditions for speaking parts at this time. When we have auditions we will post them on our casting hotline, Breakdown Services and Back Stage West.

    We do not accept unsolicited E-mailed submissions. Whenever we are casting a specific role and are accepting E-mailed submissions, we give out a message in the casting notice to identify the role in the subject line. If the message is not correct we delete the E-mail immediately.

    Bottom line. If you are local to Los Angeles you will have an opportunity to work on the sequel if you have the correct look and skill. Stay tuned to our hotline to hear what’s coming up. Our Pirate hotline number will be updated with casting notices and information throughout 2005. Please make a note of it (818) 725-2905. If for any reason the number is busy, it means that it’s overloaded with callers at the same time. Please hang up and try again later.

    Do not try to contact anyone else regarding this film. Being pushy is not going to help you get chosen. You will be cast if you follow instructions and are right for the part. Calling the studio, principal casting directors, the location for the open call or our registration office will get you nowhere because these people have no input on how people will be picked and no information about extras casting. If you have a question that has not been answered by this website page or by our hotline you may E-mail us the question. Please make sure you put the question in the subject line√¢‚Ǩ‚Äùthis is the only way you will have your question answered. [email protected] Again, please make sure that we haven√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t answered your question already.

    It can take months for us to call you. Since the film is shooting over the entire year we may not need your type for a long time. Please be patient. Also, make sure that you give us enough phone numbers so if you move we can still find you. Give us your Mom, neighbor, friend etc. as an alternate number. If we need you we will call them all.

    We are currently looking for the following types.

    The pirates that we cast to play Jack’s Crew and Barbosa’s Crew were extreme character types ages 18-50. They had very thin, lean builds, or were extremely skinny. Missing teeth, wandering eyes and serial killer looks are best with real long hair & beards. Wigs & makeup are not what we’re looking for.

    Sailors: British looking Caucasian men ages 18-30 with sailing/rowing experience.
    Hair should be shoulder length or longer if possible and slim/athletic type builds.

    Real Tall Ship Sailors: Caucasian men ages 18-30. Must have tall ship experience on a dual or triple mast vessel. Must be able to row, rig and climb the mast.

    Marines: British looking Caucasian men with pale skin and angular features. No facial hair or long hair. Ages 18-30 with slim/athletic builds. Must be between 5’10” – 6’1” tall. Military training and or rifle/marching experience is helpful.

    Townspeople/Villagers: Seeking Cajun, Aztec Indian, African, Asian, Turkish, South American and British looking Caucasian men & women with character faces and bodies. All ages 18 and over, all shapes and sizes.

    Amputees: All types and ages.

    Fisherman: Ages 18 and over. Portly British looking character types with ruddy faces and real beards

    Wenches: Ages 18 and over. British looking women with voluptuous figures.

  44. are you the real kate bosworth? anyway, i hate whoever wrote this arctical because it has seriously offended me! oh, and by the way, vkiughkjuhbhkbhjuhgujjhuhuyfruidhvfhsFJISfgsiojfgljfrg dfhigudehfuosgswetfg vfiusdefgwgfiewhgfviySGDEfe fszejfrguiefraubfehf cdfj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I have spent hours + hours reading all this and, quite frankly, i think it it is all rubbish and to you day-vuh you don’t know anything!!!!!!!!!
    and i also want to say to all the other people who want to go on potc2 good luck + i hope to see your names in the creadits at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv u all

  46. I have spent hours + hours reading all this and, quite frankly, i think it it is all rubbish and to you day-vuh you don’t know anything!!!!!!!!!
    and i also want to say to all the other people who want to go on potc2 good luck + i hope to see your names in the creadits at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv u all (exept day-vuh + the guy who whrte this in the first place)!

  47. I have spent hours + hours reading all this and, quite frankly, i think it it is all rubbish and to you day-vuh you don’t know anything!!!!!!!!!
    and i also want to say to all the other people who want to go on potc2 good luck + i hope to see your names in the creadits at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv u all (exept day-vuh + the guy who whrte this in the first place)!

  48. OK…First off, let me just say that I am not an actress, nor do I ever want to be an actress. Although, I do hope to work in hollywood some day as an artist in the special effects field. Moving on…I would have to agree with the person who said “people are stupid”. All you “children” that keep writing things up here about where to audition, read the VERY FIRST THING you see when you come to this website….NO AUDITIONS to the public…what part of that dont you understand. These guys are not being rude, they are being very helpful and telling you things that you need to know if you are really serious about following an acting career. And to Kimmi, If you are really serious about getting into hollywood, try writing a decent paragraph, and use whole words. I can barely understand what you are saying. For gods sake…GROW UP! Look, Im not trying to be mean to anyone, but I am sitting here reading these posts and I am getting sick of the people who keep asking the same questions over and over again. So face it, YOUR NOT GOING TO BE IN POTC2! And lastly, (I know its been said a million times already)…wanting to be in a movie just because someone famous, that you “love”, is in it…well, thats just stupid. They are poeple just like you and me.

    Thanks for your time.
    Laura Elliott
    Normal, IL
    20 years old.

  49. Does anyone know who the extras casting agent is going to be for POTC 2 and 3… are they filming 2 right now? I have been an extra for a long time and if they are going to film in my area I need to know who to contact.. email me if you know [email protected]

  50. yeah u CUD hav been more nicer
    its naw impossible so take dis page of da web dats wit i say.
    u neva no they mite need extras n they r naw exactly ONLY gonna look 4 celebs fer the part r they?
    it IS possible so dnt say its naw!

  51. well, I am 13 years old, green eyes, bloond hair….bla bla bla. anyways I LOVE the movie pirates of the caribbean and would give you my right arm to be in POTC 2! So on the off chance that anyone in the movie buissnes reads this, please let me know if there are any openings in this movie ASAP, savvy? ( I would be great as Jacks niece!)
    thank you SOOOOOOOOO much!

  52. I’m an experienced 13-year-old actress in North Carolina. I’ve been in over 10 stage performances and I would absolutely love to continue in a better way in movies! I would adore having a lead role in something because I am responsible, good at remembering things, and I have a wonderful personality. Thanks!
    Yours truely,

  53. I would just like to say thank u to those who told the truth even if it did come out mean sometimes no one should take any of it personal and just for the record mr depp isnt all that hot anymore sorry thats just my opinion…thanks for letting me waste ur time…bye bye

  54. How well you put this!

    It seems harsh, but sometimes nothing else gets through to reality like having it put in an unvarnished, tell it like it is fashion.

    To me, it’s not cruel, or meant to crush hopes or dreams. It’s just saying big productions don’t work that way, and a person who thinks otherwise, is naive.

    I actually managed to land a spot in a low budget movie as a “stunt extra”.

    All I had to do was show up, fill out a form w/picture. They called me several days later, and there I was…

    Hitting people with my purse in front of the camera, lol.

    So, it can be done on that scale of productions. Small part, for low budget movies can lead up to bigger and better roles.

    Just get out there and DO IT!!!!

    I just did it for the fun of it.

    Good luck in all of your efforts!!!

  55. Thanks for the backup as well as the clarification, Bubba. I agree that Beetle’s comments subsequent to his first post were way out of line and that someone who can’t respond without swearing or cursing should probably be removed from the list.

    On another note, I don’t wish to come across as someone who is trying to contradict the good advice presented here as regards getting into movies. It’s all excellent advice and I tell people very much the same things, act as much as you can, get a headshot, get an agent, and hustle, hustle, hustle! In my case a golden opportunity fell into my lap which I took advantage of.

    I can’t say wait for a movie role to be offered to you even though that’s pretty much what happened to me. When it comes right down to it, though, I was only given a chance to be in the movie and, thanks to the years I spent acting whenever I could, I was able to turn in a decent enough screen test to get cast.

    One last thing. I am definitely a male so we can drop that whole “s/he” business, right? (Whew! That’s a relief.) If you’d like to know what I look like and you own the video or DVD, look for the scene in Tortuga where Jack and Will are hiring the crew that Mr. Gibbs has scrounged up. After the bit with Mr. Cotton and the parrot, Anamaria says, “What’s the benefit for us?” Jack and Will start moving slowly down the line and we cut to a Point Of View shot of Anamaria with her hat pulled down low over her face. I’m the big bald guy just before her in line, not the Oriental guy just beyond her. I pop up here and there throughout the rest of the movie if you know where to look.

    See you in the movies!

    – Tearlach –

  56. Okay, that needs a stronger response, doesn’t it?

    Rodney: you need to chill. Was Beetle abrasive? Yes, and so were you. There is absolutely no reason for you to try and demean people posting on the board. Calling people a retard is not acceptable behavior from much of anybody here, especially not an admin. So stop. Now.

    As for Tearlach, (s)he has done nothing but post relevant info in a totally polite manner. There has been NOTHING in any of Tearlach’s posts that merits a response as rude as what you have posted. NOTHING. You just threatened to ban someone for disagreeing with you and posting detailed reasons why. That’s not cool.

    There’s also more than a bit of irony in you criticizing Tearlach for “not reading what you type” when you obviously have not done so yourself. Tearlach was very clear that the casting call in question was for the first Pirates film, which (s)he was a part of. The entire point of Tearlach’s post was that Beetle had somehow gotten hold of a casting call for the first film and assumed it was for the second. All of the information in that call was correct – including the agency involved – for the FIRST film. I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that this was a legit casting call, as major films regularly do open calls for large amounts of extras when they have special and specific requirements, as both Day-vuh and I posted way, way up in this far too long thread.

    And your information about the X Men extras needing agents is not correct. Your friends may have been represented but not everyone was. I very clearly remember them running ads in both the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun looking for hundreds of very thin people who were willing to shave their heads for the concentration camp sequence. I expect a similar call will be made for zombies when Romero gets Land of the Dead rolling.

    Finally, I’m not an internet cop. I have no desire to run around “exposing” people because they irritate you. When someone like Beetle makes an issue of location I do a bit of checking to see where they’re actually from. If it’s relevant, I post it. When someone posts something that appears obviously false – i.e. those positive AvP reviews that came from the Fox lot – I check those, too. That’s all.

    Anyway: take a deep breath. Relax. If you expect other people to hold to a standard of behavior you need to do the same first.

  57. Wow. Do you even read what you type?

    You said that his fake POTC2 casting call was legitimate. You even quoted the website he pretended that it came from. And there is nothing about POTC2 on it.

    They wont be posting the casting news about POTC2. Disney already said there wouldnt be any.

    The fact that any Google search for “the casting couch” comes up with nothing but porn (even WITH the adult filter on) lead me to believe that no one in the film industry would be stupid enough to use a name that a porn casting company would use.

    You dont need to defend Beetle. He was already banned from this website for spewwing his nonsense. Are you really hoping for the same?

    And for the record. I CALLED THE AGENCY. (the one you linked to? Phone number right on the front page) I told them I was looking to get on that movie and they said that “they were not contracted to handle the extras for that film.”

    Thank you.

    Feel free to embarass yourself if you must. I wont be wasting any more time watching you squirm.

  58. I’m an actor from Auckland, New Zealand. I look around the forums interested in peoples posts. I hear alot of people saying alot of bullshit, “i want to be an actor” all that. There are so many acting gigs in the states you lot are so lucky. I think alot of people are dreamers good on them, but they will be frustrated to know that they WILL NOT GET THERE! you need to network and work in short films and independent films, get off your asses stop pissing about leave your computers and go out and get involved in anything thats out there, of course be careful of dodgy gigs and dont sell out to anything. BUT DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF THE CRAFT, NOT FOR THE FAME AND GLORY. Thats bullshit. Real people in the industry see through that fake shit everyday, this has to be your first priority, not fucking Orlando Bloom or stupid shit like that. Good luck to the real Actors, the few amongst the millions of wannabes

  59. Ok, we’ll go point by point.

    “Wow. After all that and you still managed to prove nothing.

    Fact of the matter is that there were NO OPEN CASTING CALLS. Quote me on that. I have said it about 15 times. Perhaps you noticed.”

    I did notice you said that and I’m not disputing it. What my point was, and still is, is that his casting notice was the true article and everyone bagged on him for it.

    “So since you claim to be in the extras “biz” you would know that means you cant get in without representation. I have said that about 15 times too.”

    I didn’t have then, and I still don’t have an agent or any kind of representation.

    “And yet http://www.sandealessicasting.com still doesnt have any casting notices about POTC2.”

    I never said they did. I directed you to their website so you could see for yourself that they work with The Casting Couch. If you had read some of the Forum messages, they state that they’ll post the POTC 2 casting info as soon as they get it.

    “Thanks for the overly long exaggerated and pointless post trying to pretend that there were open calls when in fact there was not.”

    I wasn’t trying to say there were open calls. I was merely defending Beetle, who came under some harsh attacks for posting a genuine casting notice for the first POTC. I’m not sure where you think I’ve exaggerated anything. Let me know and I’ll be happy to elucidate.

    “Have a good day.”

    I always do.

    – Tearlach –

  60. Wow. After all that and you still managed to prove nothing.

    Fact of the matter is that there were NO OPEN CASTING CALLS. Quote me on that. I have said it about 15 times. Perhaps you noticed.

    So since you claim to be in the extras “biz” you would know that means you cant get in without representation. I have said that about 15 times too.

    And yet http://www.sandealessicasting.com still doesnt have any casting notices about POTC2.

    Thanks for the overly long exaggerated and pointless post trying to pretend that there were open calls when in fact there was not.

    Have a good day.

  61. Back on August 16th, someone named Beetle posted information about a casting call for the first movie and everyone jumped on his case about it.

    “First off, he says there WAS an open casting call. Best case scenario kiddies, you missed it. THERE WASNT!” – Rodney (All my quotes are from Rodney’s initial response.)

    As someone who was in the first movie, I can assure you the notice was true and correct as I still have the same notice saved in my e-mail folder. (I’ve saved everything I’ve done on POTC as it’s easily the biggest movie I’ve worked on.)

    They were looking for people with special abilities such as sail-handling, black powder and so on, and that’s why these notices went out to the sailing community. I, myself, belong to a pirate reenactment guild and was forwarded this notice from a friend of mine. After submitting my headshot, I was told I was not what they were looking for (and if you’ve ever seen me in person, you’ll know that neither “skinny” nor “long-haired” are words that leap readily to mind), but the same friend who had sent me the notice – and who had already been told to report for a screen test – talked me up so much that Kristan from Sande Alessi called me and, after offering to go for the opposite look they wanted, bald, fat and bearded, I was given a screen test date as well.

    To make a long story not too much shorter, I was cast as one of Jack’s Crew. I worked for several days in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area over the course of three months and then was flown to the Caribbean for six weeks of location shooting. I was even given a named character in the movie (“Tearlach”) and have been told – although not “officially” that Jack’s Crew will be back for the next one(s).

    “Then the retard begs all you lusty fans to send your pictures to an AOL account? Im sorry, any legitimate casting call doesnt do their business over a generic domain email.”

    Nevertheless, Sande Alessi Casting did ave an AOL account set up to send photos to. It’s easy and it’s cheap and it’s easy to discard when you’re done with it.

    “Sande Alessi Casting is apparently in Sherman Oaks, CA and is also the agency called “The Casting Couch” Every effort I have found to locate a company called “the casting couch” has come up with porn.”

    Look harder. If you go to http://www.sandealessicasting.com you will see “The Casting Couch” mentioned on their homepage. It is not a porn company as you imply. The mailing address for Sande Alessi Casting is now the Sherman Oaks address. They just moved there in the past year or so after POTC was completed, but it used to be the Encino address that was given.

    “Then this retard further thinks that an open casting call would include begging for people with ‘authentic pirate vessels’ to be used in the picture. Sorry brain-doner, they dont do casting calls for a boat.”

    The notice itself was not a chain letter or chain e-mail. It appeared in Boating magazines in the Florida area and was completely legitimate. At that time, Disney had not made arrangements for crew quarters at the location and someone had the (hare-brained) idea that they could hire tallships to be background ships and possibly serve as sleeping quarters as well. The production did hire several tallships (including one that was in “Roots”) but hotel arrangements had, by that time, been worked out.

    “So basically this scammer is hoping you are dumb enough to get your vintage replica boat, sail his staff of porn actresses to St Vincent to film some adult movies.”

    As I stated earlier, this was indeed a legitimate advertisement for casting in the first movie. Because it doesn’t conform with how the majority of casting agencies do business or even with what you believe doesn’t make it less so.

    – Tearlach –

  62. Yeah Beetle? You know what I think of you and your imaginary casting calls… er.. what?

    Heh heh.. Hey there Day_vuh… put down the shiny pointy object…move away slowly.. no sudden moves.

    mutters… about time.

  63. It’s too bad I’m having a REALLY, REALLY bad day and don’t feel like putting up with cocky asses.

    As a result, beetle: you’re banned.
    Yeah that’s right. Why? I felt like it and I can. And you know what? I don’t care. If today was a day that I gave a shit, it might be different, but it’s not. too bad for you.

    Anyone else with a comment?

  64. See that’s why i said to the girl to post that casting call here to see what the thing is really about! ‘Cause it is possible to put casting calls on the net in our country so we were wondering why were you telling people there never had been any since obviously one had been posted over the net. And then when you replied it was fake nobody said that it wasn’t! Yeah it was fake, okay, cool, fine, nice, lovely, shitty shit, god, why do i have to repeat myself all the time. You know exactly where my country lies, well, let me see, i know exactly where Mozambic lies but that doesn’t mean i know anything about it.

  65. You’re missing the point, Beetle. The only system that matters here is the American one. Pirates is an American studio film governed by American union rules and regs. Play their game or you don’t play at all. And I know exactly where Slovenia is, thanks.

  66. Finally somebody did his homework! Shit, really got tired of listening about uk is this uk is that, bla, bla, bla, while telling you over and over again that by hearing the word Europe you can’t just just automaticly presume the conversation goes around gb! ‘Cause i don’t give a fucking shit what their system is like and have never said that slovenian system applies to american! Uuuu, i’m being exposed! What difference does it make really? You guys don’t have a clue what Slovenia is right?

  67. Again let me clarify between DREAMS and FANTASIES.

    Dreams – hopes that you aspire to and do something about. Dreams can come true.

    Fantasies – when you pretend for no reason other than the director finding you on the street, or while working the McDonald’s drive-thru and BEGGING you to come work for him so he can “make you a star!!”

    One is a possible reality. The other is never going to happen.

    We posted that there were NO OPEN AUDITIONS for this film. You can’t get in. Reality.

    If you attempt to flame or insult us because you can’t deal with reality, Bubba will track your IP address and expose you.

  68. Some interesting WHOIS information here:

    ttt and pippin almighty: most likely the same person, both using dial up access through Sprint Canada out of the same exchange in Toronto.

    Kirsty: the supposed cousin of Cameron Diaz, posting from Leeds, UK. Interesting location for someone who claims to be the cousin of a mixed Cuban / American actress.

    Beetle: posting from Slovenia. I applaud your mastery of the english language Beetle, but whatever you think you understand about the acting industry in Slovenia does not apply in North America.

    I love WHOIS. Hours of fun to be had.

  69. Hey!

    What you said was harsh, but true. I wish I could audition as much as eveyone else, but it’s reality.

    I know this probably is the wrong place to ask, but I have been trying to find an agent in New Jersey. Does anyone know anyone I can audition for? Funny how a dream starts when you’re one and finally gets started when your 17. lol!

    Hey, everyone, keep dreaming…if you dream, anything is possible!

  70. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy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    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    If you do not know how to get an audition then you obviously are not an actor. Being a nobody and hoping you can get into a major american blockbuster film requires you to have an agent.

    The only thing that might get you in without an agent is an open extras call where they just need to fill a faceless crowd. I know people who were in movies like that who were just in a crowd, and just by chance they ended up with a close enough shot to identify them.

    I also had a few friends who were cast as extras in XMen (filmed mostly in Toronto and surrounding areas) and even they needed to be represented. They both had agents, as did everyone they worked with that day.

    Please people. READ the post that spawned all this madness. Stop asking how you can get a part in Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

    You cant.

    Oh and btw Beetle. Thank you for yet another mindless post that proves you know nothing about casting or the film industry. All parts of the UK, including where you are require agents to be in films. Post again telling us it was your 11 year old friend who did that.

  72. It’s Camron Diaz’s cousin again, i just got off the phone with Camron & she told me she didn’t know how rude you was & suggested that i tried another site that will let me appear on Pirates of the Caribbean. Camron & Justin have saw how talented i am & being as important as they are, they will being informing your boss & the bosses of Pirates of the Caribbean. I still remain a loyal fan because you are not important enough to actually have the Pirates of the Caribbean bosses’ permission & you have nothing at all to do with the film.

  73. hi am Camron Diaz’s cousin. I am looking forward to following in my cousin’s footsteps & become a great actress. How dare you be so cruel Camron suggested i look at a website to be on Pirates of the Caribbean because she loves this film, but i can now see how wrong she was. I wonder what the bosses of Pirates of the Caribbean will think of you upsetting loyal fans such as myself. Pirates of ther Caribbean will lose a lot of fans & everyone will know it’s your fault.

  74. Day-vuh has listed all the steps needed to become an actor and to be a part of any movie, including POTC 2. The steps he listed are the only way you can be a part of that movie (unless, as he mentioned, you happen to be the director’s son or nephew or something).

  75. so what if your the most talented actor in the south of the u.k,lol. i want a part in potc2, so to be frank how could i get it. i just want to know if there is a way, however remote

  76. Better yet, what’s the point in posting your rants here? Do you feel better? Did you convince the people you needed to convince?

    Pirates is an American movie, ergo, it will operate under an American system. Henceforth ergo and triple therefore, there will be no open audition.

    Beyond that…I really don’t think there’s anything more to say here. Wait….nope, nothing more.

  77. What the fuck people??!!! “It’s not just fucking Great Britain and few other countries” – thought i made myself perfectly clear!!!! E-U-R-O-P-E H-A-S M-A-N-Y M-O-R-E C-O-U-N-T-R-I-E-S T-H-A-N J-U-S-T G-B! W-I-T-H M-A-N-Y M-O-R-E -D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T S-Y-S-T-E-M-S!!!! Maybe i should paint it for you! And the remark about dropouts refered to “My accomplishments are my own business and i will not discuss it” Translation: “I work an average-joe job that any highschool dropout could qualify for”! I mean really, for educated people you’re pretty dumb. Don’t know what else to say. And if you were college students here you WOULD clean apartments and buildings ’cause there’s simply too many fucking educated people and not enough jobs. And Keira has already had an agent when she was 6, buhu! All those years in acting and she still sucks in it, good for her! And if anyone is interested in pursuing an agent career he should come to our country, monopoly guaranteed! I don’t know how to respond to your comments on me being a liar really. ‘Cause we’re all anonymous here what’s the fucking point in lying?

  78. L0l! This guy is funny, actually!

    Beetle, I read everywhere that Keira Knightley got an agent at age 6. She lives in the UK. They require agents. Trust me, I have a friend who is an actress living in the UK (Jennifer Lynn – jlynn.co.uk) Yes, you do need representation. No need to bump into a director. Besides, how am I a dropout? Just so you know, I’m attending Princeton this Fall. As for the 11 year old idiot you made up, I think it is safe to say that I have accomplished ALOT more than an 11 year old princess.

  79. I especially like the part where he invents some 11 year old girl to blame his nonsense on. And how he seems to think that we are all highschool dropouts on “state” assistance. Hey Beetle, we are in Canada. We dont have any states, and all of us have jobs, or are in university. We are all accomplished decent individuals who I dare say I can guarantee have accomplished more than an 11 year old girl. If your cleaning ladies were more educated they woudlnt be cleaning ladies. Thats what an education is for. A career.

    And just for your information Beetle, the UK does have agents and directors do not rely on “bumping into people in bars” to find talent. Just one post before your rant a confused mother of child actors in the UK was saying “should we ask their agent about it?”

    Your “friend” posted incorrect information. That “she” obviously pulled out of her rectum.

    Feel free to get your 11 year old friend the chance to defend you now. We do find it amusing when you make this crap up.

    There STILL are no auditions for POTC2.

  80. This is the real Beetle speaking. Call me idiot, retarded, shit all over me but don’t fuck with my friend ’cause she’s 11 years old, alright? And she doesn’t even know what the thing is about, all she did was simply post information i found on the net, you sick fucks! And for the record she accomplished a lot more than you ever will and she doesn’t have to brag about it over the net like you guys. Besides, you obviously don’t know a shit about Europe. It’s not just fucking Great Britain and few other countries. First of all, if you’re a school dropout you don’t have a job, you’re staying home on state support that barely makes your living. Even cleaning ladies are well educated here. Second, our country doesn’t have agents or representatives for actors. You get a role by bumping into the director in the bar and ask him about audition or by asking somebody that knows about it for information and, yes, we put these things on the net also! Thinking that such system doesn’t exist is the same as thinking that it is impossible to have a system that allows the media to criticize national government and the president. Those things are outthere people and you’d know that if you just opened your minds a little.

  81. Just for the record. I know the article is WAY up there now, but there is NO OPEN CASTING CALLS!

    I dont care what you think you heard on the Radio. There are none.

    The movie is only called Pirates of the Caribbean 2 right now. There is no subtitle.

    And again. There are no auditions.

    This service announcement was brought to you by someone who can read…. and the letter R…

  82. hey!

    just wondering where did u hear that “audition info” on the radio for the pirates 2 audition…like in wat town or city or state?

    did they say any specifics? like watd they say?

    sry, just curious! :) if u could mail bak or comment or w/e, thanks! have an awsome day~!

  83. I heard on the radio on 101.3 station said that there will be an Audition on Pirates of the Caribbean 2 on Saterday August 28th 2004. If anyone has any info email me and give me the informations about the Audition. This is just my first time acting, well I’ve been acting a lot in school projects and making a movie about weather and reports for homework and last time I did a movie with my friends about an old man and his three little freinds. Well if anyone gets any informations by the end of this week but I need the informations on friday because the Audition i know on the radio is on saterday august 28th. So please anyone help me.

  84. Hey when is the Audition for Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Lost Abyss starts? If thats the name of it. This is just my first time and I really want to try it out to see if I could make it. email me at my email and please give me some info about the Audition. And is it starting on Saterday August the 28th 2004? If it is then please someone email me and tell me so that i can be ready for the audition for this movie. Please I need to know. Email me anyone who knows about the auditon please.

  85. just making an observation, its captain JACK SPARROW not captain BLACK. Maybe when making an in-your-face website like this one ,you should probably get the facts and the spelling straight.
    heehee…..eat that!
    have a bright sunshiny day! :D :D :D :D

  86. My father was a Higschool dropout as well.

    He provided very well for our family and still remains one of my greatest influences on the kind of person I want to be.

    His biggest regret in life? Having to provide for his family working a job that he had to settle for because he lacked even a basic education.

    I am sorry that your educational background brought about this offense. But the context that I referenced dropouts was the limitation of career choices.

  87. I find all of this stuff very interesting(spelling). But Rodney watch the cracks on the highschool drop outs! for I am one and i’m stupid and get offended easily.

  88. heyy~
    day-vuh n bubba. did u check the actors rep website? i was lookin at it n i jus wanted to kno if it can really help or jus a fake website. thanx for all the great advice

  89. i’m curious if u guys are as busy or do the things u do. why waste ur intresting (i cant spell right now) lives on the net shouldnt u be doin something more useful. dude, i wish i had ur lives.

  90. lyk omg, u guys r soo wrong, my bros agent is orlando blooms and i can get a free ride into potc2 jus lyk dat!!1

    Kidding, kidding. You guys sure do give the reality like a slap in the face, but I suppose it’s needed- after all some people won’t take subtle hints.
    I know that I myself entertain thoughts about becoming an actress, but I know that I have neither the perseverance nor the confidance to start so low or even act in front of people.

  91. Umm… as an actress, I can safely say that if you get a “sinking feeling” reading *this*, you should probably stay away from acting alltogether. Yeah.

  92. “My accomplishments are my own business and i will not discuss it” Translation: “I work an average-joe job that any highschool dropout could qualify for”

    And Beetle, for the record, the casting process is the same in Europe as it is here. You still need to be represented to get into CLOSED casting calls. And you posted the information, so this “my friend told me and I passed it along for him” routine is pretty sad. Its called deflection of blame.

    Try to think about your comments before you type them Beetle. You claim it too you 15 mins to crap out that comment, and it apparently is causing you physical pain. And yet you still return. Again. Guess we are appealing after all. Your insults are negated by the simple act of your repeated visits.

    There was this website that I thought was complete crap, but did I make comments in the forum, offer up advice, and generally embarass myself for trying? No. I forgot about the site, and moved on with my life.

    I count it among my blessings that the only access to the internet you can hope for is one that your employer is taking away from you.

    Thank you for proving our point. I wish you luck in whatever you persue. You will need it.

  93. Thanks for proving my point about the true nature of this site. My accomplishments are my own business and i will not discuss it over this metal piece of crap. Like i said, don’t know much about this internet stuff so that would include casting calls posted on the net. It’s retarded, okay fine whatever. Don’t know much about your casting process either, ’cause i’m European. And don’t know much about Pirates, this is just something my colleaque asked me to write ’cause he was called back to work and i wasn’t. Then before he got a chance to read your posts had gone away for a week so i’ll be pleased to tell him he’s obviously retarded or whatever when he comes back from holidays. So you do all this typing and staring at the screen shit for fun eh? Good for you ’cause after fifteen minutes of crapping here my eyes and brains start to hurt. Anyways, i got my answers and now i can retire from this internet shit. Don’t bother with responds, this laptop is leaving for good tomorrow! The best of luck to all computer freaks outthere!

  94. Yes, it was highly “intellegent” of you to stick your head into our lives.

    What have you accomplished so far? You are, afterall, showing us the news of fake casting notices that probably didn’t even exist. Wow! Big, huge accomplishment! Now, now…I didn’t want to sound like I was bragging, but in my defence : For years I have worked hard enough to land myself roles in 3 independent films, 2 short films, and a got the oppourtunity to star as an extra in Bee Season. Not to mention all the theatrical productions I have been performing in. There are other things I have not mentioned.

    I do have a life and very good one. It’s you who needs one. Hey, I heard they’re 50 % off at Walmart! Why we would write the same thing over and over when nobody listens? Well, I don’t know about the other guys, but I find it enjoyable to bash on others without the same knowledge as me. Yep, being repetitive gives me a very good chance to insult. Maybe I do have a problem. It’s called boredom. I get bored in my dad’s office and take myself onto internet forums.

    Problem = Boredom
    Problem solved!

  95. ur life sounds so busy i cant believe u have time to go to this site everyday and write and argue at people to scare them away sounds fun to be u. but thtats just me talkin. ;)

  96. and I was just going to mention how I am a published author, and being published again at the end of this month.

    But thats just me.

    Not to say that you NEED accomplishments to be happy with yourself, but it doesn’t hurt.

  97. And Beetle, since you’ve been so “smart” as to pick on our “lives”.. allow me..

    although I’m content to keep this to myself as far as this website goes, I give you this in my own defence:

    In the past 3 years, I have been in 14 theatre productions. 10 of which I have been the principal or lead character. I have an additional 2 shows that will be finished by the end of this year.
    I’ve appeared in 4 independent films, one that played in Indianapolis in front of the vice-President of Lucasfilm. I’ve run a radio show, made vocal recordings for an overseas company, I’ve been in 2 different photo shoots and have appeared on 2 different promotional materials.

    Now it’s my turn hot-shot: What are you doing? Surfing the web? Good job…..

  98. Beetle, this fake casting call is just retarded. It wasnt for the first movie, and it wasnt a legitimate casting call.

    That agency didnt even have anything at all to do with Disney. Infact that particular agency produces PORN!

    It wasnt “Unique Casting” and Disney always has the time and money to waste, but as Day-vuh & I described, this casting call doesnt make sense.

    As your post degrades into playground insults and ineffective cussing, let us remind you that we do not tolerate “flaming” on these forums.

    Lastly, this site is not for profit, or our egos. It is simply for the fun and enjoyment of sharing the movie news bits we find over the net. We do not get paid for our time, and we did not create this site to “get somewhere”

    It’s fun. Its informative, and we get to talk about something that means something to us.

    Sorry you cant find enjoyment in it, but you are free to visit any one of the other movie news sites on the link list on our front page if we offend you so deeply.

  99. Well obviously somebody here did an excellent job of “not making an impact” on you.
    Hope you get a handle on that internet stuff soon.
    Heres to depending on people like you.

  100. This is a casting call FOR THE FIRST MOVIE, you stupid retards, the date is back from 2002!!! I don’t know why this one was sent as an e-mail to those guys but it was about an open audition by Unique Casting planned in Florida which later didn’t happen ’cause Disney didn’t have the time and money or something like that. It was in the paper also. It didn’t happen, yes, but it is obviously possible. Call me stupid, don’t give a shit, i just hope you make tons of money with this site ’cause if you don’t you have a really pitiful fucking life sitting behind the computer being all smart about the stuff instead of going out there and do it. Or just take a walk to the nearest park, it might take the bitterness out of your posts. ‘Cause that’s all what this site is about right? You don’t actually think you’re making an impact on somebody, or do you? Your life is fucked up and this shitty roll of posts is the only thing that builds up your ego. Or maybe not? ‘Cause i really wanna know why would somebody put himself through whole lot of trouble like writing the same things over and over again when obviously nobody listens. But then again i don’t know how this internet stuff works anyway. Seriously, get a life, be actors or whatever and just stop depending on other people’s stupidity. It will get you nowhere.

  101. LOL!
    Wow! I was blllowwn away! That was so funny..erhm..

    Well, it’s too bad you missed the “open” casting call! Yup, we nameless jerks made you miss this big oppourtunity! HAHA!

    Do you actually think we are this absent minded? Come on! We already all know by now that there are NO open casting calls! Us here have been repeating this for months. SINCE MAY!

    Well, I guess this would be possible in the world of a teeny-bopper! These industrial people usually have a personalized email address ending with their domain name. And furthermore, they wouldn’t use a CHAIN LETTER to spread out the word. That is one of the lamest things I have ever heard!

    But like mentioned before, if you are interested to have the time of your life filming adult movies with Beetle’s crew, I wish you the best.

    Living on your houseboat ship!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAH!! LOL!! [dies laughing] Good times, good times..

  102. Allow me to furthur expand on why it’s silly.

    1) This is the biggest: Casting agencies don’t “get the word out” by email chain letter.

    2) Extras, as contradicted in his post, DON’T NEED special skills (spare being able to handle doing nothing for hours on end) That’s why they’re called “extras” – Let alone asking if they HAVE special skills.

    3) If they wanted special skills, which they wouldn’t, they would specify what they are looking for.

    4) The “questions” are set design, production, lodging and costuming questions. Which are never NEVER NEVER NEVER left up to an extra to decide. That’d be like Bill Gates letting the Mail Boy encode his next program. Those things, especially lodging, have to follow strict union rules and guidelines.

    Oh sure, sometimes when shooting a “club” scene for example, the casting agency will say “wear clubbing outfits” – only because the costume designer and production company doesn’t want to deal with you Unless they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. Let alone Wanting to live in your boat. HAHAHAHAHAHA !! — I can’t help but just plum laugh at that.

  103. Wow. This guy must think we are REALLY stupid.

    First off, he says there WAS an open casting call. Best case scenario kiddies, you missed it. THERE WASNT!

    Then the retard begs all you lusty fans to send your pictures to an AOL account? Im sorry, any legitimate casting call doesnt do their business over a generic domain email.

    Sande Alessi Casting is apparently in Sherman Oaks, CA and is also the agency called “The Casting Couch” Every effort I have found to locate a company called “the casting couch” has come up with porn.

    Then this retard further thinks that an open casting call would include begging for people with “authentic pirate vessels” to be used in the picture. Sorry brain-doner, they dont do casting calls for a boat.

    So basically this scammer is hoping you are dumb enough to get your vintage replica boat, sail his staff of porn actresses to St Vincent to film some adult movies.

    Good Luck.

  104. There WAS a bloody open casting call!!!!!

    Casting for “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie
    Copy of email sent to us Aug 14 2002

    Subject: Casting for “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie
    To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
    [email protected], [email protected]

    Pirates Of The Caribbean
    A Walt Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Film
    Starring Johnny Depp
    Shooting in Los Angeles October-December
    Casting Pirate & Sailor types to work as extras—Long hair, serial killer
    looks, scary, tall, short, skinny, beards, no teeth etc.

    Shooting in St. Vincent January-February
    Looking for groups of local Pirates who can sail their own ships to St.
    Vincent to work the first few weeks of January.

    Submit by emailing color photo to:
    [email protected]
    Jpegs are good–stay away from Mime format
    Or Mailing to: Sande Alessi Casting
    P.O. Box 19190
    Encino, CA 91316

    Please include:
    All Contact Numbers
    City, State
    Height, weight, all clothing sizes
    Any special abilities or tall ship experience?
    Able to work as local hire to Los Angeles?
    Can you sail to St. Vincent?
    Do you have an authentic looking pirate vessel to work in picture?
    A passenger ship to rent for lodging on island?
    Thank You for passing this along!

  105. Wow. Forgot I posted here…I never forget unless it’s a crap site…

    Any way…who said I was a hormone driven teenage girl? For all you know, I’m a 50 year old single dad wanting people to be nice. Sure my nick name is Pippin Almighty, but that’s all it is. A NICK name.

  106. Don’t worry – I’ve read all the above messages (which took quite a while – boredom will do that). My question is merely one of curiosity… As I am NOT a 13-year-old girl, (instead I’m 20ish) what would my chances of getting into acting be now? Theater, film, (well, okay, even I know that my chances to get in a blockbuster at any point, ever, are slim to none; I’m thinking something on the smaller scale) etc. I know, I know, I must start by taking classes, which I’m sure I will, just for the fun of it. And yes, I could follow the rest of the five step plan (or however many steps there were). But is there any chance of getting anywhere with it? It’s not my dream OR fantasy – just my question of the day.

  107. Dreams are wonderful. No problem having them. In fact, I encourage it. I dreamed of one day being a published author. Now I am.

    But dreaming about something that just wont happen is a waste of time. Dreaming that you might grow wings and fly or Dreaming that you will develope mental powers and read minds. These are not dreams, they are fantasies.

    It was clearly stated that there were no OPEN casting calls. Why, oh why do people seem to think that means that there ARE Open Casting calls?


    If reality is crushing your dreams then they are likely just fantasies.

    And in case you are just confused about casting calls, OPEN casting calls are when they are looking for an unrepresented nobody. This is usually just for extras and background. This is something that Disney is NOT DOING for POTC2.

    Guaranteed, every living soul you will see in this movie will be experienced, represented professional actors. Right down to the last professional extra drinking mead in a tavern.

  108. I hate to break it to you people but you should never ever attempt to succeed at anything because you will always fail. You better learn that lesson sooner than later.


  110. Quote: “The machine, frankly, doesn’t give a damn if you’re well suited. The only role of the union – and this is true of ANY union – is to secure work for their membership, and the easiest way to do that is to exclude everybody who isn’t a member and make the membership requirements as stringent as possible to prevent much new blood from getting in. This is especially true in a field such as acting where there are FAR more people who want to do the work than there are paying roles.”

    Uh, yeah, I know that. My remarks weren’t about unions.

  111. hey you all have a point the point i dunno cuz i’m to lazy bout readin things i’ve been scannin though stuff all i know is that they arent even done with the script but i highly doubt there are gonna be roles with w&e kid or jacks niece or even barbosa kid thats just too many kids they wont do that cuz itz just stupid. oh and the part bout jacks lover now that i do know some desperate chix came up wit that lol. i think wat alot of people are doin is hearin the true stories or wat the actors say when the actors dont even know yet. well basically they are takin the true stories and addin wat they want to hear and tell everyone that now thats just stupid. people want the truth not the lies seriously people that make up rumors have no life. i probably dont have a life either cuz i’m just sittin here readin all the rumors and listenin to why everyone wants in.

  112. Thank you annie..

    feel free to moderate this thread.

    We’re sick of repeating ourselves. let us know when it gets to you. Feel free to insult when absolutely necessary.

  113. Because there are NO open casting calls for big budget movies. People give wrong addresses because they are frauds and this rumer was probably casted by young, extremely stupid teenage girls who think they have a reason to audition! Roles in these movies are for industrial proffessionals and by what I see from you, you are NOT a professional yet.

  114. The machine, frankly, doesn’t give a damn if you’re well suited. The only role of the union – and this is true of ANY union – is to secure work for their membership, and the easiest way to do that is to exclude everybody who isn’t a member and make the membership requirements as stringent as possible to prevent much new blood from getting in. This is especially true in a field such as acting where there are FAR more people who want to do the work than there are paying roles.

    And Ted: read the thread before asking questions that have been asked and answered many, many times already.

  115. … to add, they aren’t called background actors.

    They are known as “background” or “extras”.. to be considered an “actor” in a film, you require 11 lines or more in a film script, not necessarily the finished piece.

    Again, AFTRA/SAG definitions might vary slightly.

  116. Ok, Who is casting the EXTRAS for P.O.T.C. 2 and 3 ?
    WHEN ?
    WHERE ?
    HOW !?
    I just want to be an EXTRA..
    ‘Scuse me …..

  117. We don’t crush people’s dreams. Its ok to have a dream. We have not said you cannot.

    What we are doing is illustrating the difference between a dream and a fantasy.

    You know, a fantasy is where you think if you post something on a website and someone in some lofty office somewhere hunts you down and says “I want to make you a star! Ever wanted to work with Johnny Depp?” – Fantasy. Not a dream

    A dream? Having a goal and taking the proper steps to accomplish that goal.

    Screaming like a pre-teen fangirl that you love Orlando and Johnny is not going to get you in the movies.

  118. lol i like these people i find them funny and hey speak the truth hehehe. i like how they use nice easy words to crush peoples dream thats hilarious.

  119. face reality you cant just land a leading role in a great hollywood movie without hard work you have to find an agent than try for auditions and work your way up to big movies you cant just go to a website and land a role.it would be great if it was so easy but its not……i know.

  120. Oh and anyways, if you are interested in being in a student project, indie film, short film, etc..you may want to visit the following websites – auditionfinder.com therightcast.com easycasting.com flatalent.com and there are others if you would just look them up on your search engine. Sorry, but we can’t help your laziness!

  121. Exactly. If you want to succeed, you have to actually try and work hard to achieve your goals. Why not get something on your resume and then find and agent instead of complaining. You can’t just be and Orli-Depp obsessed girl and get a part in a big movie. I’m sorry to tell you this, but Hollywood isn’t nice and as you make your way through the system, you’ll find that out yourself. Dave and Bubba are so kind to post real information here. Try hard to get into acting will land you a big movie role. Not working hard but oh wanting it so bad will end you up working at a local McDonalds and posting dreamy messages to embarass yourself on here!

  122. Hey guys, one way to find open calls for local extra work is real easy. Go to your states Film Commission webite, check their BB. Here is one to start with: Kentucy: http://www.kyfilmoffice.com/bulletinboard.htm
    All states I believe have one, and heck most cities have their own too. Now stop complaining.
    Working biz people are not trying to crush your dreams, if anything heed what we say. If you go to an audition with that dreamy look in your face, you are not going to get work. Nobody wants a bunch of giggley girls or guys on a set. And for that matter how many kid extras did Pirates of the Caribbean use? Um I don’t think any. But I only saw it once, and that is not what I watch a movie for. Do they even film in the states?

  123. If ever there was a thread here that should be given a merciful death, it’s this one. Although good news from Kimmi-Lysette, her last post ever, if she’s a person of her word and there really is a God. As for Max, ‘docter’ has two o’s. You dumbass.

  124. Max,
    After responding in this thread for as long as I have, I refuse to acknowledge your ignorant, flippant, useless comment with one shred of thought or repeated explanation of what we’ve been talking about this whole time.

    By all means, go “follow your dreams” by posting on someone else’s website. Thank You.

    And quit taking out your frustrations on other people just because you won’t be in POTC 2.


  125. I have been on the look out for movie auditions all over as it is my dream and I’m sure loads of other people. The way you slander peoples ambitions is disgusting and you shoud try and see a docter about it.

  126. Hey hey ppl, just wanted to say this will be my last ever evr evr evr post on this site, so jus say thnx to Day-vuh and Bubba for helpin me and whoeva else. Well er cheers babes! I shall probably thank u sumtime unless i forget or therefore cannot find u er so u thnx anyway!

    Lv ya ppl,
    from your young actin m8

  127. Day-vuh say it like it is! This whole thing about casting has freaked me out. I had no idea…Anyway here I am sitting at home because someone left with my keys by mistake. I started surfing IMDB…boy what I fell into. Now…Read this people please. Oh and I doubt I will be back so good-luck and break-a-leg.
    Why people think they can get a part by stalking a board, or emailing a casting person, well duh it doesn’t work that way. Listen here is how it usually works.
    1) Get agent, mostly this only happens after your first job, or from a referral, or your daddy is a famous Hollywood person.
    2) Agent submits said client/s for roles they are right for. And only what they are right for.
    3) casting calls agent back and says, ummm I would like John Doe, and John X to come in but not any of the others you sent. Thanks.
    4) You get sides (Piece of script) or you cold read (no script till you get there).
    5) Go in and audition. Sometimes, mostly you are put on tape.
    6) If they like you they call your agent to call you back in for a “Call-Back” You might then read for a producer or director. Oh and you can be called back 2, 3, 4, or 5 times.
    7) Now if they want to hire you, casting calls your agent.
    VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER NEVER call casting and ask about a part, or how you did, or did “I get the part”! Sometimes on some films you can send in a packet.
    (resume and picture) Or go to a open call. Where to find these open calls, I can’t say. I don’t do that part.
    Now this is not to crush your dreams. If you are good and really want this and work hard, then you have as good a shot at it as anyone. Go for it. It is just so sad when parents mess-up kids, or people scam “actors” that don’t have knowledge in this field. Go to school, get real acting classes, but most of all make sure you can do something else in life in case acting doesn’t pay the bills. If you truly love acting you can always try your local theatre. Acting is acting. Sometimes without the fame is better. Theatre can be so much fun!!!!
    And the things you learn…..

    OH BIG PS – Don’t ever pay an agent!!!! Real agents don’t charge they only get money after sending you on an audition and you get a job. And even then you don’t pay them they get 10% over what you get paid. Understand? Hope so.

  128. Emma….

    Okay.. here we go…

    >How AM I supposed to get an agent?
    – This is a HUGE question. People write books on this. It boils down to this: You need to impress them. Invite them to a show. Get an impressive demo reel. Hound them to audition you. Anything like that. Do not, I repeat DO NOT look for an agent in the newspaper advertisments or classifieds.

    >Do I just go up and call an agency or send something? And where do I look?
    – This will sound like a staunchy even blunt answer but: If you don’t know the answer of where to look for a good agent, you need to get out into the field of acting more and you will eventually learn through the people you meet who the good and bad agents are. There’s no short way around it. Word of mouth does everything. Asking on an internet board does very little.

    >I’ve taken couple of classes you stated above,
    >like the theatre and sword fighting and martial
    >arts and acting classes and such.
    – Good. Keep doing this. Put taken classes on your resume. Then take another class. Repeat this process until you’re 50 years old. Then take more. Never stop learning. It will show a potential agent that you’re serious about your career choice.

    >I live in Los Angeles. How much are the
    >headshots here?
    – I do not live in L.A. therefore, I can’t really answer that question — all things being the same: a couple to a few hundred dollars. – printing fee extra.

    >Do professional photos count?
    – If by “Professional photos” you mean: Going to a photo studio and getting a “package” of photos taken, then no, they do not count.

    >I’ve also done a commercial a couple of years
    >ago and it was aired in Asia because …etc.etc
    > Does that gove me a point or no?
    – Again, not living in the AFTRA/SAG realm, I’m not too sure, but unless you signed an AFTRA/SAG Union temporary permit form (or whatever term the AFTRA/SAG uses for that type of thing), then no, you can’t use it as a “point” — but you can use it in a demo reel.

  129. I am pretty sure that acting doesnt “exict”

    Just a thought, but you might add a basic eduction in literacy to further your cause.

    Scroll up about 20 posts. Day-vuh has posted pretty simple steps that a person might go through to get somewhere in the movie business.

    I am just posting this to save Day-vuh from posting the very simple and well displayed steps AGAIN!

  130. seriously people of the web world, what the hell has an english school girl got to do to get a break? is it all just about money and contacts? because if it is then i may as well run and jump off a really high bridge because i dont have either of those in excess, i’m doing everything i can but are extra classes and school plays really enuough? I’m reading books by stanisklavsci (if that’s how you spell his name) and i would die if acting didn’t exict (literally) i need serious help and advice if you can help i will be forever in your debt, and i will dedicate my first oscar to you!

  131. a few questions here, Day-vuh ..

    How AM I supposed to get an agent? Do I just go up and call an agency or send something? And where do I look?

    I’ve taken couple of classes you stated above, like the theatre and sword fighting and martial arts and acting classes and such.

    I live in Los Angeles. How much are the headshots here? Do professional photos count?

    I’ve also done a commercial a couple of years ago and it was aired in Asia because I went there for vacation and could speak English so I did a chips commercial. DOes that give me a point or no?

    hey thanks

  132. Agents find you work that you in turn make money from. Agents do not cost money otherwise unless they’re ripping you off.

    The typical agency assumes 10% of what you make from theatre and 15% from television/film for services rendered.

    However, an agency costs nothing. You should not EVER pay an agent to represent you. If an “agent” asks for money up front for their “service” of representing you….. RUN!!!!

    Seriously. The simple fact that you asked me that question tells me that whoever you’ve been talking to is poorly POORLY informed.

    Agents range from Bad to very good.

    The Bad ones charge you money up front.

  133. If you don’t look for one yourself what makes you think you can trust finding one through someone you don’t even know? Nothing against Pirate D but you need to look around. If you’re acting or involved in the world of theater you should know some people who would have an idea. If you’re not, then you need to start doing that first.

  134. Hey Pirate Daddy, if u do find an agent for ur bro, can u tell me where u found one?? I need one N i haven`t been looking cuz i`m afraid i`ll look in the wrong place!! please tell me!!!

  135. Nobody said anybody sucks. We just said that unless you’re a part of the Hollywood machine – and you’re not – there’s no chance in hell that you’re going to be in the movie. Fact of life. Get over it. If you want to be in Hollywood movies in the future you’d best learn all you can about how the machine works, ’cause there’s no way around it you’ve got to jump through every last one of their hoops.

  136. If you’re going into acting, then no, they never need to know how old you are.

    – because it doesn’t matter. It’s how old you LOOK. They just want you to *LOOK* like the age they need – Usually, the closest thing you’ll be asked regarding age is “what’s your age-range?” — meaning .. what’s the youngest you can play and the oldest you can play.
    — But since you’re handing them a headshot *that represents you* and NOT “makes you look glamourous”, you likely won’t be asked what you’re age range is, because they have a picture of you right there. (That’s why people who think ‘Glamour shots’ make good headshots, need a shot to the head.)

    Me, I’m a lucky one.. I’m almost 30, but I’ve played someone who’s as young as 17 – but I’ve also played someone who’s in his 30’s. So usually I say my age range is 21 to 31.

  137. I live in a small town near Lancaster, PA. Not much acting going on around here besides theatres. The only recommendations I could get are from singers and actors at the American Music Theatre, and they’ve never seen me act or sing. Thanks for the resume help, and I maybe am going to get some headshots done from a guy my mother knows at AMT (Above mentioned theatre. Whoa, they fit the same acronym! God, I’m a loser). He’s a dancer/actor/sometimes singer. Won’t they need to know my age eventually?

  138. — Okay first, a resume..

    You need Your name and description. (Without Age)
    Union affiliates (if any) and contacts. All at the top.

    Everything else you list, usually in the order of the most recent in groups: Film, Theatre, Television.. (along with the character and company involved.)

    Followed by Education, Awards (if any) and Special Skills.

    Granted, you’d have to condense this down onto a page but here’s an example.. Click This – all of the “stuff” is there

    As far as a headshot goes – it would depend where you live. (Where DO you live?) If you know established actors, your best bet is to keep asking around. – Or go to your local acting union office – if there is one where you live – and ask for an agents book, there would certainly be ads for headshots in there as well. Much like everything else in life though, nothing beats a recomendation.

  139. Thanks, Dave. My agent was actually just a liar. She was the head of my commercial class and she just never called us back. She didn’t have the connections she said she did.
    Oh, and thank you for the encouragement. I’m not exactly sure I have a “look” (besides my resemblance to “My Girl”‘s Anna Chlumpsky). And where can you get good headshots done?
    And I don’t know how to really do a resume.
    Any help in that area?

  140. Kate,

    There are many reasons that someone can get dropped – and some of them shouldn’t be taken personally..

    Perhaps they had too many people with your “look” on their roster.
    Perhaps your “look” isn’t what they were looking for at the time.
    Perhaps they weren’t getting enough casting calls for someone that fits your description.
    Perhaps you weren’t getting as many callbacks and landed roles as they thought you would get.
    Perhaps your agent needed to simply cut down the roster for new people coming in.
    Perhaps your agent sucked. There’s 15 garbage agents for every good one out there.

    Sadly, for film and television – your talent comes in a distant second .. or third.. or fourth. You could be the best actress in the world, but if you don’t *look* like the person they are looking for, you won’t get the part . Ever. It sucks, I know….

    Like I was saying before, a harsh reality of this business is rejection. You need to learn how to not be affected by getting knocked down. If a shot to your ego is enough to get you all frustrated, you’re really going to need to re-evaluate things.

    If you’ve really been involved with the stuff you say you have, then make a resume, get a new headshot and go out there and get a better agent – because there’s always something better.

  141. I used to have an agent. She dropped me. I hate her. I’ve taken tons of drama classes and things, and been to a few acting camps. I’ve been in plays. I even got a good head-nod from the people at the PA Ren faire!

    Seriously, people don’t like kids.

  142. Thanks for clearing that up. At least I didn’t get my hopes of being an extra up before getting them crushed REALLY badly (me, who was about to get a ticket to Houston for auditions, how SAD). 13-year-old girls have no place in pirate movies, apparently. How sad. Well, thanks for the info, mate! (Oh, god, pirate lingo too. Sorry, I think I have pirate in my blood. I love piracy too much. And not because Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp are vaguely attractive. I think Mr. Bloom is girly looking. And Mr. Depp makes an excellent pirate and actor.) ~Kate

    P.S. I hope they (any movie makers) make some “low budget” (aka utter crap) pirate or historical (around ren or those times) movies soon so I can try out for them. God that was so grammatically incorrect, it makes me want to spit.

  143. Hey Pirate Daddy, if u do find an agent for ur bro, can u tell me where u found one?? I need one N i haven`t been looking cuz i`m afraid i`ll look in the wrong place!! please tell me!!!

  144. Ok,I dont normally waste my time on this kindof stuff but come on!

    You guys cant possibly expect to get anywhere sitting on your bums and looking up information on threads, do you? Nobody gets anywhere from that. You really needn’t waste your time putting what your favorite color is and how much you love Orlando Bloom. Writing how many times you watched Pirates of the Caribbean isnt going to do anything for you, except prove how you have nothing better to do than sit on your bum and drool over Johnny Depp dreadlocks. If you that badly want to become an actress- or actor- enroll in a theatre, take drama class. You need experience to do anything! It has been posted everywhere that you HAVE TO HAVE AN AGENT! So stop acting like ninny children and do something! I personally, am a huge fan of Johnny depp and Orlando Bloom, but i dont go around writing about how much I love them! Neithor should you! Trust me, if they were walking down the road, and they werent famous yet, you would eithor think they were hot and giggle with all of your friends, or youd smile and walk away. Oh, and the things people write online, most arent true. and the ones that are- like how theres no open castings and auditions- you dont believe. Realize how pathetic that is? If you want actual information, get an agent. There ive said it. Oh, and Lynn, if your anti- american, then dont post in online, you could getinto a lot of trouble from the people who arent.

  145. Ok,I dont normally waste my time on this kindof stuff but come on!

    You guys cant possibly expect to get anywhere sitting on your bums and looking up information on threads, do you? Nobody gets anywhere from that. You really needn’t waste your time putting what your favorite color is and how much you love Orlando Bloom. Writing how many times you watched Pirates of the Caribbean isnt going to do anything for you, except prove how you have nothing better to do than sit on your bum and drool over Johnny Depp dreadlocks. If you that badly want to become an actress- or actor- enroll in a theatre, take drama class. You need experience to do anything! It has been posted everywhere that you HAVE TO HAVE AN AGENT! So stop acting like ninny children and do something! I personally, am a huge fan of Johnny depp and Orlando Bloom, but i dont go around writing about how much I love them! Neithor should you! Trust me, if they were walking down the road, and they werent famous yet, you would eithor think they were hot and giggle with all of your friends, or youd smile and walk away. Oh, and the things people write online, most arent true. and the ones that are- like how theres no open castings and auditions- you dont believe. If you want actual information, get an agent. There ive said it. If i sound mean, in sorry. Really, I dontmean to.

  146. Ok,I dont normally waste my time on this kindof stuff but come on!

    You guys cant possibly expect to get anywhere sitting on your bums and looking up information on threads, do you? Nobody gets anywhere from that. You really needn’t waste your time putting what your favorite color is and how much you love Orlando Bloom. Writing how many times you watched Pirates of the Caribbean isnt going to do anything for you, except prove how you have nothing better to do than sit on your bum and drool over Johnny Depp dreadlocks. If you that badly want to become an actress- or actor- enroll in a theatre, take drama class. You need experience to do anything! It has been posted everywhere that you HAVE TO HAVE AN AGENT! So stop acting like ninny children and do something! I personally, am a huge fan of Johnny depp and Orlando Bloom, but i dont go around writing about how much I love them! Neithor should you! Trust me, if they were walking down the road, and they werent famous yet, you would eithor think they were hot and giggle with all of your friends, or youd smile and walk away. Oh, and the things people write online, most arent true. and the ones that are- like how theres no open castings and auditions- you dont believe. Realize how pathetic that is? If you want actual information, get an agent. There ive said it. Oh, and Lynn, if your anti- american, then dont post in online, you could getinto a lot of trouble from the people who arent.

  147. I’m not trying to put anyone down or anything, i just wanted to say that we are amazed here to see Americans like people from the Jerry Springer show, all those stupid teenagers from MTV shows, people that elected Mister Stupid himself ( G.W.Bush ) and i could go on and on… I like America very much and have been there for a couple of times and people have a really nice energy ( much nicer than people here in Europe actually ), we all think that, but there is some amout of silliness we just don’t understand. And if you have to censore this comment ’cause of mentioning that ass from White house you’ll see what i’m talking about! Didn’t mean to offend anyone ‘cept the obvious!

  148. and I completely agree with day-vuh…it has been posted that there are no open casting call dates for POTC 2….so why keep asking..it is very annoying

  149. I’m determined that some of these comments (above) simply HAVE to be a joke.

    After all this time, all of these comments – forget those even, after the original POST – how someone can think there is auditions, let alone that johnny depp has something to do with this site proves to me that planets are aligning or something’s terribly wrong with the world.

  150. You kids are sad. Your chances of becoming sucessfful are like a grain of sand in the sea. You want to become an actor/actress, right? And you are too lazy to look things up yourself. I mean, come on..you lousy children don’t even have an agent and are clueless of what to do. You think your key is to just come here and post messages? Did Julia Roberts do that? Hell no! Besides, I hope they don’t add teens into the sequel…it will ruin everything! It always does. Add a kiddo just makes the movie boring, and corny. Well, have fun acting in your dreams!

  151. Leeann,

    Please, I encourage you to look this up yourself as well.. I’ve addressed this a number of times. The title “POTC 2: The Treasure of the Lost Abyss” is a rumour and flat not true. It is not the working title.

    CLICK RIGHT HERE for the movie’s listing in the Internet Movie Database. The title?: “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”. That’s all. Movie’s working title?: Not listed. because there isn’t one.

    In fact, there isn’t even a completed SCRIPT yet. The movie hasn’t even been written. Any “inside info” that someone has told you is a rumor. Sorry.

  152. It’s not called Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It’s called Pirates of the Caibbean The Treasure of the Lost Abyass. And It’s about Bootstrap Bill alive bacause he was a pirate and thye monkey took out the coin at the end of Pirtes of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl. Need any questions it’s just [email protected]

  153. Weel if there were auditions then I would be a funny and talented actor. But whatever. I can memorise mostly like movies,songs, and stuff. I even memorised potc in 1 week. And yeah. But I was almost going to be a comedian because I had this friend who always sings really loud that the song Let’s get it Started. I was like if you were on American Juinior and then Simon might just say Let’s get it Started? Don’t you mean Let’s get Retarded. And them I’m like you might just might be the next william hung or something. So then she started cracking up so loud I was like Oh, my Gosh, you need some help. So yeah.I’m at least lucky because I related to Gary Sheffield anyways so I’m already rich. HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! Good evening, good afternoon, and goodnight.

  154. hi, just to clear something up. i want to say i’m sorry but some of my so~ called mates thought it would be a laugh to post the messages from lilly and mary above without telling me using my e~mail add. just for the record they and myself certainly don’t know johnny but i do, do extra work for films and they thought it would be a laugh, so i’ll say i’m sorry again and hope wot they wrote ( which i have just read) didn’t offend any1 x

  155. for your information, i never said i knew johnny all i said was that some of my collegues worked with him and as for me bein a massive star yeah rite, in my dreams. i’m actaully ” gutted” because i didn’t get the chance to work with a very talented actor whom i could learn alot from .

  156. Another Lilly girlie up there as i can see! Who knows people that know Johnny Depp! Guess what girlie! There’s a guy sitting in the room next to mine who was involved in Arizona Dream and later helped Depp with The Brave and he’s a good friend of his. Maybe i should tell him to call Johnny and tell him how considerate you are to feelings of young girlies throughout the world and save you the trouble! What the hell does the word gutted mean? Anyone?

  157. Another Lilly girlie up there as i can see! Who knows people that know Johnny Depp! Guess what girlie! There’s a guy sitting in the room next to mine who was involved in Arizona Dream and later helped Depp with The Brave and he’s a good friend of his. Maybe i should tell him to call Johnny and tell him how considerate you are to feelings of young girlies throughout the world and save you the trouble!

  158. Pirate Daddy again here. It was my brother I was talking about before. I’ve been trying to get him to be an extra for a while now. I’m not trying to be an extra in the movie. We liked the first movie but we’re not drooling over a chance to be on film with Johnny, Orlando, Kiera, etc. But if the hair and makeup and costume people saw my brother they’d die for the chance to make him look like a pirate. We’ll I’m going to push himm even more to get himself an agent.

  159. Soooo… Lilly, you are going to tell Johnny Depp about our website? Assuming of course that you now have such close ties to him.

    Uh… forgive me Lilly but the tone of your post makes it sound like you have a problem with our sarcastic tone in simply stating that there are no OPEN audtions.

    Now you are rewarding us by telling a mega star about our site?

    I think that is cooler than cool. Go nuts. We would LOVE to have celebs read our site. We welcome it.

    Also, I am unsure how your “gutting” assures us of your honesty in these claims. Not really sure how you were “gutted” in the first place.

  160. i’ve just read the comments and you are very callous. YOU are crushin peoples dreams. I am a actress and some of my collegues have just finished filming with johnny depp and they said he was lovely. by the way i have been trying to get a audition for potc and unfortualy my agent said that there is’nt any available, but i’m a nice person and gonna say sorry to every1 but there’s none left, see how easy that was, those few little simple word you know but if i happen to bump in johnny i will tell him about this website and about you goodnite. i’m not goona put my name but i can promise i’m honest because i’m gutted too

  161. In LA?

    Well, that’s a little different – I’m not too sure what the “standard” is down there – I’m sure there’s a lot of hacks taking average head shots for an extremely bloated price.

    Either way, a headshot in most other large cities will cost you anywhere from 250-500 bucks. If you are involved in theatre/film or have a lot of contacts therein, it will be easy to find who the “real deal” is.

    Second, you may want to chat with your potential photographers as well, even just to see how well the two of you chat together. If you socialize well, you’ll likely get better pictures. If your photographer is just going through the “photography textbook” while mumbling stuff to you, you won’t have great headshots.

    Next, after the shots have been taken and you receive your “proofs” or “contact sheet” – (which show you ALL the shots that were taken in the session.) — The way it usually works is 1 to 3 of those headshots gets picked to be printed for stockpile of headshots.
    When picking which headshot to get printed DO NOT choose the picture YOU like the best. Ask around.. go to drama professors, agents (if you know any), directors (if you know any) – and get their opinion on which is the best. Compile which one was selected the most and print that one (or “those” if you’re printing more than one).

    Bottom line, if someone’s offering you a “great headshot deal” for 50 bucks, I’d be at the very least: cautious, doubtful and wary. In fact, just run from those people.

    A good “photo” and a good “headshot” are two different things.

  162. Ally, I’ve posted thihs before, but this should answer your questions:

    1) Take some Classes
    – Be it acting classes, singing classes, vocal lessons, fight choreography, on-screen courses, on-air training, dancing lessons, Improv schools it goes on and on.. You can never learn too much. You’re young, start now.

    2) Get Involved.
    – I don’t care WHAT you’re doing, volunteer at the local theatre pulling the curtain open for all I care, but get out there and DO stuff. You’ll learn much more and meet many people that are a little furthur up the ladder than you.

    3) Get a Head Shot.
    And don’t get your photography teacher to give you extra film and get your buddy to take your picture and then phtocopy it, I mean, get a real head shot.

    4) Perform.
    – Audition for tons of stuff, get on stage, get on film – evenfor community and student films, but get SOMETHING on your resume, as you progress, you’ll learn and meet more people along the way that can help you in your quest.

    5) Get an Agent
    – Once you have a resume and some clout behind you, get a serious agent — not the agents you find in the classifieds either, but a real one. If you follow steps 1 – 4, you’ll eventually learn who they are. You won’t get an agent until you get used to the next Step.

    6) Get used to being turned down and feeling worthless
    – That’s right, if rejection is a weak spot for you, you better get over it – and fast. Would you fall apart if someone said “You did a great job, but your voice is too squeaky” or “we need someone thinner” or “you don’t have the right look” ? If you would, you may want to reconsider.

    7) Keep at it.
    — I hope that while you’ve been performing and once you have an agent, that you don’t stop learning, taking classes and getting yourself work. An agent doesn’t do your job for you – An agent helps you find more work so you can do your job.


    (All of this is null and void if your dad is famous in Hollywood)

  163. hey, i luv POTC but NOT juss cuz of orli N johnny…but i still have a couple of questions on bein an actress:

    -how do u find an agent?
    -where can i get an SAG card?
    -i`m onlee 13 in a small town with NOTHiNG about acting or w/e..plz help
    -my parents N my friends don`t believe i can be an actress
    -every1 says i`m pretty…well, i highly doubt i am.
    -i`m a good actress…but my friend N i auditioned for a play in like, 2nd grade N we didnt make it, now she says i can`t do tha plays she does now (( she does plays ))…she says i can`t!!!!!

    plz email me N post here too answer my questions!!!

  164. Actually the site was created to share movie news, rumours and other bits. INCLUDING news that Disney is not holding open auditions for POTC2.

    This site was created by one movie nut, and slowly added others who each have their own perspective on the movie industry. If you bother to read at all you will see what each of our stengths are.

  165. Day-vuh may be right. They want ppl who have experience and not some screaming fan. Trust me, there IS a difference between wanting to act and wanting to be in POTC. If you wanna act, you’ll look for other movies. You want POTC, you’re probably a big fan. I’ll know by August whether or not for sure they’ll have open auditions or not. I called Disney ( (818) 560-5969) and they said they still dnt know. But have ur parents call b/c they wnt bother with a kid. They DO NOT KNOW YET!!! Straight fromt their mouths. There is a minor chance, but dnt give up. I’ll let you guys no, promise. But dnt go putting ppl down. I no truth hurts sometimes, but dnt be so cruel and be soooo positive it’s your way, ur the only one right.

  166. It completely baffles me that when you tell someone the reality of a situation, they instantly assume that you’re trying to squash dreams and be real mean… Ugh.

    Notice so far I STILL haven’t insulted her…



  167. u, person at the top r way to demanding. and further more u dont need to say mean things to be mean. so now u hsutup and listen to me. I HAVE A DREAM AND IM GOING THROUGH WITH IT EVEN IF I HAVE TO WALK INTO THE BOARD ROOM IN MY PAJAMAS

  168. to put this into terms that the kiddies can understand.

    There are NO OPEN auditions.

    But yes, there will in fact be people in this film. So those auditions will be held for PROFESSIONALS in the industry. This movie is not accepting nobodies off the street.

    If you don’t know about the auditions already, then you are not going to. You dont qualify.

    Sorry, appearing in the background screaming “HI MOM” behind the local weatherman on location doesnt count as “film experience”

  169. Here you go Anonymous, take this quiz:

    Two Questions:

    1) Is your dad famous in Hollywood?
    – if yes, you can audition.
    – if no, procede to question two:

    2) Are you an actor that is a full-member of the Acting Guild, who’s been working in the industry for more than 5-10 years and who has an agent with a direct connection to Jerry Bruckheimer, Steven Speilberg and Oliver Stone? Have you taken classes, gone to school and been instructed by respected industry professionals? Has your agent contacted with you and said that there is an opening to audition for the next POTC 2 movie? Has she faxed you the sides that you’ll be reading for it? And can you say “yes” to EVERY SINGLE one of these questions?
    a) yes
    b) no

    If you answered “b”, there is NO, as in ZERO, NONE, ZILCH auditions for POTC 2.

  170. Hey, I just stummbled across this site (purposely)and I was upse that there aren’t any auditions. You all are confussing me- first you say, no there isn’t any. Then, you say, oh, well, there is…if you have an agent and an SAG card?!?!?!hmmm…confussed and tired!I HATE this!ALL differ people say differ things!Like there ARE auditions in Miami, Florida. I got SOOOOO excited because I live in a remote area around there.But, you all tell me that there is ABSOLUELY NO auditions- so, is there or isn’t there?!!??!Someone help!!!!

  171. A rumour.

    Based on hyper, overactive and unfounded hopes of giddy teenage girls hoping to have a reason to audtion for the movie.
    Which, as we’ve covered, won’t happen.

  172. Again, all casting is done through agencies. Non-speaking roles are found through background agencies.
    On the rare occasion when films need a stadium full of people, will they open it up for faceless people. But even then, that move is usually done by lower budget films: Detroit Rock City, for example.

    Things like Star Wars and POTC 2, if they need a HUGE crowd will likely hire a small crowd and digitally replicate them to make 20,000 people.

    Nothing, especially at such a high interest level will be open to just anyone to walk in off the street.

  173. I heard Pippi Longstocking is going to be in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Just kidding. I won’t say where but I did stumble across an old open casting call for pirates for the first movie. Are there going to be parts open for non-speaking roles? I’m not asking for me but for someone I know who already looks like a pirate and I thought he would’ve been good in the first one before I heard there would be a sequel.

  174. dave,
    I’ll answer a few of those unanswered questions for you:
    1) How do you get/choose an agent:
    -Very carefully
    -have tons of experience
    -show that you are talent and work rolled into one little supernova.
    -not from newpaper ads.
    -exploiting “someone you know” who’s already got a great agent
    -if that agent wants lots of money from you to be a client: run.

    Can you have more than one:
    -here, I can only speak for Canada, but I imagine it’s the same.
    You can have more than one background agent but only one principle agent.
    You can have 1,3 or 18 (I know someone who’s got 18) background agents PLUS one principle agent, but you can’t go higher than one principle agent. Don’t expect the principle agent to be too happy with 18 background agents though.
    Hollywood is based on look/who you know then followed by luck. Talent comes into play once the camera starts rolling. You can have the best talent but the wrong look – you’ll never get the part.
    Screwing for the right roles is exploitive and does still happen – usually to starry eyed nobodies who are lost in their dream who aren’t going through the proper procedures, but rather just want a dreamy fast-track to “somewhere” (See above comments)

  175. Any advice ( apart from how S.A.G & D.G.A etc work. Which, by the way, was very informative. ) on how someone can make a living from acting?

    such as:

    how do you get yourself/choose an agent? can you have more than one?
    what could your goals be in the first stages of becomming an actor?
    Is hollywood based on luck (right talent right time) or screwing for the right roles; myth?

    This thread has been very helpful in putting the system into perspective.

  176. It’s the same over here in the UK with Harry Potter.

    The amount of girlies who want to be in them just so they can snog Daniel Radcliffe (or Rupert Grint, or Tom Felton, or even Matthew Lewis).

    Unfortunately most of them are from the USA, and as BBC Newsround keep stating, WB are only accepting people who are from and currently living in the UK.

    They don’t listen though.

  177. Wow! It’s amazing what you can find on the internet when you’re bored. I thought it would be fun to look for info on Pirates of the Caribbean 2, since I really liked the first movie. But then I stumbled onto this message board and now I’m not so sure…

    But since I’m here and I took the time to read all these messages I’m gonna say something.

    To all the starry-eyed young teenage girls:
    -It’s okay to dream, in fact, it’s a lot of fun.
    -Realize that you can appreciate the good looks of Depp and Bloom without being obsessed with them.
    -Understand that you will most likely never meet Depp or Bloom. And if you do,they will not fall madly in love with you.
    -No Hollywood director is going to walk up to you and hand you a role in a major film. It won’t happen.
    -If you have spent more than an hour online trying to find auditions for something or another, do yourself a favor: Turn off the computer and find something better to do with your time and energy.
    -Being famous won’t solve all your problems. It won’t bring you complete happiness. And it won’t make everybody like you.

    To all of you who are SERIOUS about acting:
    -Listen to Bubba and Day-vuh, they have some very good advice.

    To Bubba and Day-vuh:
    -You’re very direct, which is a good thing in this case.
    -How can you be so patient?
    -For the record: you haven’t been rude or mean–though I wouldn’t blame you if had been.
    -More power to you!

    I know I wrote a lot, but hey, like I said, I’m bored. Maybe I should take my own advice and get off the computer already…!

  178. I have no clue what this is but it seems like people can come here and give you stuff about auditioning for movies and shows so i would like to say, if you have any info. please mail me becuase i would love to be in a movie, i can do lots of stuff like my own stunts and anything fun and exciting im not affraid of anything.. give me a mail and ill tell you more if you have info about additions [email protected]

  179. You boys have way more patience than I would. You should just start giving out parts. We all know it’s really you guys behind the casting and you’re just being coy. Leah, I’ll give you a part. You can be Pipsy, the magical frog that Geoffrey Rush has to kiss to break the curse on Orlando Bloom’s manliness. Can you start Thursday?

  180. I would have loved to audition 4 mr. Blacks neice i’ve always wanted to be in a movie with great actors but i guess not this movie well e mail me if u change your mind!!!please

  181. I would have loved to audition 4 mr. Blacks neice i’ve always wanted to be in a movie with great actors but i guess not this movie well e mail me if u change your mind!!!please

  182. Hi my name is Michelle, I know this oppurtunity is once in a life time and It wont be handed to be that I have to work for it. I am willing to work for it. Hope you can email me sometime. Thank you for your time. Bye!

  183. And never once has anyone said that Day-vuh is a girl. We’ve only EVER said that we joked that he looked like a girl when he was in his metal hair phase that first year of college.
    But Day-vuh is quite the strapping young man and if I was a chick all those days that I saw him naked in residence might have meant something.
    Look. Correct spelling and proper grammer too. See how easy it is? You try.

  184. Once again, I re-post what I’ve already written for people who think I’ve been putting people down:

    Never once have I insulted ANYONE. Please, I invite you to re-read everything I’ve written.

    – I didn’t call anyone stupid or anything demeaning. I didn’t make fun of gene-pools, gender, race, creed or anyone’s nose, ears, penis or boob size. I didn’t call into question anyone’s sexuality, maturity, intelligence or morals. I didn’t pre-judge or assume jealousy or horomone-driven angst. I didn’t condemn based on education level or delusions of grandeur. No matter how accurate any of that may have been.

    The only thing I did:
    – Inform you that you won’t be in a movie with Johnny Depp.

    I know it sucks when it is spelled out clearly for you, but that “sinking” feeling? – That’s called reality – drink it well.

    If I was mean I would’ve set up a fake casting call website, announced I was accepting resumes for POTC 2 and linked to it from here.

    Folks, dreams are fine. I have never said they are stupid. Again, I invite you to re-read everything I’ve posted.

    However, if someone dreams of going to the Olympics someday and does nothing to train for it and instead just tries to find the place where the tryouts are being held — okay, then yes, they are an idiot. — And they won’t get into the Olympics without a SICK amount of training. — Which is something I’m bettin that a lot of you DON’T have. And if you *DO*, by all means, Go For It.

    Quit snapping at me, telling me I’m insulting you just because you need to vent your own frustrations.

  185. One last thing, YOUR MEAN!!! and if i read it right like bubba says YOU CAN BE AN EXTRA OR SOMTHING You dont have to be a big star or anything just to get into stardom, you can just go try out for stuff, just like me i do it and i still will to let my dreams come true, and if you ppl belive in your self you to can have your dreams come true, so do not listen to Day-Vuh she dont know what she is saying, and maybe some day you will be in a movie with Orlando B. Or Johnny D….. maybe someone else famus and just ( no offence Day-Vuh ) Shove it in her face and say you said i could never be in a movie with them, well i told you wrong


  186. I you already heard that was kinda mean what u wrote day-Vuh And people can dream, just becuase you are not good enough does not mean you can put people down, i know that you did Not put me down becuase i know i would be good enough for the parts becuase im a really good actress, but you did put tons of other people down which is mean.

    Just my opp.

  187. Mel, we’ve never claimed to have links to anyone. What we do have is a good understanding of the casting process and union situation in Hollywood. And a basic grasp of reality. Wanna know what we know? Ready? Here we go …

    First, if you’re using that King Kong call for extras as some kind of indicator that you’ve got a shot at landing a speaking role in Pirates 2, you’re dead wrong. The Kong extras call is absolutely legit – if you’re in New Zealand – but extras and principal actors are two entirely different worlds, governed by a completely different set of rules. Biggest and most important difference is that you don’t need to be a part of the actor’s union to be an extra. Slightly smaller and less important difference is that directors don’t care a bit if you’re talented or experienced, they just need you to blend into the background. Extras aren’t auditioned, they’re chosen purely on the basis of availability and physical attributes. Most films use extras agencies to fill their needs but occasionally you’ll get a film that needs an unusual number of people with one particular block of characteristics or who are willing to subject themselves to a LOT of unpleasant makeup and difficult shooting situations beyond the normal call of duty and in those cases you tend to get open calls. For instance, the first X Men film did an extras call here in Toronto for the concentration camp sequence because they needed a LOT of people who were abnormally thin / gaunt and were willing to shave their heads. Shaun of the Dead did an open call in England for people willing to be heavily made up as zombies. I’m guessing the Kong call is for a massive crowd sequence that the normal agencies aren’t able to provide enough bodies for.

    The second thing we know: Hollywood produced films MUST ONLY use directors, producers, craftsmen AND ACTORS that are union members. Hollywood is a 100% union shop. If you’re not in the union you don’t work there. Period. There is no way around this rule. They do not care if you’re talented, they do not care if you’re best suited for the role. You can’t get around it. If you want to be cast in a Hollywood movie you ABSOLUTELY MUST be a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. If you want to direct for a Hollywood studio you have to be a member of the Director’s Guild of America, if you want to write screenplays you must be a member of the Writer’s Guild. Getting the point? It’s a closed system. I work in a union environment and they’re a pain in the ass, frankly, but that’s the world we live in. If you want to work in Hollywood you’d best start trying to find a way into the union and since there’s more available talent than there are paying roles the existing union membership tends to make it as difficult as possible for new people to get in.

    The third thing we know, and this is a large multi pointed thing, is how the casting process works. Ready?

    Stage one:
    The Producer (in this case Jerry Bruckheimer) gets the go ahead for a film, usually by shopping a script, but in the case of a sequel by shopping a concept and convincing the Hollwood money that it will be profitable. Once you get the okay on a sequel you’re given a basic budget range, you start hunting down a director and you hire your scriptwriters. NOTHING else can happen until the script is completed and approved.

    Stage Two:
    Once you have your script the producer sits down and goes through the film costing it out scene by scene to calculate an exact budget. This is very important because the higher the budget required to make a film the larger the star you will be required to put in it. In a cheap film you’re taking relatively little risk so the studios are more willing to take risks on little known actors but on a big film the studios will absolutely insist on a big star who is capable of drawing an audience purely to see them even if the film itself turns out badly. The ability to draw an audience like this is referred to as having the ability to ‘open’ a film. No big stars means the big budget film doesn’t get made. Simple as that. A good example of this is Darren Aronofsky’s sci-fi flick The Fountain. Budgeted at $70 mil it was to star Brad Pitt who turned down other jobs for about a year and a half so that he could grow a beard for the part and then pulled out at literally the last minute to go and shoot Troy instead. The studio gave Aronofsky a list of three other actors they considered big enough draws to make the film, none of them were available and the film was scrapped despite all the sets already having been built, an entire crew hired and all of the pre-production work already having been put in. The film was restarted this year after Hugh Jackman expressed an interest and the studio decided he had become a big enough name to make the film, though they now cut the budget to about half of it’s original value. Pirates is a much higher budgeted film than The Fountain. No big stars = no movie.

    Stage Three:
    Producer, director and casting director sit down with the finished script and draw up a list of their ideal principal actors, in order of preference. They will then go to the agents of these people and see who is available and interested in making the film. These people most likely will not have to audition for their roles though they may have them screen test together to make sure the chemistry works. These roles WILL NOT go to a new, unestablished or inexperienced actor. They simply will not. There is too much money riding on these people and their performances for the studios to gamble on somebody they don’t know. Those of you fantasizing over being the ‘new love interest’ abandon hope. That’s a principal role that falls into this category. If such a role exists – and who knows because the script HASN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET – it will not go to a new and inexperienced actor. It just won’t.

    Stage Four:
    The producer, director and casting director will then go over the script and write up a casting sheet for all the secondary characters. These are the speaking roles that are in the film for a scene or two here and there. They are not generally central roles but demand specific things of the actors who will portray them. The casting sheet will run over the basic physical attributes needed for each part and a general sense of the character – ie temperment, special skills, personality quirks etc. This will then be sent by the casting director to talent agencies. The agents go over these sheets to see if any parts suit any of their clients and then send the casting director head shots, demo reels and performance resumes for the actors they would like to have considered. The casting director will winnow these down to a manageable number, take that smaller group to the director and between them they will decide who to offer auditions to. This is where lesser known actors have a shot but again, you must be a SAG member and have an agent. Missing either of those and you aint getting in. If you’re curious what these actually look like, the casting sheets for Joss Whedon’s Serenity leaked a while back and I’m sure you could turn them up easily enough through Google.

    Stage Five:
    Extras. The casting director goes to extras agencies in the shooting location to supply appropriate warm bodies to fill up the backgrounds. On occassion an extra will get bumped up to a walk on role and say a word or two on camera if the director realizes they need a little extra something while shooting.

    That’s basically the process. And yes, it is pretty much locked in stone. How seriously does Hollywood take its unions and following proper process? Very. For example, while perusing Roger Avery’s site a little while back – Avery’s the co-writer of Pulp Fiction, among other things, and as such one of the most awarded and respected writers working today – a spotted a note to prospective screenwriters telling them point blank that while he’d like to be of help he’s NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to look at ANY script or ANY film project that does not come to him directly from his agent. You CAN’T GET AROUND THE UNION. As much as you might like to think that Hollywood will be so impressed by you that they’ll throw away their entire system of doing business it just aint gonna happen.

    So, how do we know that you aren’t going to get an audition, Mel? It doesn’t take special inside information. It’s as simple as this.

    1. You’re not a member of SAG. If you were you would know how this worked and wouldn’t be trolling the internet for audition info. No SAG card, no Hollywood job.

    2. You don’t have an agent. If you did it would be their responsibility to land you the gig, not yours. No agent, no job.

    3. The script hasn’t even been written yet – and that bit comes direct from Bruckheimer and is widely available in industry press sources such as Variety – and they can’t possibly cast characters that do not yet exist.

    So. People that are pinning their hopes and dreams on being in this film, you have two options. One: you can tell me I’m an asshole and continue on in the belief that Hollywood is going to come to your door and hand you the part on a platter. If you take this route you will never, ever get into the industry. Such is life. Or, Two: You can learn asa much as possible about how the Hollywood machine functions and look for actual, practical, here in the real world as opposed to fantasy land ways that you can enter that machine. Take some classes. Get acting on the local level. Do anything you can to up your chops and slowly start climbing the ladder. Assuming you make it at all it’ll take years.

  188. Well,

    First, as far as proof goes, logic prevails. Steven Spielberg will not be calling me tomorrow asking me how it’s goin. It won’t happen, it just won’t. And to reinforce, unless you have followed the list I posted (about 1-2 pages down from the top of this page), then you won’t be getting a role in a multi-million dollar picture THAT HASN’T EVEN BEEN WRITTEN YET. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t. You won’t.

    Second, Being an actor and knowing many actors and not a single one of them even HEARING about a posting for an OPEN audition for a multi-million dollar movie wouldn’t happen either.

    I can’t believe so many people want “proof” that they won’t be in a famous movie by doing nothing to attain it.

  189. Peter Jackson(Director of the Lord of the rings) is looking for extras for his new movie King Kong which will start shooting in September. All you have to do is send a headshot and a full body length picture with a letter about yourself and your talents. Then send everything to Big Primate Pictures. The only problem is I don’t have the address, when some1 finds it post it here. Thanks. What I wrote is true by the way, if you look on google it’s everywhere!

  190. People would probably listen if we knew who you were. If you have any links to the makers of pirates of the caribbean. Because you could be making this up. Do you have any proof that it’s true? If you do nobody will have falls hopes. OK

  191. hey lynn! wow i’m lyk a celeb already-ppl no my name! hehe! lol! well i duno bout where theyr shooting it- that sounds lyk a gud location tho, but if ya were lookin 4 a part soz chick cos theyr already filmin! dat is tha extent of my extensive knowledge on the subject- hope i helped!
    Luv ya xx mwah xx

  192. Hey Jess, since you’re from England do you know anything about the making of Charlie and the Chocolate factory? They were saying something about shooting in York at Nestle’s factory.

  193. Yeah dat is lyk shockingly bad planning on his part considering he’s sposed 2 b sum high flying movie director guy and HELLO cors there was gona b sequels as bubba sed it’s a tentpole film so it’s pretty darn basic stuff 2 sign tha dudes up 4 n e sequels BUT ….. as ya say dat all is prob 2 try n stem the krayzee gossip flow bout casting, auditions n potc 2 in general. Hmmmmm….. very cloak n dagger…… how excitin! k, laters luv ya xxx mwah xxx

    ps- girlies?? hmm don’t know if I’m offended about that but hey probs not, i’ll take bein called a girlie as a HUGE compliment cos it is quite cute really! xXx

  194. REALLY BAD PLANNING! On the other hand, Depp was talking about the sequel when he received an MTV movie award. He wouldn’t have mentioned it if it wasn’t happening for real. And there was an official confirmation of making The Treasures of the Lost Abyss with all the three stars in it. Maybe they’re just trying to supress the internet mania about auditions!

  195. I agree with Day-vuh. He was simply trying to explain to everyone to stop spreading rumors about POTC 2+3 auditions. All I could say, being a fan, and an up and coming actress is to just strive to do your best. Look at the opprotunities out there, and just go for it. Never wait for something to happen, because it won’t. You have to go out there and do it yourself. Try looking up some things on the internet for SAG performances and what not. Just keep on keepin on.


  196. More likely misled. I just read an interview with Knightley yesterday (in the Toronto Sun if you want to look it up) where she’s quoted saying she wants to do the film but hasn’t seen a script or a contract yet. Bruckheimer himself was quoted last week saying that none of the principals had signed back on and he wasn’t sure if he could afford them since all of them cost a lot more now than they did before the first one.

    Surprisingly bad planning on Bruckheimer’s part really … it’s pretty much standard practice to sign people for potential sequels automatically when you’re shooting a ‘tentpole’ film, but apparently he didn’t do it …

  197. (3/24/04)Greg’s Previews: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley were all quickly signed on for this sequel after the success of the first movie, but there’s no word yet about what other supporting actors might return.
    ??? Is this guy a liar?

  198. There are conflicting reports on start dates … Bruckheimer’s been quoted as saying he wants to start rolling in October but considering that the script isn’t done and NONE of the stars have signed on yet (and they’re all quite busy these days which makes scheduling difficult) I don’t see that happening.

  199. k this is weird there’s a whole other jess postin on here that kinda freaked me out i thort i had posted while asleep or something! Kray-zee! Well i hope keira doesn’t sign then i can have the romantic heroine pirate thwacker role-hahahahahaha! likely! Neways, when r they gonna start shooting cos keira starts on Pride and Prejudice ( as Lizzy Bennet, don’t even get me started i am oh so mad she managed to get that part, if she pulls it off i will be oh so even more mad, but she never will, she’s nowhere near good enough to play Lizzy Bennet!)in mid-July n thats fairly major so it’ll take a while i would think! but hu nos! well actually prob 1 ov u terribly film knowledgeable guys!
    luv ya all xx mwah xx
    ps thanx tearlach! ( btw-which 1 r u?) n yea c ya in da movies! xx

  200. good point
    however, if she is still undecided as to whether or not she is going to do the sequel, it is going to affect the script. so, maybe this means the script is not yet written…

  201. Hey – sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but there is a possibility Pirates of the Caribbean 2 may not happen. According to a recent Time article, Keira Knightley has not yet signed onto the movie. “She does not posses the genetic code to be happy as a full time romantic heroine-pirate thwacker. (To date, she is a holdout form the Pirates sequel)” and “She recognizes that movie star is a ‘pretty good job’ and she may yet sign onto that pirates sequel.”

  202. Really? ‘Cause I read somewhere they’ve already signed for the second part but that the third part is questionable. Don’t you think Depp’s that nuts to do it even for a dollar wage? But if Bruckheimer said it…THERE YOU GO GIRLIES! They’re gonna spend all the money on Depp and Bloom and won’t have any left for new girly principal roles! Hey Tearlach, you’ve really been one of the guys in cpt.Sparrow’s crew? Which one? ‘Cause there were some i laughed so hard at the whole movie theatre had to shush me! ROFL!

  203. Hee hee … okay, how’s this to balance it out. Read an interview with Bruckheimer today and apparently they’re still negotiating with all the lead actors from the first to come back. NOBODY has signed yet and there’s some question about whether or not they’ll be able to afford them all as all the principal actors can command a lot more money now than they did when they signed on for the first film, especially Depp and Bloom.

  204. Something similar to this happened in Atom Egoyan’s last film, actually. A guy who initially came on as an extra got bumped up to the lead, but that had an awful lot to do with him being Armenian. Not a lot of those around …

  205. It’s not necessarily true that you need a SG card to get into a major Hollywood movie. You can be Taft-Hartley’d in like I was.

    Basically what that means is that, if the director wants you to play a certain role that requires you to be a member of SAG and you’re not, he can hire you and pay you SAG wages. Once you’ve worked on a project for more than three days for union wages, you’re then eligible to join the union.

    I was hired to be one of Jack Sparrow’s crew, the bunch of lonies he and Will hire in Tortuga along with Mr. Gibbs and Anamaria. We were what is called “featured” extras. We didn’t have any dialogue but we were esential to the storyline. We worked almost exclusively with Johnny and Orlando, sometimes Keira, and rarely with Geoffrey. We got to go to the Caribbean for six weeks of location shooting and one of us got picked to say a line of dialogue and was subsequently bumped up to a principal role for it.
    These things are rare but they happen.

    Keep working at acting, keep auditioning, and don’t let opportunities pass you by.

    See you in the movies!


  206. Thanx lotz! no i aint got a agent yet-the search goes on! howd u find urs? so agent first then equity card yeah? ma mum is helpin me, bless her! me n ma m8 r gettin head shots dun, good move or not, cos lyk u don’t need a propa portfolio 2 b a model but i figure thats prob different!? thanks in advance 4 all ur help, ur a star! luv ya x x mwah x x

  207. Ok, wowsy, hav ya got an agent because they help cos when you join an agency you need an equity card(licence to work on films tv programmes etc)
    they will inform you on how to get thi!ask your local council for licenses to work during school to able you too have time off for acting and so on, but make sure u inquire about it being an acting license ok? you usually then have to renew this every 6 months. Dnt worry it aint as complicated as it sounds, ask your mum or dad to help you. But having an agent will help you get a license and equity card easier. ok? any more questions dnt b afraid to ask!

    Luv from Kimmi-L

  208. Hey kimmi-lysette, i no u hav auditions comin outta ur ears nowadays so u prob will neva read this but if u do i’d luv it if u cud giv me tips etc on how u got ur equity card cos im havin a v.hard tym of it. Plz help coz i 2 am frm england n i 2 want auditions cumin outta ma ears! jst post them up here!
    ok bye luv ya x mwah x mwah x

  209. Hey kimmi-lysette, i no u hav auditions comin outta ur ears nowadays so u prob will neva read this but if u do i’d luv it if u cud giv me tips etc on how u got ur equity card cos im havin a v.hard tym of it. Plz help coz i 2 am frm england n i 2 want auditions cumin outta ma ears! jst post themm up here!
    ok bye luv ya x mwah x mwah x

  210. hi. i also love acting but i have a problem with stage fright. as soon as i get up in front of people my legs start to shake. even if i am in a group.the only time i dont get nerves is when my church does this play called journey to bethlaham and i am a dancing girl in this hotel its fun and we get to bring in people from the audiance to dance with us. i luv acting though because its just fun to become another person, and get out of your life for a while and feel how it is to be someone else.i am going into highschool this year and i am trying to decide if i want to be in the drama club. i dont want to set them back because i get so much stage fright.and alot of the acors in my grade are awsome they never get stage fright at laest that you can tell. when i am by myself i can just breake out and really get into charcters. please e-mail me with tips. my e-mail address is [email protected] . just make sure you label it “hey” so i know its safe to open. thanx.

  211. wowsy o wowsy! thnku for ur advice bubba i have auditions comin out my frikin ears! its so cool aint it! Thnku oh Thnku. ok tht sounded pathetic! sorry lol!

    tlk to ya around

    kimmi-l xxxx

  212. aw, so there is no audition? that sucks, i got all excited when i saw the search on yahoo. well, if you do hear of a movie casting open call auditions let me know! haha

  213. Hey dudes i gotta say i only stumbled across this thread and well this site by accident cos i was bored but all you 11 year olds in love with Mr Depp and his friend Master Bloom really gotta get real. actually thinkin about it don’t get real cos u r only 11 and its fun to dream but if u really r serious listen 2 bubba n day-vuh cos even tho i have no idea who those dudes are they really sound like they no wot theyr talkin about, trust me. n i no practically every msg dat wasn’t dreamy on this thread has said it but you gotta get urself sum experience, sum parts, and then an agent, u gotta b prepared to work 4 it or you’ll get nowher n ull feel even worse than evr realising you just spent the best part of ur life in a half arsed attempt at acting. k
    ps johnny “witness the fitness” Depp is however scrummy and i frankly dont care how old he is
    pps no matter how much you love him or orblando ull neva get a part if u cant act, n ull neva b able 2 act if u dont WANT to with all your being, if u dnt love and live 4 acting ur neva gona be a star. Soz

  214. disturbed, this thread was started precisely to dispell all the false rumors that were flying around about POTC2, namely that it had been written (which it hasn’t) and that they were having open casting calls (which they aren’t and will not). How do we know it hasn’t been written? Because the producers have said so. How do we know they’re not casting? Because you can’t cast a movie that hasn’t been written. How do we know there won’t be open casting calls when the time comes? Because Hollywood simply never works that way. No Hollywood producer will put an unknown, untested and / or inexperienced actor in any sort of significant role in a film that costs literally tens of thousands of dollars per hour to shoot. It will not happen. Ever. No Hollywood produced film will ever star a non-SAG member in a speaking role. It will not happen. Ever. Hollywood is a union shop and if you’re not a member of the appropriate union (whether that be actor, director, writer, or crew) you will not work there. If you want me to crank out a more detailed breakdown of how the casting process works I can do that, too …

    As to Depp being married or not … whether he’s got the piece of paper or not (which I don’t know) he refers to Vanessa Paradis as his wife in public and has been with her for at least five years (basing that on the ages of their two children) which makes it a legally binding common law marriage. Cohabitation for more than a year is a legally binding marriage. Trust me, I know a thing or two about family law. Moreover, the fact that he left this continent in order to be with his wife / girlfriend / mother of his children / whatever you want to call her means that he’s probably a fair bit more comitted to her than he’ll ever be to any of the pubescent girls who fantasize about getting together with a man old enough to be their father. Throw in the fact that he’s repeatedly gone out of his way to avoid the whole teen celebrity thing and that he’s made a film with Roman Polanski and thus knows a thing or two about statuatory rape laws and the consequences of breaking them and it pretty much pops that particular fantasy balloon. Get over it girls. It aint gonna happen. Live in reality.

  215. Im am very disturbed with how you , the person giving all the advice is doing it. You need to make sure that all of the information you are giving to people, and that when you are trying to make a point, that the facts you are using are exaclly that. FACTS. You have some interesting advice. I have a question for you. How do you know that what you are telling people is right, and where do you find your facts, about the movie pirates of the caribbean 2? I hope its that you are some how involed with it. If your just puting your “so called” facts here that you get from word of mouth, then dont put them here, because if that is the case than you arr just like everyone else here “PERIOD”, no if’s, ands or buts.
    Just so that you are clear, Johnny Depp is NOT MARRIED, but does have a girlfriend , and children….. Enlighten me….

  216. Day-vuh! I’ve been in millions of plays and movies, one of them was even nominated for the Academy Award, but does that count for SAG as they were made in my country? And another thing. Do agents cost money or not? You got a really weird sistem down there and internet is a lousy place to gather information!

  217. I think the same thing it takes alot of work but Day-vuhl has inspired me to work for it, recently I have gone to many auditions for many of things(no replies yet on that) and I am most definitley on the verge of getting an agent!!!So again thanx to Day-vuhl and again peolpe listen to it takes WORK!!!! W-O-R-K!!!!!

  218. Okay look, I’m gonna be honest again.

    Unless you’re a working actor with MANY classes, shows, demo reels and respectable acting friends backing you up, – And unless you have an “in” into getting into small union films, and unless youu’ve been working at it for a long time, You’re not going to get your SAG card anytime soon.

    Change your direction in life, and dedicate 4 – 10 years into acting on stage and in film — Then you’ll be in a good position to get it.

    You have about as much chance in getting it as you have some famous director walking up to you on the street and saying, hey, wanna star in your own feature film?

    Again, this is all null and void if your dad is a famous Hollywood actor.

  219. Hey guys i just wanna know how do you get an SAG card. I read somewhere you have to get a line in the movie or something. I/m an actor here in my country ( central Europe ) and have plans to relocate in LA – really looking forward to it;)! This is gonna be a tough road, eh? But you guys should be happy as you’re surrounded with people that have the same desires and passions as you and understand why it all means so much to you. I have to lie about my passions here for people to take me seriously. You/re considered as normal if you wanna be a doctor or a lawyer but if your desire is to be an artist you might as well put a flashing sign FREAK on your forehead. So Hollywood is obviously the city of freaks! ARGH! Me and my friends, all wonderful actors, are making a movie and had to pay for it ourselves /cause nobody listens to us. Really, sometimes I get so angry I could erase my country from the face of the Earth. Anyways, I was surprised, ( or not I don/t know ), about the Pirates mania on the net! Wasn/t there a casting call for extras for the first movie. /Cause if it was, there is a chance for all these girls. Or they really think they/re gonna land a major role!

  220. Your equity card is all you’ll need in england … the SAG card would come into play for a US studio production but if you’re already a member of another union and the casting director wants you they’ll generally take care of the SAG membership for you …

  221. SAG is the Screen Actors Guild. It’s the major actors union in the US. Any major studio production in the US will be a union production so you’ve got to have your union membership to even be considered for roles.




  223. Dear bubba and dave-vuh, just to say thnx. you 2 been a big help to me. i am currently changing my agent, and i have got a a little experiance tho, which is kol, i hav dun auditions for the olsen twins and celbritys like that, so that wud be a good thing for my resume which i am currently writing. i have a equity card which is a license to work on films and tv programmes, and a license to work. so whats an SAG card?

    once again many thanx.
    good luck to you both
    luv Kimmi-Lysette

  224. And I’ve really got to wonder if all you Depp obsessed girls are aware that:

    a) he’s old enough to be your father
    b) he actually is a father
    c) and married
    d) that he left Hollywood to live in France with his wife and child
    e) that his move to Europe was at least partially also because he finds the whole ‘celebrity’ thing distasteful and that distaste very specifically includes the whole teenage girls thinking he’s hot thing.

    You may think Depp’s hot, but he doesn’t think the same about you. So get over it already.

    And where exactly was Day-vuhl rude? Where he pointed out that auditions aren’t happening because the movie hasn’t been written yet and when they do happen you have pretty much zero chance of landing one? That’s not rude, that’s reality. Again, get over it.

    Basic fact: you aint got an SAG card, you aint gonna be in any film made in Hollywood. Hollywood’s a union shop and if you don’t play by their rules you don’t play at all. If you’ve got an SAG card then you’ve been through enough of the process to know better than to post about auditions in a place like this. If you don’t have one and you keep insisting on ignoring people who point out how the system actually works in the real world …. well, keep dreaming, ’cause it’s all you’re EVER going to do.

  225. I’m pretty sick of posts like the one above that assume I’m being a bad person when I tell people that REALLY THINKING Orlando is hot means they should be in a movie with him.

    Work hard for years = being in a movie.
    Really wanting to be in a movie = dreamy posts like the one above.

    Ali, I’m still looking into the agent you have listed.

  226. a. you were rude in this site
    b. i don’t care how many times you say that i won’t be in a movie w/ Johnny Depp because i’m not a person to give up easy and won’t rest till i do.
    and c. when i become famous I’ll be usre to think you for encouraging me.

    thank you

  227. I would really want a part in a big movie like this. I’m used to most of those steps you put down, but I think I should get more involved.
    I went to this place where I got an agent and got a a few headshots and such, but I never went back for other reasons. But I am palnning on meeting in that place again sometime in July. It’s a place called actrors rep and their site is actorsrep.com
    Do you think that is a good place to get an agent if you have heard of it? It’s in NYC by the way…

  228. HOPES and DREAMS,

    And since you made a snide remark about me getting a life, and although I’ve been content to keep this to myself as far as this website goes, I give you this in my own defence:

    In the past 3 years, I have been in 14 theatre productions. 9 of which I have been a principal or lead character. I’ve appeared in 4 independent short films, one that played in Indianapolis in front of the vice-President of Lucasfilm. I’ve been in 2 different photo shoots and have appeared on 2 different promotional materials.

    Shall I go on? What have you done?
    The next time I tell you I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff, it’s because I know what I’m talking about.

  229. HOPES and DREAMS,

    Please read all of my posts. I have never insulted you or anyone.

    I have, however, been direct and honest with how difficult it is to get into Blockbuster films. It’s not a lie – it’s very hard.

    I have only been honest. I never said “don’t dream” — But I endorse working HARD for that dream. You can’t just “Fall” into being in a Blockbuster – it won’t happen.

    If you want me to be blunt, I can always just say:
    “Insult me again and I’ll ban you.”

    Good. Now be nice.

  230. Reading this thread is the rough internet equivalent of watching Jerry Springer – brief moment of guilty pleasure before being overcome by the thought of how many stupid people there are in this world. Day-vuh said it nicely, I’ll say it… more directly. You will not be in POTC2, or any other Hollywood film, unless you’re an extra. Ever.

  231. Dear Day-vuhl and Tearlach,
    Thanx for the info!!I used to spend hours serching for info but always got somthing different from each website i go to. Lots of stuff about 4 girl characters my age that i could not belive.So thanx again your a big help!!!!:)

  232. WELL, all i have to say about the auditions is that i hope EVERYONE FOLLOWS THEIR HOPES AND DREAMS!!! no matter how many people try to put u down! o by the way, i already have a life.. i think its time you should get one…DAY VUH!

  233. WELL, all i have to say about the auditions is that i hope EVERYONE FOLLOWS THEIR HOPES AND DREAMS!!! no matter how many people try to put u down! o by the way, i already have a life.. i think its time you should get one…DAY VUH!

  234. hey my name is christina.
    i just want to say , – DIDDO – what Kellie said . i am twelve years old and i want to know how to get into Pirates of the Caribbean two . if you have any imformation post it up here or e-mail me.

  235. It’s not the answer that you’re looking for, but there really is no quick route. It mostly involves just getting out there and working and bashing your head against the wall over and over and over again until the wall finally starts to move. Bruce Campbell – king of the b-movie – has a good little advice page for wannabe actors on his site here:


    As far as agents go, it’ll depend largely on where you are. Head to your local library and start checking out the entertainment trade papers – the stuff geared specifically for those in the industry – and look for listings in those. Getting an agent is a major catch-22 though. The good ones generally won’t take on clients that don’t have an SAG card and you generally can’t get the work you need to score your SAG card unless you’ve got an agent. It’s a hard circle to crack and there is no easy way to do it.

  236. thnx bubba for de info anyways. u 2 been very helpful and im very grateful. u wudnt happen to have any tips on how to make it. cos i want to so bad. it would mean so much to me! honest it wud.
    i luv performing and wen im on stage its the greatest feeling in the world. ok tht probably sounded cheesy but its so tru. laugh if ya will.
    but i wud eb everso greatful if u cud giv me a few tips. and mayb sum gd agents numbas??

    plz plz plz…

    all the best wit lots of luv kimmi-l xxx

  237. I’m not insulting you, Kimmi, I’m insulting your agent. An agent’s entire job is to know these things and if yours doesn’t she’s worse than useless because she’s not only not getting you auditions, but she’s also keeping you from hooking up with an agent who would be able to. There are a lot of shady agents in the world. A LOT of them. If you’re paying your agent to land you auditions and she doesn’t even know where to look for them (open casting calls are announced in the trade papers, by the way, which every agent in the country should be subscribing to) then you’re wasting both your time and your money and you should go elsewhere.

    Why do I know this stuff? ‘Cause I’m just generally an obsessive sort with the kind of mind that grabs hold of the legs of odd bits of information and never lets go. Plus I’ve been a semi-pro media critic for the last ten years or so. Day-vuh knows this stuff because he’s been a struggling actor for a good while now and is slowly making his way through the system.

  238. ok, insult me why dnt ya! my agent did nt tell me to, she sed “i need more to go on then just a phone numba” so i thhort to myself ok where shud i start and i thort the internet!! ok?? but i appreciate the info anyways bubba.
    how do u know all this anyways??

    Luv kimmi-l xxxx

  239. Kimmi:

    Read the post above. There is no casting director yet. There is no script yet. The casting process hasn’t even begun. And frankly, if your agent needs you to go scrounging around on websites to find casting directors you need to fire them and find someone who knows what the hell they’re doing.

  240. Dear tearlach aka Gerad Reys? Can we get tlkin. I wud luv it if you gave me a few tips on how to get into the movies as my agent ses if i can get a bit more info than jus a number she wil get me the auditions thnx loads !

    Luv ya x-x-x

  241. Hey Dave-vuh jus want to ask ya summit. I have phoned my agent and she says this is all fine but she is going to need like a number for the casting agent an address and a date. PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU DO KNOW ANYTHING! Do you know what the part would be for anyways??

    Luv ya x-x-x

  242. If you are driven this is what you must do:
    **Keep in mind, there is a REASON why I know this**

    1) Take some Classes
    – Be it acting classes, singing classes, vocal lessons, fight choreography, on-screen courses, on-air training, dancing lessons, Improv schools it goes on and on.. You can never learn too much. You’re young, start now.

    2) Get Involved.
    – I don’t care WHAT you’re doing, volunteer at the local theatre pulling the curtain open for all I care, but get out there and DO stuff. You’ll learn much more and meet many people that are a little furthur up the ladder than you.

    3) Get a Head Shot.
    – And don’t get your photography teacher to give you extra film and get your buddy to take your picture and then phtocopy it, I mean, get a real head shot.

    4) Perform.
    – Audition for tons of stuff, get on stage, get on film – evenfor community and student films, but get SOMETHING on your resume, as you progress, you’ll learn and meet more people along the way that can help you in your quest.

    5) Get an Agent
    – Once you have a resume and some clout behind you, get a serious agent — not the agents you find in the classifieds either, but a real one. If you follow steps 1 – 4, you’ll eventually learn who they are. You won’t get an agent until you get used to the next Step.

    6) Get used to being turned down and feeling worthless
    – That’s right, if rejection is a weak spot for you, you better get over it – and fast. Would you fall apart if someone said “You did a great job, but your voice is too squeaky” or “we need someone thinner” or “you don’t have the right look” ? If you would, you may want to reconsider.

    7) Keep at it.
    — I hope that while you’ve been performing and once you have an agent, that you don’t stop learning, taking classes and getting yourself work. An agent doesn’t do your job for you – An agent helps you find more work so you can do your job.


    (All of this is null and void if your dad is famous in Hollywood)

  243. Sorry, just trying to make it. Okay there are no auditions for this movie but are there for any more. I clicked here thinking there were auditions. We all got to start somewhere.I mean who ever said there was no auditions I understand you have to clear up there is no audition but when there is pleaseee let me know.Im trying really hard to find auditions!Im driven, ready and eager to here from you! My email is [email protected] Thanks!!!

  244. i’d practically do anything to get on a big screen or into a movie premier it would be so awesome so if anyone knows anything about anymovie please contact me at my e-mail…i will not tell anyone else i swear..that the lord

  245. hello my name is Mercedes a 13 year old actress. If you have any open scenes. even if they are only little ones like in a crowd or say maybe…well i don’t know well anyway if there is any open scenes i am willing to play in them so please contact me at [email protected]
    i don’t care what movie it is as long as it makes it onto the big screen..luv ya all…lol

    thanks so much


  246. if you do decide to let someone in just for a small shot like in a crowd or something please email me. like if you need a 14 well almost 14 year old in please email me. i would really like to play in this movie. i haven’t been in any movie at all in my life.

  247. if you do decide to let someone in just for a small shot like in a crowd or something please email me. like if you need a 14 well almost 14 year old in please email me. i would really like to play in this movie. i haven’t been in any movie at all in my life.

  248. hey, i get that there are no open casting calls,but if anyone has any info on any open casting calls for any movie please email me with the information you find thank you.

  249. hey Tearleach thnx for the info, trust me i aint 1 of those screaming fans tht jus want to be in the films cos of orlando n johnny i want to act so, if u dnt think im being to rude or cheeky. Can you give me any tips on how to get my agent to get an audition for me. i am so serious about this, i need a big brake for my acting carear. i Promise i will keep the info to myself!

    luv kimmi-L xxxx

  250. As it happens, I was in the first movie and did share the screen with Johnny, Orlando, Keira, and Geoffrey. (My name, Tearlach, is my character’s name in the credits.) But I agree with Day-vuh in that there won’t be an open call for 12-15 year old actresses (or any other character for that matter) for the sequel(s). For one thing, Hollywood doesn’t work that way.

    There are rumors swirling around the Internet about casting calls in Florida for this very thing and I can tell you that they’re false. All principal casting will be done in Los Angeles, not at a rumored location.

    In one Yahoo Group, the moderator claims that she has been cast as a pirate in the next film who is Jack Sparrow’s rival and that she was cast because she met Johnny Depp at the Premier of POTC at Disneyland and he remembered her when this part came up. She also claims that the studio is flying her to Hollywood for acting lessons for this! An incredible crock but some people are eager to believe it.

  251. Like I said at the top of my last comment, I was PASTING a post I found somewhere else.

    I’m not saying you don’t have a shot – I’m not saying it won’t happen – especially if you’re doing it by the book. And an agent is a great place to start. Trust me, I Know.

    However, I *was* saying that you can’t be in the movie just because you really like Orlando and want to be in the movie. – I realize you’re NOT one of these people, but MANY, MANY are. So of course, if you’re listed as a client of a popular agent, a member of the SAG and such, then by all means, I wish you the best……

    …..to everyone else, go back and read the original post again.

  252. U got to get it rite day-vuh, for a start Ronna Kress is the casting directer for potc 1+2, so how would you know???? I kno tht there will be no open castings, i have an agent a number and a work permit i have done everything by the boook, and have been an actress for a long time now. So this is the big brake i need ! Soz but there aint no crushing my dreams. And i aint doin it to meet orlando bloom or Johnny depp!! #

    all the best though xxx

  253. Whether he really is an associate, I don’t know, but this was a public post on film-makers.com

    It sums it up nicely:

    Posted by N/A on February 22, 19104 at 10:23:12:

    I am an associate of the company behind one of the scriptwriters for Pirates of the Caribbean 2: [title undisclosed for security reasons]


    A casting director HAS NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED as yet, so there is ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION about auditions.

    For your information, THE SCRIPT HAS NOT BEEN WRITTEN. The scriptwriters are currently busy with another project and work on POTC will not start until MID-2004 OR LATER.


    Also, please note that any letters or emails to The Casting Couch Ltd or Sande Alessi (casting director of the first film) WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISPOSED OF.

    We don’t care how much you want to be an actor; whether you know all the lines verbatim to the first film is not grounds for being cast in the sequels; you may be Orlando Bloom’s biggest fan, but NONE OF THIS MATTERS.


    Please spread this message around, tell all your friends, post it on other boards like this one. Posting on message boards like this WILL NOT get you a part. Calm down and stop spreading rumours.

    Thankyou very much.

  254. Open casting calls are fantastically rare and almost never happen for big budget films – there’s just too much money at stake. If you want to get into a film in a speaking role the only sure way to go about it is to start building yourself a performance resume and get yourself a good agent. And getting an agent is, frankly, brutally difficult. There are far, far, far more aspiring actors than there are paying jobs, so if you’re looking to make a career in acting you’d best be prepared to be told ‘no’. A lot. If a film’s shooting in your area, though, it’s much easier to get on board as an extra. They still use casting agencies but getting in with an extras agency is as simple as going in and filing a head shot and contact info most of the time …

  255. thanks for clearing that up for me, i understand that it can be hard to make a teenage girl listen, after all, i am one…..HOPES AND DREAMS, you need to get a life, and learn to live with disappointment…weren’t being mean, just honest and straight to the point…but guys, if you ever hear of any movie auditions for anything that are in the U.S. or U.K., please post them on here, so that us aspiring actors and actresses can be able to attend them. by the time i can find an audition on the net, it’s too late, and the audition has already happened…THANK YOU!

  256. to actually enjoy crushing peoples dream isnt the best way to make friends!! but who ever said you wanted friends!!! well guess what???? NO ONE IS GONNA BELIEVE YOU, SORRY,BUT A COUPLE COMMENTS BY A PERSON THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT ISNT GONNA STOP US, SO BAK OFF OF OUR HOPES AND DREAMS!!! AND GET RID OF YOUR OWN LAME LIFE AND FIND A NEW ONE!!

  257. And, to be honest, I don’t think I was being mean in the first place:

    – I didn’t call anyone stupid or anything demeaning. I didn’t make fun of gene-pools, gender, race, creed or anyone’s nose, ears, penis or boob size. I didn’t call into question anyone’s sexuality, maturity, intelligence or morals. I didn’t pre-judge or assume jealousy or horomone-driven angst. I didn’t condemn based on education level or delusions of grandeur. No matter how accurate any of that may have been.

    The only thing I did:
    – Inform you that you won’t be in a movie with Johnny Depp.

    I know it sucks when it is spelled out clearly for you, but that “sinking” feeling? – That’s called reality – drink it well.

    If I was mean I would’ve set up a fake casting call website, announced I was accepting resumes for POTC 2 and linked to it from here. Sadly, I didn’t think of that until just now.

  258. We could, yes, but we choose not to. Why? You choose:

    a) we are cruel and sadistic people.
    b) having been crushed ourselves we derive a vicarious thrill from crushing others hopes and dreams.
    c) hormone-driven teenage girls tend not to pay attention when told something they don’t want to hear unless the point is driven home somewhat forcefully.


    d) (which is quite closely related to c actually) we’ve already posted this exact information over and over and over again in a polite fashion over on the hormone-driven teen girl overridden Pirates of the Caribbean thread and we’re quite frankly getting a little bit sick of you lot asking the same questions over and over when the answers are already right in front of you and since you’re not listening anyway we might as well have a little fun whilst being ignored.

  259. Dave, e-mail me your phone number, we have to talk to you ASAP, emails seem to not be going through to you from our end and this is very important.

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