Michael Moore Wins Palme D’Or

moore.jpgWell all you Michael Moore haters here’s the thing. The man may still have a weight problem but he also now has the most prestigious film award in the world. Cannes just announced their winners and Fahrenheit 9/11 took home the Palme D’Or as best picture.

I’m actually a little surprised by this considering there was a strong American and British presence on the jury which I thought may prefer to dodge the controversy. Before things kicked off I figured Chan Wook Park’s Old Boy was a near lock for the big hardware considering it played right into Jury President Quentin Tarantino’s twin fetishes for all things Asian and all things violent but it was not to be. In his acceptance speech Moore noted the irony in the fact that the film has a distributor in pretty much every country of the world – including places as remote as Albania – but has still not landed a distributor in the US.

Other major awards winners include Old Boy with the Grand Prix, Maggie Cheung as Best Actress, Yagira Yuya as best actor, and Tony Gatliff as best director.

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