Looking for the Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer?

The Trailer has finally been released!
Click Here For The Trailer [CURRENTLY BACK UP!! as of June 5th]
Alternate Downloads:
Official Trailer in Full Quicktime on Apple.com [Currently Up]
www.dreamscapesoftheperverse.com [Currently Up]
www.ifcfilms.com [Currently Up]

The trailer is released to theatres today (June 4th), so you could always get out of the house and go see a movie… *MayBe* with a FRIEND even! Whoa. Pretty heavy.
And if you fancy yourself a reader, here’s a BBC article about the movie and the trailer.

There you are — for those of you who are interested, you can still see the press conference stuff from Cannes below:
Press Conference and a very small amount of film footage – In Realplayer Format – 8 Minutes

Just the Press Conference Footage:
Windows Media:
Realplayer (bleah):

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18 thoughts on “Looking for the Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer?

  1. Does anyone know the title of the last song in the trailer…with the lyrics “no solution, no solution”, I think?

    It’s not on the movie soundtrack unfortunately.

  2. I got the Quicktime to work easily enough, it just took hitting refresh a few times until I hit a window in the bandwidth … as far as I know when people set up quicktime to stream like that you’re pretty much out of luck as far as downloading, though I’m sure some of the stream-capture software out there would allow you to capture it once you’ve got it streaming. Not that that’s any help behind a firewall, though …

  3. If you can’t see video.. your codec may be old — you may need to update you Windows Media version. check microsoft.com to update it..

    I haven’t spoken to anyone who’s gotten the quicktime to work… and making a downloadable file, going by the number of hits we’ve gotten today, would destroy almost any server… If I find one, I’ll post it in this post…

  4. I’m having problems too. The QT sometimes just keeps buffering and some times it just says 400 Bad Request on the bar. The WM works just the audio not any video.

  5. Yes. I too am having issues with it. I have the full, paid for copy of Quicktime (which is supposed to let me save movies to my hard drive) yet every time I try to play the movie downloaded off my hard drive it tries to reload it from Quicktime, and the buffering is crap, and I haven’t seen the trailer at all without hiccups in the video/audio. If anyone has a clean version of it that doesn’t try to load/buffer every time, toss a link up. I’d love to see this preview. :)

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