William Gibson Returning to the Big Screen.

gibson.jpgCanadian author William Gibson – best known for his creation of the ‘cyberpunk’ concept in Neuromancer – is having his latest work adapted for the big screen. Pattern Recognition, Gibson’s first and only work to be set in the present day, has been picked up by Warner Brothers with Peter Weir slated to direct. This is one of the only Gibson novels I haven’t read but his other stuff is notoriously dense and pretty much unadaptable. Here’s hoping that this turns out better than Johnny Mnemonic. Shudder.

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2 thoughts on “William Gibson Returning to the Big Screen.

  1. There are some people that could take a decent run at it now (Aronofsky, I think … maybe Gilliam … some of the current crop of Japanese directors) but I think Neuromancer would be brutally hard to adapt … there’s so much stuff that happens purely in the characters heads … they’d have to come up with a really good way to represent all the AI stuff …

  2. Such a shame that they never bothered to adapt any others beyond that… sorry I struggle to even say it… that…. Johnny Mnemonic…. ergh..

    Neuromancer would be a superb film given a decent cast and a competent director…

    I’ve always wondered what Tim Burton would do with Cyberpunk??!

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