Will The Day After Tomorrow Happen? Nasa says nothing.

Forget the useless “strike-fear-into-the-hearts-of-the-public-so-I-can-obtain-false-trust” antics of ‘Orange Alerts’… how’s this for a “Freak The Hell Out of the Public” response: And folks, according to the New York Times and NASA’s top press officer, this conversation would ACTUALLY happen, if you had the chance to ask: Ready?

You: “Hey top NASA advisor! Do you know that movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ about the Greenhouse effect and massive weather catastrophies? – That won’t actually happen will it?”
Them: “Uhhh.. No Comment.”

That’s right folks, NASA’s official line for “Is The Planet Earth Poised to be Completely Screwed by Giant Greenhouse Disasters?” is “No Comment.”
No Comment?!?! What the hell is that? I want a comment dammit! How ’bout: “Hey buster, don’t you get yer panties in a twist, it’s a stinkin movie.” That’d be fine. But is that the response we’re getting? Nope. Stellar. Absolutely Stellar.

Now, apparently, a lot of this is just spurned on gibberish, but the New York Times did report it, so it must be true, right? Slim word out of NASA is that scientists ARE in fact free to talk about the film now, but I haven’t really found too much on that.

And of course, David Suzuki, the wise Earth-Man that he is, has dispelled any concerns in a nice little article he wrote here. However, it’s much more fun to freak the hell outta the public and watch them scurry in a panic. Maybe that’s why those Orange Alerts are so damn popular.

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8 thoughts on “Will The Day After Tomorrow Happen? Nasa says nothing.

  1. Tidal waves in Manhattan. Tornadoes in Los Angeles. A blizzard in Bombay. The culprit? Global warming. That’s the story in the new action thriller The Day After Tomorrow. The scenario is over the top. But the fact is, global warming is happening now. Help us make sure that things don’t get too hot to handle. Go to http://www.GetTheRealScoop.org to send a message asking your Senators to support cuts in Global Warming Pollution today. Take Action Now and to show you how much we appreciate your help, we’ll give you a free scoop of ice cream when you send your letter.

  2. Yes, sudden climate change is unlikely, and climate change as sudden as in the day after tomorrow is impossible. But that doesn’t mean that climate change isn’t happening, or that this isn’t a good time to talk about it. There are some signs that Day After Tomorrow may serve that role:

    the day after tomorrow as an opportunity to raise questions
    move on day after tomorrow
    environmentalists and day after tomorrow
    bill mckibben day after tomorrow

  3. Yep… it’s right up there with “No, I dont wish to receive email from you any more”… and “I don’t want this magazine anymore”.. oh and mustn’t forget… “but there’s never anything on this channel.. I dont want it! Make it go away!

  4. My credit card people are definitely not friendly. I called them just last week and swore at them. A lot. Funny thing … I’d always assumed that when you tell a bank to “cancel my account” that would translate to “don’t process any new transactions” ’cause it’s rather difficult to process transactions on an account that no longer exists. This basic piece of logic does not seem to apply in credit-land. Bah.

  5. Probably NASA people hadn’t even heard of the film yet! “No Comment” seems to be the NASA equivalent of “Uh? Wah?…. but I’m already in my pyjamas”.

    Bah to David Suzuki for ruining all our doom saying fun.. it’s nice to believe the whole planet is about to go to hell in a basket, makes me feel better about ignoring my credit card statement for just a couple more weeks!

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