Silly HMV and Their Movie Packing Problems

Okay, a while back I actually had something good to say about HMV. No really. They had (in fact, they still have) a “two packages with 2 movies each for 40 bucks” sale. My post that referenced this sale got erased because I’m stupid. I’ll take it as an omen. (for those of you who hate math, the sale means you’ll get 4 movies for 40 bucks)

However, HMV is, once again, very silly. I don’t know who’s in charge of coupling these movies, or who oversees the sales department, but whoever they are, they really need to be fired and let me do it. In fact, wait, perhaps I wouldn’t work at HMV – well for free DVDs, yeah.. ANYWAY.

So I’m strolling the aisles of HMV and I’m looking at these “packages of two” to see which films I’d consider taking home with me, cuz 10 bucks for a DVD ain’t too bad. Now, most of these “paired” movies match in genre or style. For example: They’ve paired Mobsters with Carlito’s Way — L.A. Story with Novocaine — Saving Private Ryan with Amistad — Old School with Road Trip. Catching on yet? If not, you’re an idiot. Let’s continue…

Suddenly, facing out at me from the shelf is the Special Edition 2-Disc set of Scarface. Scarface! Purchased with the right movies, that’s Scarface for 10 bucks!. A Bargain! I had nearly decided to purchase the package no matter WHAT movie it was coupled with… until I turned the package over… And what was it?

Folks, the Ugly Nerdling at HMV who puts these together packaged Scarface with: The Fast and the Furious. I know. It’s criminal. And you know what else? Whoever it is, is getting paid more than me!! Is this a cruel world or what? How did this person get this job –or better yet– how does he KEEP his job?? Unbelievable.

May the people at HMV know that I WAS going to make a 40+ dollar purchase at your store – until I saw this bastard coupling. I then ran away. And probably cried a while.

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5 thoughts on “Silly HMV and Their Movie Packing Problems

  1. I agree. That is a pretty crazy coupling. I work for HMV and happen to know that they are studio packaged. Its Universal Home Video that makes those packs. I dont consider myself thick or stupid. Besides if one person does make a stupid decision does that make all of them thick and stupid?

  2. Fast and the Furious?!??!? are they mad… what pose… why did they…. but…

    Sorry, it’s just too horrible to comprehend.. it calls for the invention of a new word! If anybody has seen the ghastly adverts in the UK for the Nissan Micra (Do you speak Micra?).. the basic premise is to take two words and meld them together (simple + technology = simpology)..
    So hmv store people are general thick and stupid, so I think this calls for them to be referred to as either stupick, thupid, stit, or stanker.

    I think this calls for an open forum debate! Worst movie coupling… quality pieces combined with complete tat… Apocalypse Now + He-Man? The Deer Hunter + The New Avengers? Leon + Win a date with Tad Hamilton?

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