Excellent Richard Kelly Interview Here

rkellyint1.jpgSo, after getting myself all worked up over these stories about an upcoming extended cut of Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko – which has one of the coolest websites ever, by the way. Just go ahead and click that link and prepare to lose hours of your life – and then getting even MORE worked up about rumors of a possible collaboration with Darren Aronofsky on a Kurt Vonnegut adaptation – a combination of talent that has me just about ready to soil myself with excitement – I figured I should dig around a bit and see what I could turn up. What I found was a killer interview with the man himself in which he goes in depth on the new version of Darko, his long delayed sophomore film Knowing, a project he’s written for Tony Scott titled Domino, another slated to star Kate Hudson, the aforementioned Vonnegut adaptation, an adaptation of a classic Twilight Zone episode, a script he’s written for Jonathon Mostow, another for Eli Roth, and a couple he’s even gone ahead and written for himself to direct, including one that involves a “a genetically designed, upright walking cow-beast.” Whatever you’re gonna say about the man you sure can’t call him lazy. Read the interview here.

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