Casshern Coming to America?

casshern.jpgIf you’ve been reading this site for a while you know I’m more than a little excited about an upcoming Japanese sci-fi flick called Casshern. It opens in Japan tomorrow and it looks as though those of us who have been drooling all over the trailer may have a thing or two to look forward to …

I’m still looking for a decent translation of this but from the garbled info I can pull out of Babelfish it appears that an American studio is currently negotiating for distribution rights to the original film as well as rights to a potential remake. If the remake happens the local boys will employ original director Kazuaki Kiriya to adapt and helm the local version.

No word yet on which American studio is going after it, but as soon as I can dig that up I’ll let you know. In the meantime go watch the trailer another five or six times. It’s here. Zowie.

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26 thoughts on “Casshern Coming to America?

  1. Stupid idiot who posted spam on this page!

    Well, Casshern is now released on DVD. It has English subtitles :)

    Easily the best movie of the year for me!


  2. Stupid idiot who posted spam on this page!

    Well, Casshern is now released on DVD. It has English subtitles :)

    Easily the best movie of the year for me!


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  4. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the trailer. Casshren is my dream come true. Only, I didn’t have a hand in it, and that makes me emotional. Anyway, if I order the Ultimate, will it play on my American Playstation 2?

    If the answer is no, then I will kill myself…or buy a region 2 compatible DVD player.

  5. No legal copies can be purchased anywhere. It’s still on screens in Japan and the Japanese DVD release hasn’t been announced yet. No word on any US licensing agreement so far, either.

  6. I have been going crazy for this ever since I saw it on the Japanese news channel…does anyone know where a legal copy can be purchased in the states? Really enjoyed the trailer!!

  7. If I have to wait for the movie I’d at least like to get the soundtrack. The SICK song that kicks in halfway through the trailer MUST be mine but I cannot find the name of it!!

  8. When I was younger my first experince with casshern\casharn was the old Dubbed anime MOVIE, better animation quality then the TV serries, Basicaly the TV serries fit for a movie. many years later I found a rental of like 2 episodes of the 70’s TV serries, raw but still. I enjoyed it… time pass’s I all but forget about casshern. then at a local anime club I go to showed the trailer, I was in heaven. But since I don’t live in Japan, don’t undertand Japanese and money is pretty tight, It’s hard to get. I also thought it was rather odd for a LA movie in japan to make all this english stuff. I’m looking forward to mroe news and how i can get a LEGAL copy of the movie.

    On the official english bbs reviewers also said the same thing at first alot like the old anime but then gets deeper with philosophical. I would be happy with the old but it sounds even better now.

  9. belive me THIS MOVIE ROCKS
    i just came back from theater (in japan)

    and i m amazed for what i have seen!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really don t hope for an american remake


  10. hey, u guys abroad, CASSHERN was so great!
    I live in Japan, and I saw it in the theateres.
    It was astonshing, and very very beautiful.
    If u have a chance, u better see it.
    You’ll miss out on something spectacular!!!!

  11. Everything I’ve read says it’s a pretty major departure from the anime, which has some Japanese fans upset … not having seen the anime that’s no problem from me. Everything I’ve read says the first half is pretty action oriented with the second half getting quieter and more philosophical …

  12. Im obsessed with this trailer. I could only imagine how i’d feel about the whole movie. I think I would rather see the actors in this movie than an American version – u just cant mess with this cast. It rocks! Now excuse me while I go learn Japanese ;)

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