Ah Crap. There Goes All My Money.

fortunestar.jpgCurse you Korea, and your love for killer box sets! Fans of Hong Kong Cinema polish up your credit cards and get set to spend some money … See those crazy looking binders in the picture? See them? Aren’t they pretty? Want to know what’s inside? Well, frankly, just about everything you’ll ever need to come across as an expert in Hong Kong films, that’s what.

Fortune Star, an Asian film company, has bought up rights to a stack of classic titles and sunk a lot of money into completely restoring and refurbishing them all. Those remasters – apparently pretty much Criterion quality work – are now starting to crop up in special edition sets throughout the Asian world. Korean DVD giant Spectrum is just starting to release themed sets of the films in those dead cool binders. Already available is a set of six Bruce Lee films with John Woo’s classic A Better Tomorrow trilogy due to follow in early May and the complete cycle of Jet Li’s Once Upon a Time in China films due in early July. Other sets will focus on Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. Like my credit card wasn’t overworked as it is …

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4 thoughts on “Ah Crap. There Goes All My Money.

  1. And they all look so purrrrdy!
    See box sets rarely fit into any kind of DVD storage thingy, so why not make them so gorgeous you just want to leave them out somewhere… without being moaned at by your girlfriend that the Alien Quadrilogy boxed set belongs in a drawer….. having tried to explain that being a seminal masterpiece collection of films.. women eh. Tsk

  2. Impressive stuff. I’m happy with my OUATIC DVDs from Columbia/TriStar. Iffy on the Better Tomorrow series though. The only REALLY good one of the bunch is the second one. Especially if you like it when Woo blows stuff up. Very impressive climatic battle in the mansion. But the Bruce Lee binder tickles my bank account it does.

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