You’re Required to Like These People. Now Go.

Every once in a while, ‘specially since it’s Christmas, it’s a good idea to spread a little bit of help to a few people who have helped us…

In light of which, these people have linked or blogged to us over the past wee while and all house some interesting stuff of their own. – And they like movies, so goody for them. Please visit their sites and make them feel happy and good.

Cinema Aficionado – Wow. This Cinema Blog kicks total butt. Alison Parker (an online media senoir) does her homework for every single post. Her goal is to educate you on movies. She knows what she talking about. This is a must visit. Go Now – The longer you wait the less you know. This blog just became my new regular visit.
HowardatRandom – Lauren lives in California, attends San Jose State, likes Anime, recently discovered our review on the Star Wars Holiday Special and won’t date you, so don’t go all “lonely guy on the internet” on her. However, her blog is stock full o’ stuff. Updates on the current odor of her Dorm Room. You know you want to know. Go. – That’s her name, and this is her webpage. She posts different events, photos and stuff and is currently linking to our Best Christmas Movies Ever Made list. She recently got married. Go congratulate her… now.
Occasionallywright – Ben Wright writes stuff. He has wise thoughts and wrote a thesis defending professional wrestling – just that deserves a visit right there.
Retarded Jimmy – “Jimmy” runs a fantastic site that covers billions of media releases, including movies, music, video games, TV etc. – Check it out. Tons to read, sharp layout.

My apologies go to anyone we missed (there’s a few)- Honourable mention goes to search engines who almost count as people.

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