Thoughts and Reviews on Return of the King – and… Go:

Oh, I know I’ll be hearing about it sooner or later… You’re going to, or you have seen Lord of the Rings: Return of the King before me. Good for you. And since I’m going to hear about your wonderful luck eventually, I might as well give you a spot to rub it all in….

So by all means… Leave us your ample thoughts on LOTR: Return of the King. Go.

Sigh… I hate my life…..

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11 thoughts on “Thoughts and Reviews on Return of the King – and… Go:

  1. the two kings is the biggest suck movie ever. the only thing visionary about peter jackson is that he stuffed his pockets with loads of money. this movie is so boring i cant believe i didnt pass out completely. the ending is complete shite, i was waiting for a boat to sail of into the sun and sure enough there it was and then the little hobbit door closed…wonderful. i was really hoping for everybody to just drop dead. very few of the characters in this movie are well portrayed, they pretty much all suck. and then the dialogue, script…jeezus christ what were they thinking. this movie must be the worst adaptation of a book ever. some stereotypes cliches are of course allowed and unavoidable in this genre, but to smear them on the screen for 3+ hours is pure torture. and the effects were great, who gives. minas tirith never looked more than the 30 inch scale model it was. i am worried when people see this as the pinnacle of fantasy and visionary thought and whatever. beware of new generations of clannad worshipping elf lovers and new goths with flowers in their hair. peter jackson bravo, you ve pulled it off. you ve managed to completely kill imagination.

  2. As much as Lord of the Rings is the greatest stack o’ books ever, I was horribly disappointed in the final film. The Sam/Frodo/Golum love triangle should have ended WAY sooner than it did, thus the Kiwi film makers would have saved my stupid friends much tears. Also, the cleansing of the Shire was completely missed as was poor ol’ Saruman’s death scene which is a super neat. But I stop myself, these guys took on an epic with a huge following and tried their best to make it marketable… so they had to scale it down a bit in the process. Not the best movie in the world. Hey, thumbs up for trying guys, thumbs up. BUT NO HOUSE OF HEALING SCENE! WHY!! FRAN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! AND WHY WEREN’T YOU ON THE DVD?

  3. LOTR “Return Of The King” just so happens to be the longest and boring film I have ever seen. How can the people at New Line ever compensate me for the 3.5 hours it stole from my life!!!

  4. Right.. it’s obvious that LOTR has the most stunning special effects of all time… but the movie was never about the special effects… it just using the special effects to tell the story. LOTR was a great story before it ever hit the big screen…

  5. I’ll hand it to ya.. those are some solid movies you mentioned.. can’t argue there.

    However, I am curious what movie you think has GOOD special effects. – It could be that your just anti-CGI, which I could also understand. Just curious. Great movies though.

  6. It can be a very deadly disease. It suffercates you, tears your heart out and places it on a running track with hungry cheetas, and it can blind you from the truth and can exagerate everything that you see or hear. Yes, I am talking about anticipation, which something I have to cure almost every week. The cure? By seeing the damn movie! I was never this excited for the fellowship of the ring, not even near as excited as I was to the two towers. But here I was, knawing my nails and trying so very desperatly to calm myself down. I was as hyped up to this movie as I was for star wars episode 1 & 2…and now episode 3!

    This is the movie that will be talked about for decades to come…yes I can’t be bothered to go into it all. I bet you have heard it on almost or every review you have read so far for this damn movie. Is it just me, but is this one more hyped up then the last? Or is it anticipation clawing at my fragile brain?? But none-of-the-less, this movie is hyped up BADLY. Normaly this can ruin a movie…but this one actualy lives up to the hype. That to me sounds insane, but it does.

    There is everything that you will expect if you have seen the last two, crafted to the extreme. It was a long journey. One that showed us that friendship was the greatest aspect of our lives, that there were movies that can still movie us, open up our imagination just as star wars did way back in 1977. Sorry to keep bringing star wars up, this is very different in many ways. The battles impress, the acting accelerates and the main aspects like courage, loyalty and family topps all what any other movie has ever produced. This is a great christmas movie…no I’m being serious. Christmas is about friendship and family and it is a way to show how much you love them. I mean, if your still laughing at me right now for putting that I’ll put it in another way. After i saw all that hope and love at the end of return fo the king, I suddenley remembered that christmas was still to come. I went and got the best presents just to show how much my family meant to me. I didn’t have much money, but I know, even if they are not expensive presents the love will get across to them. The movie, even with it’s out-satanding battles and violence it left me feeling hope for the future. And I believe that it should to everyone!

  7. Of course Johnny would be the one of us to see this film before ANYONE. I’m just counting the days until he is Prime Minister so we can get it over with.

    Return premiered in my measly town last night at midnight, and I will likely catch a matinee this weekend. I have no doubts that this film will be a marvel for all to witness. It has a proven and classic script with the technology to finally make Tolkien’s imagination a possibility.

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