Lots of New (and not-so-new) Trailers

Okay, this will be one of those suckers that doesn’t focus on one movie, but a few new releases that’ll be released in — ohh, I dunno.. the next few months or so. Some of these look great, some of them look average.. the movies that looked totally stupid (ie: “My Baby’s Daddy”) I just left out.

Hidalgo – Viggo’s next big flick. This has already been commented on, but the newer, longer – although not necessarily BETTER trailer is out. Still looks good though. View Trailer
Win a Date With Tad Hamilton – Granted, this looks sorta silly, but Topher Grace makes me chuckle. However, it looks like it would have an entertaining flavour to it – Although you already know how the story ends — Which is too bad, because, well.. although the reality of it sucks, the smaller, weaker, less-famous and less-rich guys DON’T win. Trust me. I know. View Trailer
Taking Lives – I’m not too sure what I think about this one, it doesn’t seem too bad. With the cast in it, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it yet. There’s a really slick death sequence in the trailer that made me go “OOOOOohhhhhhFFFFFFFF!!!!” – And hey, it takes place in Montreal, Canada – like it’s actually set there. – Well, so was ‘The Score’, but it’s always a nice touch. View Trailer
The Big Empty – This is already playing on a very limited release, but hey, being a fan of Jon Favreau (you are too, you just aren’t aware you are) this trailer looks fairly quaint. Nice… dark…comedy…. and human heads. Very Good. View Trailer
The Big Bounce – This could be a sweet re-make: Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman, some new hottie, Gary Sinise, Charlie Sheen… In the right setting, Owen Wilson can be spot on – And with Elmore Leonard — who’s written tons of stuff you’ve liked– directed by the guy who did “Gross Pointe Blank” – hopefully this will be a slick sucker too.View Trailer
Dummy – Artisan has this listen as “Now Playing”. But in all my movie yapping, I’ve never even heard of it. The trailer looks very subtle but has a certain edge to it that seems to make this romantic comedy look quite different from the staple romantic comedies, which seem to all be teen-angst-ridden silliness. Spitfire Cast to boot. View Trailer
Touching The Void – This documentary got rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this year – and it is apparently being released in late January. Being pumped as “more-than-just-a-survival-movie”, I know practically nothing about it – as I was too busy watching ‘The Grudge‘ at the time. From what people are saying, you should watch it. View Trailer

Okay, I’ve been sitting here way too long. I’m gonna go buy Egg Nog.

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One thought on “Lots of New (and not-so-new) Trailers

  1. Dummy’s already come and gone. Played at the Toronto Festival this year and got lukewarm reviews, hit theaters a couple weeks later and lasted about a week. Apparently it sat on the shelf for a while and only saw the light of day because of Brody’s Oscar for The Piano …

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