Toronto: You have Cheap Movie Tickets Available. Do something About it.

Okay, I’m sick of this.

If you live in Toronto, and you like movies, you have a job to do, and you bloody well better do it or I’ll get really ticked and put on my bad face.

There is a cinema, a real one, that shows real movies, on real screens.. at 1990 prices.

This is not a Rep Cinema or a Dollar Cinema — It is an actual Cinema that shows NEW movies and thinks regular movie tickets prices are too high, and they have decided to to something about it. So you better get over there and support them. I’m not kidding, folks. Do it.

Rainbow Cinemas at Market Square has a SLEW of things going for it:
    – It’s right downtown Toronto off Yonge and Front.
   &nbsp – It shows brand new Hollywood shows and occasionally also bends a knee to local and domestic films that don’t have a huge run.
   &nbsp – IT’S O N L Y 7.50 PER SHOW!!!!!!!!!
   &nbsp – Which means on Tuesdays & Matinees, ADMISSION IS ONLY 4.25!!! NO KIDDING!!!!
   &nbsp – The whole cinema is Underground which means NO CELL PHONES WILL WORK , let alone ring and interrupt the movie.
   &nbsp – They don’t play pre-recorded movie-advertisment-laced radio music over their sound system.
   &nbsp – They sell candy you’re familiar with instead of weird “gummies” made by a promoted company you’ve never heard of.
   &nbsp – The walls are covered with local art instead of fluffy big nonsense that makes your movie ticket more expensive.

If you’re thinking “it’s probably that cheap because it sucks.” Folks it let me inform you, it DOESN’T. I don’t know if you know this or not, but your 13.50 or 14 dollar movie tickets are actually INFLATED and don’t need to be that high. – Yes, that might be hard for you to grasp, but when someone’s charging you 13.50 per ticket, they’re making LOTS of money off you.

Folks, I know I’ve mentioned this place in a previous post about a month ago, but I can’t stress this enough. Cinemas like this don’t exist anymore. And it’s such a welcoming breath of fresh air, it’ll make you think you’re dead. Please, Please PLEASE support this theatre and DON’T pay 14 bucks for a movie ticket, just 7.50. Go. Now. Click Here for their website and information.

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5 thoughts on “Toronto: You have Cheap Movie Tickets Available. Do something About it.

  1. Dave,
    Yes, I know they also have promoted candy, but what I said was:

    ***They sell candy you’re familiar with*** instead of weird “gummies” made by a promoted company you’ve never heard of.

    The point of the sentence is the being familiar with the candy – and not the candy being a promoted one. I realize Rainbow Cinemas does not manufacture their own candy.

  2. Hey Daveo,

    I am going to the rainbow tonight to see lost in translation. Only its the rainbow in London not Toronto. They are a chain I believe. So, if you’re in London and you want to see good
    movies at bargain prices. You can still go to the Rainbow.


  3. Hey I am all for going to this theatre and supporting them. Oh wait, I live in Saskatoon where the cinema by the same name here shows second run movies in theatres with an out of date sound system (3 channel stereo I think) but it is still rediculously cheap. Its good to see theatres like this CAN exist.

    For the record when I was about 15 years old (waaaaaay before the colluseium theatres) I told my friends that if they just had better seats, steeper theatres and served real (fast) food instead of proccessed cheese over no name stale nachos and overly priced candy bars that people would flock to them. He laughed at me. Just a thought

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