Halle Barry’s CATWOMAN costume

catwoman.jpgOur friends over at superherohype.com have posted this picture of the new Catwoman costume and an article taken from the new issue of TIME. Ummm… what can be said really? I think I just heard interest in this movie jump about 3000% from the male viewing audience around the world. Here’s a part of the article:

The cat is finally out of the bag. HALLE BERRY slinks into a strapping new ensemble this week when filming starts in Vancouver for Catwoman. The Oscar-winning actress plays the Felonious Feline (see also: Princess of Plunder, Mistress of Malevolence) from the Batman series, a role made famous by Eartha Kitt in the ’60s TV show and reinvented by a neoprene-clad Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992. Berry’s leather cat suit for the 2004 film is “very bare, very urban, very downtown,” she says. Her character, Patience Price, is a scientist at a cosmetics company who transforms into Catwoman √¢‚Ǩ‚Äù or should we say Sex Kitten?–to take on her nefarious boss, played by Sharon Stone. Benjamin Bratt as a detective is the love interest for Berry’s Catwoman, who is both villainess and heroine. “She’s not Superman,” Berry says. “She’s not trying to save the world.” Instead, like a pampered house pet, Berry says, “Catwoman is out to save herself.” Could be quite a purr-formance.

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27 thoughts on “Halle Barry’s CATWOMAN costume

  1. i think you are all idiots.It’s just a movie.Why the hell are u making a big deal out of it.”OH WELL THE COSTUME IS TRASH IT DOESN’T GO WITH THE ORIGINAL MOVIE.” Well here’s what i think.SHUT THE FUCK UP.Go see the movie and hate it or enjoy it and get over it.So,step 1-shut the fuck up step 2 see the movie-step 3 enjoy it or hate it.Im going to go see it today with my friend and i’m going to enjoy every bit of it.

  2. The costume is a bit trashy(not the kind of trashy that one pleases himself too mind you), it’s simply toooo much of an excuse to show as much of Halle’s beautiful body as they can, and they seemed to have forgotten the aesthetic and sexy class of the Burton film’s suit

  3. I am a HUGE Catwoman fan, and am very disappointed with the casting and the now-apparent look of this movie. Halle Berry is a talented actress, but does NOT have the attitude to pull off Catwoman. I think Uma Thurman would have been a more appropriate pick — tall, willowy, very cat-like in her movements and oh-so-badass (cf Kill Bill for a little taste of that action). Also, the new costume looks like a drunk sorority girl going as Catwoman for Halloween. Neither sexy nor intimidating.

  4. Halle Berry, perfect casting! Its lucky they cast someone with her acting chops and beauty..

    The costume- Has anyone out there read any comics. Almost all female comic heroines are dressed as eye candy and have bodies that could not be maintained in this earth’s gravity!

    The problem- When bringing comics to the screen when will Hollywood learn to have confidence in their source material. You’d have thought the mega-success of Spiderman would have taught the “Suits” this lesson. It’s absurd that the “Catwoman” director has not taken the time to read the “Catwoman” comics. No director would do a film of say “Moby Dick” and admit he’s never read the bood. These idiots are ignoring and insulting their most ready fan base!

  5. Then let them call this so-called Catwoman movie Catwoman Beyond! Batman Beyond was not supposed to be happening at the same time as Batman.

    As for changes…. Peter Parker was still the one who became Spider Man, his uncle still died, all of the major stuff was there. Like in Batman from 1989: no, Joker did not kill Bruce’s parents, but his parents still died. A major part of what makes him what he is was not THROWN OUT!

    The people who are making Catwoman are throwing out a major part of her history: the whole thing!

  6. Ya’ll need to calm down. For the comment about the different type of Batman… ummm, wasn’t there a Batman Beyond (cartoon) and that was a HUGE hit? Not to mention that that franchise is in its pre-production stages in becomming a MOVIE. Halle Berry, along with the producer and director stated that its not the Catwoman from the comics. They told you the truth upfront, so whats the big deal? ALL of the comic-book movies today did NOT stick to the comics. For example, in Spider Man the movie… in the comics, Peter Parker did NOT have organic web shooters. He built those himself, but in the movie they were his “given powers”. And wasn’t Gwen Stacy his High School crush?… so why is Mary-Jane his High School crush? Although its not a different spider man or peter parker, the point I’m trying to convey is NO comic book based movie stuck to the comics. NOT 1. Can yall relax? I think the idea behind the new Catwoman is (very) different, however the movie should be good. Ya’ll didn’t even see the trailor yet, and ya’ll bitchin. *Sigh*

  7. I own a Group at Yahoo called Catwoman’s Hideout. I am asking for a boycott of this movie.

    I agree that WB is not respecting the source material…just imagine a movie called Batman where Batman is not Bruce Wayne, he lives at home (not rich) with his parents (they are not dead) in Hazel Park (not Gotham) and his costume, to be “sexy”, is a Speedo…would not get made. Everything that makes Catwoman who she is is not here in this movie…Catwoman is not The Crow.

    At my group I have a banner for websites and a flyer for comic book stores supporting a boycott. I also have a list of websites I have already written to asking for support of this boycott. There is also a fan fiction contest.

    Thanks for listening

  8. I dont think that this is really going to be a good movie, keep as much as possible to the comic book Selina Kyle is Catwoman’s alter ego not so made up name by a movie producer. Catmoman being black shouldnt really be a problem so what she black! is that really a big dilemma, we should even be having this issue. The costom— TAKE IT BACK TO THE STRIP STORE WHERE U FOUND IT, Catwoman isnt going to be patroling the city giving bad guys/criminals strip shows is she? They have a great actress let’s not allow this film to put a dent in her career.

  9. This may be one of those movies where everyone says that it will be shit and then it surprises everyone. Well i love the style, but then i love the darker style of superheroes. But i think the catwomen costume in Batman returns was the best, so very fucking sexy!! This is sexy but not as sexy if you get what i mean?

  10. Like I posted above.

    This is NOT a Catwoman movie. Its not the character that comic book readers love. It is not that history. What this is thought, is a movie about a completely different woman who had very similar circumstances to a DC Comics character and uses the same name. No word about using DC Comics cities, referrences or history… she doesn’t even live in Gotham.

    Its not Catwoman – Its just a reasonable handdrawn facsimile banking on the popularity of “Catwoman” to sell a movie no one would have looked twice at had they called it “Cathero” or “Bondage Vigilante”

  11. Well first of all I dont really think ive seen a movie yet of this fashion that I didnt feel somewhat in awe about…….first get over the fact that its different for all of you who cant let go (new idea regarless of good or bad should be at least given a chance)….its like thier is so much garbage on tv that i still watch ..not cause i like it i try to see different points of the movie …and tryin to imagin what a kid would see it as….to them its fresh and very ifluential and at least thier gettin to know it instead havin it a fading thing……i think the outfit could of been a bit more but i think more skin was a good call cats are very vrey sexxxxy in that sense so as a ploy to get more people i agree but i agree it was the point of the character in the first place even in the sixty’ss so no argument…seen through younger eyes would have the next generation agruin about the same thing for batman 20(exageration for the intense people)so get over the fact that its bein redone sit back relax and enjoy the show ….at least your out of the house

  12. I am a major Catwoman fan and will NOT be spending my money on this trash. The sad fact is Warner Bros. has zero respect for the source material….are WB braindead idiots? havn’t they figured out by now that when a comic book movie shows respect to it’s original comic books the film does well, and when it doesn’t, the movie usually tanks.

    Internet reaction has been almost 100% unanimously negative. the costume…the name change….the cat/god death/resurection origin…? I PITY anyone who would waste time and money to see this garbage.

    WB will not be getting my money. Catwoman IS hot. this movie is most definitely NOT.

  13. That’s not necessarily written down to discredit the yumminess of Velveeta I hope.. :P

    Amne to the Burton’s Batman atmophere though.. That was also very yummy stuff.

  14. I realize I’m not exactly the demographic they are shooting for with that new and ‘improved’ Catwoman costume. However, I think that the ensemble Michelle Pfeiffer was poured into was 1000% sexier. Not to mention that I liked the dark/goth feel of the Burton Batmans as it was an awesome backdrop for the characters of Batman and Catwoman.

    I think anything that is churned out today will just be Velveeta.

  15. I think you’re right. They did it in Daredevil as well, and no one seemed to mind – I didn’t. The only thing I think people would get all hissy this time is because they’re messing with immature fantasties of certain people who are convinced they’re gonna sleep with catwoman someday and don’t wan’t people changing the fantasy too much.

    Mind you, these people are weirdos.

  16. Anyone worried about her being black clearly doesn’t realize that Eartha Kitt was catwoman LOOONNNGGG before Michelle Pfeiffer ever knew who Catwoman was. Studio execs obviously were afraid to make her “the” Catwoman because of her being black. Which confuses the hell out of me, because damn near the entire cast of Spawn was turned from black to white and no one really gave a damn, funny huh?

  17. I hesitate to stand behind this film. Its starting to look like its all hype. This is looking to be another farce like LXG where its only loosely based on a comic. Berry’s character is not the catwoman from the comics. The DC character is named Selina Kyle while this is Patience Price. And now this costume (albeit mighty fine eyecandy) is just looking like a cheap gimmick to boost interest.
    And to think that most people were complaining that she’s not white. That was the farthest concern from my mind. From this point on, it would be safer to consider this as a movie with a coincidentally similar name to the DC comic book as opposed to thinking of this as THE Catwoman movie.
    Ignore the hype, it will likely make the film easier to swallow.

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