A new Highlander trilogy?

It looks like it could actually be a possibility. Coming Soon.Net said the following:

The persistence of the producers Peter Davis and Bill Panzer. They’re in negotiations with Miramax for at least another movie. I believe they’re trying to sell the idea of a trilogy, somewhat akin to the Lord of the Rings. Each movie would be complete in its own right but there would be an overall story across the board. I probably shouldn’t be saying that, it’s not official.

I don’t know if I should be excited about this or dread it. We’ll have to see.

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7 thoughts on “A new Highlander trilogy?

  1. AMEN!

    The first was a classic, the rest are revisionist crap, steadily declining in quality.

    And you people actually like Adrian Paul?!? Are you insane? He’s a great big immobile, non-emotive stick of wood. The only reason he looked at all decent in Endgame (it was on cable) was because Donnie Yen is a kick ass fight choreographer …

  2. I agree with what Dave said back there…

    “There can be only one.”

    This rings true for the Highlanders and for the linear story. Unless you want to make a sequel after he becomes a mortal – and becomes a banker.

    The original written story provides ZERO room for tolerance of a furthured story. The Existence of the first movie is loud proof that there never was, has been or needs to be any follow up to the first one, and any story that does get produced is just airy, verbal nonsense that wasn’t planned in the first place.

    The only “sequels” that could be made are prequels – highlighting early highlander clashes. Or a “series” type movie – where each movie highlights different eras of his immortal timeline — BUT ONCE YOU MAKE HIM THE “ONLY ONE” – as they already have – , THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING ELSE TO DO. And yet, somehow, sailing on rivers of evil that flow from the unknown, we’re presented with thoughtless, brainless, hip-hoppity attempts at making “1” actually mean “5”.

    Can I ….. get an amen?

  3. A new take on highlander will rock, only lets keep the plots of these three a little closer to a general story… I hated having to chase the central plot… Adrian most certainly should be in it though… Excellent sword skills…

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