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Suggestions for the Oscars

I was floating around some of my favorite regular news sites and came across this interesting little article over at the Chicago Tribune. In the article, the author talks about the unwarrented complaining many of us do (yes, myself included). However, he also makes some practicle suggestions for improving the … [Read More]

Avi Arad talks of coming Marvel projects

Thanks to CHUD for the direction to the Marvel update on their site, there’s very small snippets of information to be had from an over zealous and very sales sounding Avi Arad on Marvel Films work. Blade:…mentioned an “action television Blade show.”… Fantastic Four:…is an action, comedy, adventure movie with … [Read More]

Football movies kicking off

The Guardian have a nice write up about the number of football (soccer – I shall translate my language for you non-Europeans) movies that are in development. I was actually surprised by how many. Obviously we have Goal, we all know about this and we talked about Beckham being pulled … [Read More]

Site updates

Quick site update everyone. We’re tidying up the site pages and finally getting all the little glitches sorted out in the site. We’ve all been too busy posting and researching (and some of us becoming famous authors) to get round to it, but we are now. So, if you find … [Read More]

Ever Wonder What A Producer Is?

I’ve always thought that actors get far too much credit for the films they’re in. Don’t get me wrong, they are an important piece of the movie puzzle, but the general movie going audience seems over exaggerate the influence an actor has over the quality of a film they appear … [Read More]

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 9

AudioDescription=Favorite films of 2004, Kevin Spacey confirming as Lex Luthor, Hulk 2, Sam Jackson’s opinion of singers who want to be actors and why a drunk Clint Eastwood should have directed the first Hulk