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Revenge of the Sith download

Amazingly you could have downloaded a copy of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith the day it was released, and not a bad handheld, darkened cinema copy either. From Boing Boing: There’s a workprint of Star Wars Episode III on the Internet already. It’s got some timecode … [Read More]

Marvel announces movie schedule

This is very timely, after talking about Iron Man and Marvels latest deal, they’ve just announced the current update on their Superhero movie plans. Courtesy of Comic Book Movie: Feature Film Line-Up For 2005 – Fantastic Four Fox July 8, 2005 release Feature Film Development Pipeline – X-Men 3 Fox … [Read More]

The Perfect Storm Lawsuit Fails

There has been an interesting court case going on in Florida that has had my attention. Basically, the family members of a couple of the characters from “The Perfect Storm” were suing the studio for breaking a law that prohibits commercial use of someone’s name or likeness without their consent. … [Read More]