Police Academy 8?

Direct to video must be a dream for this franchise. It would appear that Michael Winslow (Jones – the “sounds guy”) was promoting his upcoming A Dog and His Boy on a radio show and when asked about any more Police Academy movies he responded that he was in negotiations … [Read More]

TRON 2.0

Somehow lost to the obscurity of the net and forgotten projects Disney seems to have failed on their hints and promises of a sequel to TRON. Instead we are left with a video game. Orginally this game was to co-incide with the theatrical release of Tron 2.0 but that project … [Read More]

Nyah, nyah.

Who woulda thunk that getting up early would’ve accomplished something? I told ya I was gonna beat that stupid line up… I’m going to the Toronto Film Festival, and You are not. So There.

Hidden Gems

I wanted to draw your attention to some Hidden Gems on the rental shelves. These are not movies that “should have won an Oscar” and do not stand out as blindingly good acting or unforgettable moments. 1) The 10th Kingdom – 3 VHS or DVD Two centuries after Snow White … [Read More]