Rent Your Movies Onlines

Well, it looks like Canadians have the option to rent movies online, Movies For Me is a website similar to Netflix, where you can rent unlimited movies online for $25 per month. They have thousands of movies to choose from, and you can create a list of movies you would … [Read More]

Save Disney! – No Really!

Okay, I babbled on a couple posts ago about my issues with the Disney Corporation and their general stupidity. And Roy Disney, son of Disney’s co-founder, and Walt Disney’s very own nephew, feels exactly the same way and has decided to do something about it. In light of that, please … [Read More]

Why I Hate Ringu

**Welcome to my spat of the moment** Okay, before I start, I’d like to clarify that I actually LIKED Ringu, much more so than the American version, but I won’t go into that. — However, I hate calling it Ringu which cleanly brings me to a segway into why I … [Read More]