It’s coming together

Ok, we’ve got the basics put together. It’ll be another couple of days until the site looks right, but at least for now the content and comments are back up and running! Keep coming back to check our progress. Oh, did you notice on the right that we finally have … [Read More]

Julia Ormond is back on the Radar

A while ago John posted an article about Julia Ormond and how she disappeared off the radar. This very talented and attractive actress seemed destined for superstardom and she just vanished. Well the new film Iron Jawed Angels stars Julia alongside Academy Award Winner Hillary Swank. Defiant young activists take … [Read More]

Scorsese to Helm Infernal Affairs?

Nothing is definite yet, but it’s being widely reported that Martin Scorsese is lobbying to direct the North American remake of Hong Kong blockbuster Infernal Affairs. The original was a masterpiece of crime film starring Tony Leung as a deep cover police officer infiltrating the mob and Andy Lau as … [Read More]

50 First Dates Reviews

I used to be a big Adam Sandler fan√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ but after a while all his films (exactly the same) started getting tired. Then along came Punch Drunk Love, a brilliant piece that I was sure would propel Sandler to a new level in his acting and the films he does. … [Read More]

The Simpsons Movie becoming a reality

From Variety.Com via Yahoo: There’s exxx-cellent news for fans of “The Simpsons”: Homer and the gang may finally be coming to the bigscreen. After years of rumors and wishful thinking, “Simpsons” gurus Matt Groening and James L. Brooks (news) are leading a team of writers in actively developing an animated … [Read More]