Hidalgo reviews mixed

I’m personally not sure that I’m going to drop the $12 it takes to get in to see this film. I doubt I’ll ever see another horse movie that inspires me like Seabiscuit did. Kudos to Viggo Mortensen for taking a role like this one to follow up his huge … [Read More]


Forget Jackie Chan. Forget Jet Li. Dare I say it? Forget Bruce Lee. Ong Bak Muay Thai Warrior is here, and all martial art film fans shall bend their knee to the best martial arts performer the screen has ever seen. Phanom Yeerum is the real deal folks. Not only … [Read More]

Bubba Ho-Tep DVD

We at The Movie Blog have lamented for almost 6 months over the fact that Bubba Ho-Tep never got a wide release in theaters. Oh well. But now, as of May 25th we will all be able to bask once again in the glory of Bruce Campbell!Looks like MGM’s Home … [Read More]

Hidalgo all a Hoax?

If Hidalgo is all some made up story, then we as a viewing audience shouldn’t be surprised. Hollywood has become horible for their movies “based on true stories”. The word “based” gives them a lot of room to fiddle with the facts (A Beautiful Mind is just one example). Should … [Read More]

Kevin Costner is doing baseball again

You know, just when you think Kevin Costner might be getting his career back on track (Open Range) he goes and does something like this. What is he thinking? From Empire Movies: New Line Cinema has picked up North American distribution rights to writer-director Mike Binder’s “The Upside of Anger”, … [Read More]