Sweet Lord Almighty, I just opened up my email and what did I find there but the Holy Grail, the unattainable desire, a collision of massive film making talents that is rumored to have resulted in a train wreck of epic proportions, a film much talked about but never seen. … [Read More]

The Movie Blog on the Radio

Hey everyone, John here. I just thought I’d let you know that starting next Friday (March 12th), I’ll be on Hamilton Ontario’s talk radio station AM 900 CHML at 5:20pm in the evenings for the drive home. Every Friday they’ll have me on to talk about the latest movies and … [Read More]

2004: Year of the Giant Lizard

Toho Studios have launched a website for Godzilla: Final Wars, the 28th installment in the Godzilla series. The early rumors that Ryuhei Kitamura of Versus fame would be directing have proven to be correct and Kitamura is promising upwards of 15 different giant monsters in the film. Toho has also … [Read More]

Spiderman 3 already in development

This ain’t rocket science folks. The first Spiderman made over $800 million world wide and it’s sequel, Spiderman 2, is poised to make AT LEAST $300 in the domestic box office alone. So Sony and Marvel figure “why bother waiting”? The developmental process is already underway. Some might think “why … [Read More]