Bush’s Brain

I would LOVE to see this documentary film. MSN.ca reports: Film Dissects ‘Bush’s Brain,’ Karl Rove “Bush’s Brain” has been cracked open and exposed for the world to see. The documentary, based on the book of the same name about presidential adviser Karl Rove, had been kept tightly under wraps … [Read More]

ComicBook The Movie

Everyone knows that I am a huge comic book/superhero movie fan. Comicbook: The Movie Here is the movie that gets into the pants of what us comic collectors and true fans feel when a movie comes out that distorts the original works it is based on. League of Extrodinary Gentlemen … [Read More]

Batman Begins

This sounds campy in a Batman Returns and Batman Forever sort of way. This new Batman movie is trying very hard to distance itself from the previous four Batman Films made popular by Tim Burton and then eviscerated by Joel Schumacher. Even the first teaser image we get to see, … [Read More]