Best Comic Book Film Ever?

As this strange collision of nostalgia, marketing and some fine film making continues to vault Spider-Man 2 (Look! I remembered the hyphen! Happy?) into the box office stratosphere an awful lot of reviewers and commentators have been throwing around the phrase ‘best comic adaptation ever’. Now, I don’t want to … [Read More]

Buffy and Angel TV Movies?

Whedonites may have something more to look forward to. According to, James Marsters, who played Spike on the insanely popular Buffy:The Vampire Slayer was heard saying on “Rove Live” that four telefilms might be in the works. He says Joss Whedon, creator of both series, wants him back. “I … [Read More]

The Movie Blog on air today

Just a quick reminder to everyone. I’ll be on air from 2-3pm est talking movies and such on AM 900 CHML. If you’re not in the Hamilton Ontario area, you can listen live on the internet. Just go to and click “Listen Live”. You can also call in to … [Read More]

King Arthur Reviews

From the first moment I saw the trailer for King Arthur, the word ‚ÄúLEMON‚Äù repeated itself in my head. I‚Äôve yet to see a HOLLYWOODIFICATION of a classic story turn out to be any good, and it looks like Arthur isn‚Äôt going to buck that trend. Don‚Äôt get me wrong, … [Read More]