Fahrenheit 9-11 Loses Rating Appeal

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting (appropriately enough) that the MPAA appeals board has heard the arguments in the ratings appeal for Fahrenheit 9-11 and has re-affirmed their original decision. The film will be released rated R in the US.

Wow, there’s a lot of you.

Well, we didn’t really expect it, but themovieblog was bumped off of the Internet for a wee while today because of bandwidth. Hang in there, we’ll look into it. We’ve weathered a few VERY high traffic days so far this month so we’ll play with limits and stuff. Okay. Good … [Read More]

Hellboy Has A Home!

Well boys and girls it’s been fun but all good things must come to an end. Such is life. And such is our Hellboy Giveaway Contest which has now come to an end. Hellboy has a home. We have a winner. The haiku’s have been read, opinions have been bandied, … [Read More]