Cinderella Man – What Went Wrong?

So what went wrong with Cinderella Man? From a film making perspective… NOTHING AT ALL. Cinderella man is a first rate film (not a “best picture” film, but really solid nonetheless) with an Oscar winning cast, an Oscar winning director and a totally magnificent story. The critics are praising it, … [Read More]

John Reviews Batman Begins 8/10

Title=Batman Begins
Summary=In this film, Batman is truly a dark character. Vicious, angry, fear inducing. When Bruce puts on the cowl and cape his true self comes out. This is the Batman film that Batman fans have been waiting to see.

DVD Format war talks fail

Although you may dismiss these posts on a new DVD format war you do so at your own peril, for you will be affected by them. Whatever new format comes out will be applied to games consoles, DVD players, recorders, TV-DVD combo units, handheld DVD recorders, and if you don’t … [Read More]

The Curse of the Shaking Camera

Has there been any worse curse inflicted on movie fans than the “technique”of the Shaking Camera?!?! I can’t really put my finger on when the trend started… but I can tell you when I first really noticed it. The abomination that was “Battlefield Earth”. In Battlefield Earth the “director” (if … [Read More]

Writers and spoilers

I really hate it when movie critics or writers drop a spoiler into a story without warning, I hate it even more when they drop a spoiler into the start of a story, or even the beginning of a feed. For example, here I am reading through the news stories … [Read More]