Fight scenes

I was thinking that I was in a real minority for a while as I’d seen in previous posts where I criticised the close up fight scenes of the Bourne movies and was pretty much blasted down for it. I thought I was the only one. Not so, a director … [Read More]

Richard reviews The Dark

Title=The Dark
Summary=A by the numbers scare movie for the first half, then the second turns into a creepy psychological horror that just doesn’t quite hit the mark. The sheep are really not that scary, but Bean is superb once again with Bello providing an equally good performance, together they have a good onscreen chemistry. These two, and the last twenty minutes, really do bring the movie back from the brink.

John Reviews The Cave

Title=The Cave
Summary=Very little expectation going in to seeing The Cave. On the one hand I was quite excited about seeing Piper Perabo again (oh my goodess that’s an attractive woman)… but other than that… there wan’t much in the way of marketing to get me excited. It ended up being a little better than I thought… but even that’s not saying much.

John Reviews The Brothers Grimm

Title=The Brothers Grimm
Summary=The dialog in the film is a joke, the character direction was horrible, the visual effects look like they were done in 2001 and all of the supporting characters were such extreme 1 dimensional goof balls that I kept wishing I had to go to the bathroom to give myself a good excuse for leaving the theater if even for just a moment.

Which actor for President?

After posting the link to Christopher Walken for President in Readers Lives #2 it got me thinking, which actor would I like to see as President…well since I’m Scottish it’s a bit unfair of me to choose, but jokingly, I like Arnie for it, seriously I do believe Martin Sheen … [Read More]

Richard reviews Serenity

Summary=Sharp, clever and quick dialogue between well written characters in a hugely entertaining movie with loads of action. Very true to the original series, yet a bit darker with more complexity to some of the characters.

Richard reviews Voices of Iraq

Title=Voices of Iraq
Summary=Strong, insightful documentary. Whatever your views on editing footage, the resulting film shows a strong, intelligent and understanding Iraqi people. A people who show the contradictions in the news we are receiving, and give a clear voice to why the fighting is still in Iraq. A voice that should really be heard. Hard hitting, funny, thoughtful and emotional. A superb documentary.

Richard reviews 36 Quai des Orfèvres at the EIFF

Title=36 Quai des Orfèvres
Summary=Impressive cast with a fantastic performance from Depardieu. The cinematography and score are superbly combined and with the strong script makes for a really good movie, particularly the opening and the various raids. Let down in places by a poor plot device and some weak emotional scenes from Auteuil. Well worth watching.

Is Hollywood in a creative slump?

IMDB are carrying a rather insightful article on the problems of Hollywood and current cinema, leading off on the problems of Cinderella Man, Nikki Rocco, Universal Pictures distribution chief, says: …the studio is going “back to the drawing board” following the box-office failure [of Cinderella Man]…”Good movies are supposed to … [Read More]

Richard reviews The Descent

Title=The Descent
Summary=Scary, dark, and full of surprises and scares. A strong cast with realism rooted throughout the script and performances gives for an excellent horror film. Missing a little more depth (pardon the pun) but still a superb movie from Neil Marshall. You’ll be scared and on edge. A must see.